Michelle Chen said, know why to marry him? Now I understand

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Michelle Chen said, know why to marry him? Now I understand

2016-07-21 23:21:48 452 ℃

Although regardless of the media or friends are not optimistic about Michelle Chen and Chen's love, but still could not withstand the they show affection on a daily basis. Some time ago, two of them was invited to participate in a magazine photoshoot cover, is shot in the wedding scene a group of large, two eyes full of full of love, Chen Xiao is publicly said: wedding the bride is the most important thing. Very warm heart of a word, although they are not optimistic about you before, but suddenly all moved.

And careful inquiry after a long time, Michelle Chen since plays maid after is spoof is very powerful, clothing products is ugly people scratching their heads.

But Chen Xiao love and clothing Q like to do a face lift, how to wear it all the ugly, now how to wear good-looking. Can not say that the moisture of love is simply too powerful!

And this can be done before and after comparison of the image of the absolute can be a guide for everyone to learn, following with a small series together to see what Michelle Chen has done to change it.

[dinner party dress]

Before Michelle Chen attended the banquet, too similar to the bra flounced skirt. Do you still remember Michelle Chen in those years? Play to shape the sweet image and her temperament is build, and the dress lotus leaf edge design although very sweet feeling, but for Michelle Chen this no big legs, body is not perfect proportion, it is easy to expose weaknesses, wear a three section type of visual sense, no beauty.

3 or more suitable for white Michelle Chen temperament, the version skirt is to add a little youthful adolescent temperament. High waist A design, cover the meat thin, whether it is fat or short stature, can. This is a little lace design, it is very delicate, so that the version of the live wave with a little elegant feeling oh ~

[show] outfit

, winter 13 New York Fashion Week Carolina Herrela on the catwalk, chenyanxi to a seat striped stockings to crowned as the most ugly outfit of, originally stripes are significantly thin elements, sliced pattern stockings tall models wear may be true, but it is not suitable for all people, especially chenyanxi, after wearing and her own aura. Do not take is very old-fashioned.

The correct way to open the stockings is definitely not the stripes, stripes wide leg pants in order to highlight the essence of thin. And this has been added to the design of small waist, can cover a small belly, can also play a slimming effect, length is not very long, but such a length not light for the summer just right, or the most significant length of thin Oh, match a pair of high-heeled shoes is properly the.

Split skirt + shoes []

Remember that a split skirt worn by Michelle Chen? Then called the entertainment classic car accident, Michelle Chen itself sub is not high or apple shape, legs is relatively thick, high slit just to leg completely exposed, but seemed more rough. And the foot is wearing a pair of high heels tied up, Leng is cut into two legs.

"A little printed suit sweet, simple and elegant, full of fresh taste. The cuff is a little small lantern design, cover the meat and show thin. Skirt is slightly a word version of the type, in the middle part of the split ends, so even if the thick legs doesn't seem very abrupt, walking is also more natural and not tight. A little girl can collocation shallow mouth tip high-heeled shoes, it is significantly higher oh

[evening dress]

Model has enough thin, but the chest of the fold design is too much, will be slightly bloated, although the long skirts are covered with high heels, but the weight of some of the girls do not show a high point, but it is very cumbersome. Michelle Chen early through a similar dress, and is warm yellow, appeared even more bloated, and before her before the photos appear to have no confidence, so the overall look of no gas, no window!

The 2016 Paris fashion week, a small black dress elegant appearance, the overall shape is very bright. Finally, Bangzhu also give you recommend a LBD, waist area immediately enhance the waistline, plus the A-line skirt, but also cover the fleshy belly and thighs, a small sling design is elegant and sexy, even collocation flats can also wear big legs Oh ~