How to look good pantyhose collocation? Don't wear it like that!

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How to look good pantyhose collocation? Don't wear it like that!

2017-01-06 10:39:31 653 ℃

As we all know, in the past two years, the fashion circle is popular with a few "truth": stockings = urban and rural areas, light legs = true fashion. Pantyhose how with bare legs are not good-looking! But the cold wind raging, the great cause of the legs is really difficult to adhere to the ~!

Pantyhose "ugly" is impossible to guard against

1, light / thin skirt + thick socks = weird

2, colorful = urban and rural Style

3, high light material =LOW

4, the color is too large and = spicy eyes

If you have to take the color of the shoes, with the body as far as possible to keep a low profile, to keep up and down the shoes a bright spot.

Pantyhose + shorts = obsolete

You feel good, because the supermodel legs look good, with independent collocation. If you are not tall, so wear really will be significantly shorter.

Pantyhose + short skirt = senior

Pantyhose and pants

The "supermodel legs" demonstration is not what practical significance for most people, because good legs how to wear good-looking, we want to say is: if your leg type is not so perfect, how to use their tights.

The correct way to open pantyhose

1, color

2, material

3, collocation

1, with a long dress or skirt collocation, the thinnest part of the dew in the outside, where thin on the dew. Ankle thin on the ankle, ankle rough on the calf.

2, with the short coat collocation, petite girls the best length above the knee; the more thin coat hem.

3, with short boots, to ensure continuity of color. When the shoe and pantyhose of different color clothes, as far as possible and pantyhose remains the same color, want to show tall and thin remember extending longitudinally from the visual, rather than transverse.

4, try to choose the color of dark boots.

5, if the leg is beautiful enough, a little flesh tights would be more recommended, this year is very popular, can alleviate the heavy sense of dress in winter and with a little sexy feel.

6, there is a very wet wear method is put on pants and exposed.

Well, generally they say it, dare to tell me how you wear pantyhose?