Our underwater eye makeup, it can hold good breath!

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Our underwater eye makeup, it can hold good breath!

2017-01-08 11:06:41 1058 ℃

Now, it is not uncommon to see a woman make-up thing, Mandaijie see woman wouldn't see the rest of the make-up get excited over a little thing, but the girl you will be shocked, because she is not usually ordinary makeup, makeup sister paper the challenge is in the water, but also breath complete makeup Oh, this is the first time I heard, really long exposure!

Start from the concealer, the concealer stick evenly on the face, so that both the efficacy of concealer and whitening effect, the whole face looks more delicate!

And then began to make up

With the powder puff evenly gently tapping on the face


The outline of the eyebrow lightly with eyebrow pencil, in accordance with the direction of the growth of eyebrows, such as good color, look and feel natural!

After the general outline of the eyebrows, and then padded eyebrow eyebrow brush, finally some uniform. Remember that force must not be too large, otherwise it becomes a "crayon eyebrow"!

Painted eye shadow

First with pale pink eye shadow rendering, evenly coated.

And then some of the dark pink eye shadow to describe, where the choice is relatively bright colors, in the water under the eye shadow is not a trace of traces of halo, eye shadow is still very strong!


Gently brush with mascara on the left and right eyelashes

Eyelashes look is not a lot of dense slender?

rouge sb.'s lips

Here the use of deep red lipstick color, gently smear on the lips, lipstick color and eye shadow color is closer, so it does not look too fancy.

After the completion of the effect

For the younger sister paper in the face of the challenges of water make-up to complete the results you will play a bit? In short, Xiao Bian was amazing to her! One breath in the water to complete such a high degree of make-up challenge, for the younger sister paper so break the make-up of the cow, can only say that the!