Shawn Yue admits love, love will eventually come!

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Shawn Yue admits love, love will eventually come!

2017-01-08 11:16:45 230 ℃

Six uncle finally found that "she"

I choose the silent blessing!


This morning, six uncle ins released a snuggle up close photos, sit the new romance with Wang Tangyun recently he came the raise a Babel of criticism of the.

Khan, not easy ah, after all, six uncles are single spicy touch for a long time...... Finally, someone can hold live him

In such a time to choose love in the teeth of the storm, six uncle is really cool!!

I always think he is the coolest actor in Hongkong, no one! Knock on the yen value high, just a seckill meat can!

Good skill, 16 years in the Hongkong youth team, 30 year old Durant singled out;

Not high, Hongkong amateur racer, the movie "90%" driver racing scenes is full of yourself;

Talented, wrote a book "Seeker", the mentality of their debut years written on the inside;

Love family, he once said: "mom is the first guardian of the woman";

Able to learn literature, art, photography and photography;

Love fashion, personally designed clothes walking in the forefront of the trend.

Work hard look really very charming!!

At the age of 35, he is still handsome broken sky, textbook handsome ruffian.

This is Shawn Yue, a collection of all the girls in a fantasy, as long as he can hear thump heartbeat.

Some people say that Zhang Zhiming made him, in fact, I think he is more achievements of the Zhang Zhiming.

As he introduced himself in micro-blog: an ordinary man who is too fond of too much power, isn't that Zhang Zhiming?

Six uncle don't have great strong heart and quick mind, usually nothing to focus on your hobbies.

We collect shoes

We play basketball

We play table

When you shop boss

Also...... Eddie Peng stirring

In addition, he is also a fitness spree. See he palms that he has come to fight for iron

The sun out of the picture you are always sweating

In order to do better themselves, every day in the effort:

We run

We give iron

We support the tablet

Tired, do you vomit, are common

His fitness motto is: I don't hurt I'm not tired.

Before the shooting in order to "Wu kongzhuan" he is on time every day, practice hard, accurate diet for 6 months, all the sweat and hard work, he said, this is just as actor.

This figure...... Can not show up!!

Dress the lever, every appearance are walking so hormone

Six uncle so excellent, which woman does not like?!

Again, in fact, the new six sister-in-law quite accords with his standards: skin white chest and thighs long and thin waist. As the daughter of a wealthy family but very low-key.

Since the six uncles are single spicy touch for a long time, we still give him a silent blessing...... I wish you can meet the right person

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