She just | beauty dew point, androgyny, before the second men's wear after the second when the bride &quot "!

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She just | beauty dew point, androgyny, before the second men's wear after the second when the bride " "!

2017-01-09 23:16:03 188 ℃

"Oh, I want to report you Jun seals, didn't play yards!"

Shut up, let me do a wayward, flat chested can also propped up clothes, beauty to nosebleeds well.

Today to introduce this model, you can use one word to describe is "evildoer", although she is flat chested, support field, with those girls buns are difficult to with.

Authoritative website MDC named Top model Men Of 2011 first, dominated the men's wear show

This is the first time in 2011 that the man was chosen as the sexiest woman in the world, 100! I was able to distinguish male and female?!

But if such yen value is a gift from God, into the fashion circle is as unalterable principles things, then you're wrong! The girl was just a cute little girl working at McDonald's..

Has been a dream to become a girl eight years old boy approached

Andreja is really 90, was born in northern Tuzla, Bosnia and herzegovina. Childhood gender has been confused. Because of the war, she and her family fled to a refugee camp in Belgrade.

Although the Andreja of her childhood life has remained mysterious, but in an interview with the Japanese "Vogue", the host asked her to "be regarded as girls the odds," she replied: "not take it seriously every time! At the age of eight, a man approached me!"

Andreja had buried a girl in the heart, not the gender concept of age, put up her dress, like a graceful ballerina. But being a girl does not seem to be a curiosity, but a dream.

Maybe God made a mistake again, to make a man of a woman. In an exclusive interview with People Andreja revealed from feminine: "I've always wanted to be a girl, all this is not prompted by a sudden impulse, but decreed by fate."

But her family has long been out of the ordinary, and the deviant practices expressed dissatisfaction, they began to persuade Andreja not to wear the doll skirt, but Andreja does not want to own how special she is, want to be a good man.

At the age of 13, when Andreja entered the "degeneration" of the word in the computer, when tens of thousands of the pops up, she realized that sex is common, is the official medical statement.

Her life completely changed.

The adolescent period in order to alleviate the variety of the development of secondary sexual characteristics, taking drugs, at that time no money and time, the operation has not done.

When Andreja told her mother, grandmother and brother, unexpectedly, they all expressed their support. She also put down the psychological burden, brave pursuit of self, decided to finish high school to do surgery.

When models are accidental

The surgery has not done, Andreja in the job was discovered, that year she was seventeen years old, is the size of the 188CM group.

Although not a professional model, but in the autumn and winter of 2011 men's week, the Jean Paul Gaultier Pejic Andreja design for the theme of James Blond men's big show multiple appearances, stunning four Paris.

Andreja appearances three times, and women's modeling closed field. A few days after the Jean Paul 2011 spring and summer haute couture show, she also made a stunning debut in the bride outfit Gaultier.

Since then, Andreja fame.

Careful friends noted that the seal has been using her, rather than him to refer to Andreja. In fact, she's had a sex reassignment surgery.

Andreja's modeling career did not change much after the surgery, but a lot of people admire her persistence and courage to fulfill their dreams, for who am I this thing has always insisted on self, comply with the heart.

For the time that they have gone through the men's clothing, she also did not show regret regret, that androgyny is her most favorite days.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your love and support over the years. It is your support. I have learned a lot through this journey, and I have known myself.

As a transgender woman, I hope I can prove to you that the denatured (rebirth process) in a new chapter of life can also get happiness and success, and not throw away their past. The most important difference is that there is no discrimination, let us stand together. "