Still wearing the same model couple loaded it? Too out, now it is in loving the sun

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Still wearing the same model couple loaded it? Too out, now it is in loving the sun

2016-07-21 23:26:16 447 ℃

Lovers will always be in love, the release of sweet, they will naturally emit a kind of happy light is everyone through their side will feel...... Even if not everyone must have the couple loaded / couple jewelry / lovers watch...... It is no longer popular with the same paragraph!!

Yes I am a very old man......

Now the couple is no longer consistent style,

But should be consistent style, consistent elements......

What the hell is that?

Let Melody tell you!

# cowboy series #

Any body can handle the cowboy series,

Be considered as one of the most suitable matching.

A recent big hit denim skirt / pants

To catch up with the boys in the same color line Tee+ the same as the jeans series of pants ~

It doesn't seem to be more than a ride!

Use the depth of the cowboy color to match with the couple is also a good choice of

Black and white can be said to be the world's most antagonistic at the same time and most of the color combination to attend some grand occasion, black and white collocation can be said to be an excellent choice! Even more than the handsome solemn!!

Girls aura with white elegant high split skirt can feel directly on the T platform.

The boys formal suit just bring out the woman's low-key publicity charm.

This kind of CP walking in the street should look back rate is 100% bar,

So handsome!

The best example of Brad Pitt and Angie Leela Julie

Angie Leila Julie is a handsome suit,

Loosen the tie shirt that handsome husband can throw off a few blocks!

Brad Pitt neat trim suit is able to act as a good wife leaves.

# the same elements to each other #

You can imagine,

The color or the color of a single product on your body and the other half of your modeling,

This is not very romantic and very sensible?

This hidden deep!!

There are similar to the same color of the parts in the overall shape,

Is also very tacit understanding.

I know you will say why this article is so short...... Have you considered the single children after reading this manuscript has been crying ~

Well, it's time to announce who my husband is.

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