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Showbest \/ chowhound \/ stay adorable long legs, Chinese supermodel wonderful clean ring

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In a circle China supermodel wonderful clean, one from Weifang's favorite girl, nicknamed "happy delicacy arena saw supermodel".

Her INS style is basically in the sun, delicacy, fried rice, fried dumplings, barbecue and created open coconut Dafa ~

She didn't know what is the idol burden, since the camera is not funny elves, is to stay stay stay adorable adorable adorable fan.

Occasionally a little more than the normal four!

Whether she brought big cousin or big table horse, are often gray hi (QI) Sen (PA) ~!

And the girl heart this thing ~TED with her face instantly ignorant

The clean like "Shandong model", is the first boarded the Italy version of "VOGUE" on the cover of the single annual China model ---- Feifei Sun, since his debut that swept the four fashion week, designers have become big darling.

Fashion magazine cover is a variety of grab about

Her sun show posture is very special, like the sun in the Paris show eyes burst blocking the sun in the background of anti-theft mobile phone shell like.

They are poker-faced models in the background, she told the people's "mobile phone" is very interested in the capital, long legs ~ capricious

The universe invincible big legs about Feifei Sun, or appreciation, or surrender, don't think of us oh

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Feifei Sun created many China first supermodel in the international fashion circle, recently she became the first Chinese Blockbuster Ralph Lauren advertising model, the interpretation of the brand is classic and popular winter uniform style Peacoat.

Feifei Sun is involved in the shooting of large advertisingRalph Lauren classic design a series of meaningfulThis, taken by top fashion photographer Steven Meisel palm mirror. The other is the famous Karl Templer guide.

Ralph Lauren has been nearly 50 years with style and style, leading the international trend with the classic New Yorker style of the fashion taste of life, like the big name: ICONIC series of meaningful STYLE.

10 top supermodel Ralph Lauren joining deduction 50 years classicFeifei Sun, including fresh flower - SicilyCeretti Vittoria, 19 year old Sicily girl is now the most popular IT Girl.

Fine facial features / elegant makeup, cool Vittoria interpretation of the classic design of Lauren - RalphWarmer British coatThe exquisite tailoring and warm fabrics, in the cold days to women's warm protection.

Qualley MargaretIt is the super rich two generation of the model circle, mother is played the "sex, lies and videotape" and "the Four Weddings and a funeral," the famous actress Andie MacDowell, the realBlue Blood Nolility.

Margaret has a natural independent personality, love eyes a bit more spirit mother, and she is the interpretation of the works of Ralph Lauren tags-Safari Jacket RLFlowing, independent temperament.

Tennant StellaA fashion circle of aristocratic descentIcons industryClass supermodel, her level supermodel is Alexander Ambrosio, Stella or Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld inspired Mousika.

The Stella Ralph Lauren shot especially the small daughter Iris joint appearance, interpretation of the scene more warm romantic and fashion, valiant and heroic in bearing.The Army Field Jacket RLOh, don't be too handsome.

Wheeler JacquettaHave a general face of classical sculpture.MDC top fiveBig supermodel, interpretation of the ads in this series of meaningfulThe Officer s' Jacket RL, the sign of the short hair elegant style.

Sofie Frederikke, 19 years old, won the Chinese, German and Italy, "VOGUE" magazine cover of the northern hemisphere of the 9.

The enchanting face delicate temperament with a clean, Nordic cold, Frederikke won the most promising model ranking champion in 2015, fame soared with unlimited potential.

This time to participate in the Ralph Lauren series of meaningful shooting, Frederikke took the iconic gold rimmed glasses, with a sharp breath interpretation of the girlThe Tuxedo RL, with a shy taste of the workplace girl fan children.

Russell CameronA get, economics and politics at Columbia University double degree model talented woman, she was at school to earn money part-time, but she quickly won all the fashion circle layout.

From T to TED fashion show, cover the podium, Cameron's favorite saying is "believe me, it's not all about beauty".

Ralph Lauren long series, Cameron wearing a lazy tasteThe Sailor Pant RLSoftly, sitting on the lawn, eyes gently at the lens, sexy and charm city intellectual girls too attractive.

Burke Alicia,A rising more high-profile fashion her sexy black pearl, not restrained, like Jamaica's hot hot sun.

In the Ralph Lauren show, Alicia was inspired by himself with the Jamaica culture of high-grade fashion, wanton release of a charm.

This series of meaningful chunks of shooting, Alicia will be toughThe Fireman s' Coat RLDeduce a little tenderness taste, sharp appearance and soft heart collision, this is the most understand a woman Ralph Lauren.

Campbell JeanLolita, 19 year old supermodel, mother is a former British "VOGUE" editor in chief of Isabella, a good friend is a big childe Broolyn Bay, model partner is Bei Jia two son -- Romeo.

When wearing funny elves JeanThe Blazer RLYoung girl, immediately a bit more mature flavor small, neat tailored suit coat but also hide the restless youth small heart.

LuluA debut, only half of the new model, she is from the pocket mirror ICONIC STYLE large Steven Meisel personally shot mining, high cold temperament drooping eyes delicate and touching, blue want to protect.

Lulu in the series dress is meaningfulThe Tweed Jacket RLOne point, American country retro lines, but showing the girl lively, dotting denim shirts and accessories more tough rock small taste.

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