I bet the next year will continue to be popular, do you dare to bet?

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I bet the next year will continue to be popular, do you dare to bet?

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The best excuse for girls to shop is "the trend is changing every year, do not buy a new line?" But in fact, even if the trend continues to change, there are still some must have is essential. For example, say that today, do not take away from your closet...... You'll regret it.

Mom jeans NO.1

Yes, that is mom's jeans, is characterized by high waist. - you will feel the biggest advantage is that the proportion of elongated. This feeling should be the favorite of all the girls, and the gospel of the little girl.

Advantage:In order to improve significantly the effect of thin waist belt is a retro feel collocation;

Disadvantages:Big butt girl have to choose

Kendall recently wore a "mother pants" street, collocation a camel turtleneck sweater, half into your pants, the perfect example of "mother pants" this year's in wear.

This year the girls love shirt or sweater collocation of the mom jeans shirts and sweaters with slim pants into effect, at the same time than you don't plug more stylish sweater.

And this kind of pants shoes and shoes with coarse general collocation is OK, not what too many restrictions, compared all-match.

This mom jeans can be very good leg modification, can cover the thigh and calf defects. High waist design significantly relaxed and comfortable, long legs. But there are many different styles of style, such as tonal stitching, a little flash trouser legs, a pair of pants cut lengths, the word is a very amazing.

There is a unique advantage, the trousers can easily let you out of the retro flavor, can be said to be with a retro feel, people very heart oh!

NO.2 asymmetric detail design jacket

Over the course of the last year, asymmetric design has become a favorite part of the fashion world, whether it is a shirt or sweater or coat, all began to take the asymmetric route. This approach has become one of the details of the control of their favorite style. Congratulations on the details of control, this trend will continue to hot oh.

Advantage:The design is full of details, the control of the love, a good highlight personal style

Disadvantages:Upper body fat girl selection

Of course, the female stars of this "asymmetric" style of love, most reflected in the shirt, such as waist tie knot some processing, or to design some lace sleeves, are all forms of asymmetric style more.

Jung Soo Yeon

Song Jia

But the details of the design of asymmetric coat there is also a need to pay attention to, because of the asymmetry details can appear more special, but this year many of the items actually asymmetric style are exaggerated, must according to the occasion and his body to choose their own.

Better to wear this behind the details of the design of a single product, such as the details such as point halter, absolute beckoning.

Even the simple solid color shirt, with the details of the decoration, also can let you instantly become top up collocation.

So, starting with an asymmetrical detail of the shirt is necessary for the coming spring wardrobe!

NO.3 short high heel shoes boots

Here is a short section of high-heeled boots is to conform to the trend of the last velvet velvet boots, boots are thick with this height, the most comfortable to wear.

Advantage:Comfortable to wear; easy to match

It's better to wear a boot, so it's basically nothing, everyone loves it

This rough with short ankle boots, relatively high popularity of the three models are: velvet; animal pattern; metallic color.

This short ankle boots with skirts and pants are OK, almost no matching limitations, the length of the ankle the most appropriate.

This year, when wearing this thick ankle boots can also wear socks to wear, if you wear pants, then the best choice of nine minutes pants.

This will continue to be popular in the velvet fabric of this year's ankle boots and velvet material, with elegant and noble, in fact than in other boots to the more obvious.

NO.4 Tropical Floral Print Dress

Yes, you're not wrong, is printed skirt. It is not only a favorite summer products, but also in the winter and autumn with the protagonist. It is actually a very good inside a single product, you can wear it in a coat or sweater in a jacket, different printing patterns can make you have a different feeling.

Advantage:As a single wear inside the United States are very beautiful; material to create elegant fairy temperament

Disadvantages:Autumn and winter are more likely to have good static; collocation can be tedious

2016 Fall/Winter Milan Week Runway Roberto Fashion Cavalli

In fact, the ride inside wear Xian Qi fluttering single product is already show a tendency.

As a single wear inside the ride, can clearly see, very beautiful, but this kind of skirt is better than you think about Bohemia drive, you may feel a wind is not neat, but mainly from the elements and tones echoed the Bohemia style, this stamp is now more all-match wear.

Need to pay attention to wear such a dress when printing skill is, can have the color collocation under the echo, so as not to appear too abrupt.

This tone is soft, pink tones, highlighting the good woman of your taste, you can try.

Of course, there are more like the island like this deep color printing, will be better to wear is also more texture.

NO.5 Mini Bag

In fact, the mini bag trend has been online, but the annual show different brands will be a lot of different mini bags. Now the mini bag has almost become the Art Deco collocation, also has a high value.

Advantage:Lovely small and more delicate body can be used as the punchline collocation;

Disadvantages:Poor practicability

From the trend of the 2017 spring and summer fashion week can be seen, this year's bag is still relatively small handbags hot style, and many of the big names are out of the more lovely style.

2017 Spring/Summer London Week Details ANYA Fashion HINDMARCH

2017 Spring/Summer Paris Week Details Fashion CHLOE

2017 Spring/Summer Paris Week Details ANDREW Fashion GN

2017 Spring/Summer New Fashion Week Details York Coach

2017 Spring/Summer London Week Details Fashion BURBERRY

How, these are not already let you very heart? Most of the time we are attracted by the value of these mini bags, completely forget the practicality...... But even so, we still love these mini bags.

This mini package can carry can also carry, so the pose is very changeable in nature, most of the time it has become everyone's single product accessories.

Fendi micro, as well as Prada's Cahier Mini Backpack are more fire this year, in the street, a lot of girls are in love with them.

In addition to the more formal package type, there are some unique shape will be more eye-catching.

What about? If these items you already have, you save money, if it is missing, hurry to buy it!

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