Paris girls will wear? Not take out the flat wide leg pants

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Paris girls will wear? Not take out the flat wide leg pants

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French girls dress up along with the derivation of their lifestyle, there are four small rules. First, compared with high heels, they prefer to wear comfortable only 1-2cm height shoes. Second, they dazzle dazzle dazzle logo, they prefer the white Tee. Third, they like simple, in the body will not match more than three pieces of jewelry. Finally, they love the black silk is all-match single product.

Speaking of today's French girl fashion concept, it is better to look at the French fashion rookie Lily-Rose Depp. As the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, she is a true star of the two generation. She is 16 years old, stunning the crowd at the Paris fashion week on the red carpet, then successfully won the endorsement of Chanel. Can be regarded as the pioneer of French fashion.

Skim the spotlight costumes, she secretly like most French girl love simple and comfortable wearing, like a French girl with lazy attitude to life. Here we will carefully dissect the dress of the French girl

Features one: love with low heel shoes

As a free French girl, shoes is absolutely their usual outfit of choice. A pair of stylish comfortable shoes let you walk like the wind, not what can bind you better scenic walk in the afternoon lazy.

Features two: no logo, love white T

I believe that when it comes to timeless timeless fashion single product, white T will appear in the inside. Logo see more easy to wear more difficult custom printing only a white collocation, this T will also shwemawa super all-match! Fashion status is difficult to shake! A French girl became natural logical lazy love. Whether it is dark or light color collocation, or monochrome printing, minimalist or complicated, white T can easily handle.

Features three: with no more than three pieces of jewelry

They do not love French girl pijindaiyin, noble dress. They are more time to wear a simple jewelry, with a watch will not bring a bracelet, with glasses may not wear earrings. Generally are simple and clean appearance.

Four features: 100 tire wear black silk

Whether it is with a short skirt or wide legs nine minutes, the French girls are very good interpretation of the black silk of different wear method. Fashion changes, year after year, black silk is still unable to let go of their small goods.

Well, the above is a French girl wearing a small law, you get to the essence of their collocation?

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