From the soil from the white Formica counter attack! At the age of 45, she was finally able to eat on her face"

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From the soil from the white Formica counter attack! At the age of 45, she was finally able to eat on her face"

2017-01-11 11:50:30 140 ℃

Who is this actress in front of you?

Xu Qing? Or small?

After the recent super fire movie "lover", was Yan Ni's circle of beauty and body powder!

The backlight long legs, than the line flow small difference!

With a smile, she was elegant "shopkeeper Tong"?

Ten years ago to see "swordsman", always feel that she has a kind of style, but not with "nice" to describe, probably because it is simple and with rustic costumes.

With no frills hairstyle, plain clothes collar and a simple jade pendant, this is the shopkeeper Tong daily dress.

Drama popular on both sides of the Changjiang River fame, Yan Ni has thus started, into the public eye, when she was 34 years old, a late bloomer, but from the point of view of fashion, she is hiding Fashion Black hole.

This is the interview.

The red carpet is a kind of dielectric shener

Now, it is the shopkeeper Tong 360 degree dead beauty, in 45 years old beauty a new height.

Continuous change, can only use "reborn" to describe. In the past 2016 years will be the most dressed female star, Yan Ni ranked among the dark horse in the fashion world. The Tong dispensers Yan Ni became fashionable cannot do without what products?


The lavender chiffon long skirt, with noble purple collocation romantic chiffon, gentle and elegant in.

The upper bra tight, hem multi-level, with black and pink combination, this piece of chiffon dress fashion, sweet and somewhat handsome.

The rare Halter brighten in good shape to burst. With a smile, stunning the audience!


Long denim shirt collocation white skirt, clean and comfortable, a treasure and a visual explosion.

The sun, a fruit, with a striped shirt thin temperament.

The fresh and neat white shirt dress collocation is essential for women, high waist skirt or wide leg pants, handsome and sexy.


The black suit smooth and clean without losing some cool with.

The tall Yan Ni wearing a suit, handsome neat, a workplace queen style.


Long waisted wide leg pants classic and all-match! White collocation is never out of date, coupled with a simple hair soft and tender ~!

Long white Jumpsuit collocation with color pointed shoes was tall and slim, a word shoulder design both elegant and sexy.

Unhurried, its charm

Polish acting, writing life

It was her best time, 45 years of age!