A out! In 2017 the "chicken head" will become the king of the age

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A out! In 2017 the "chicken head" will become the king of the age

2017-01-11 11:52:41 243 ℃

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Recently Wuli sugar Tang Yan in micro-blog drying out their own readily tie "chicken head", to really think it is a head you out, this hairstyle was hot in 2017! You don't know the real out.

Lovely Tang Yan also called the net friend don't smile!

The day before, Tang Yan readily take "hair." this is actually the most popular "flower head". Based on the increase in half a messy and fluffy, more sweet by age.

Tang Yan before the National Opera Festival time, this is also with flowers in the shape of hair with a leather skirt and sweet girl.

In addition to Tang Yan, recently, Yang Mi is also very keen on this hairstyle.

"Fashion" has been updated recently made "micro balls", depending on the value of Yan eight high degree of "petal", once again captured all the hair top actress!

Look at the beginning of the popular meatball head looks like this.


And the "meatball" like, hence the name.


Now an upgraded version of meatball head is not generally "bag", so many balls in the sense of hierarchy and fluffy, looks like petals.


So, its name is "petal head".


Don't underestimate the petals in head meatball head based on slightly moving the hands and feet! Although only a little loose outline, the level of a bit rich, but full of advantages of all hidden in the oh!

1 first to partition the hair

About the brow above

2 and then tied into a pony tail

The part of a horse's tail that is played with an inverted comb

Increase the sense of fluffy

3 around a circle

Fix a good shape with a hairpin.

4 finishing the final shape can be

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