At the age of 29, he ate 53 countries of McDonald's, the most terrible China color, the most wonderful food in Japan

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At the age of 29, he ate 53 countries of McDonald's, the most terrible China color, the most wonderful food in Japan

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Fan Master said: there is no challenge KFC eat reviews?

Some time ago, Ma was acquired by KFC, McDonald's China has been China's capital acquisition. Netizens began to ridicule: after that in McDonald's manager can not be regarded as foreign executives.

McDonald's has been in China for 26 years. Among a lot of distinctive food (although there are appalled by the "Chinese version"). A lot of McGrady fans will be dedicated to early adopters.

Canada has a guy named James McGowan. from the age of 17, he was on the road to travel, while walking to eat each country's different McDonald's.

This year, 29 years old, he was still a few years ago, specifically set up a blog. McDonald's food to eat their own records, but also to do a review.

James McGowan is a software engineer, more than a day of work, he will take the time to look at his visit to the country's McDonald's store, will sell what kind of delicious.

Fan master saw 16 years of media reports that McGowan has been in the world's 53 countries. The more than and 300 McDonald's stores, and try to review over wheat food. M shaped arch has been painted with flags.

McDonald's Around World - from 2005 onwards, starting in October 2011, began to write blog the.

So, in the world of McDonald's stores, McGowan have tried what distinctive food? The main fan lists several interesting "representatives", fan friends please take the towel (mouth).

No 1, United States: Hawaii coconut fruit pie + Maple oatmeal

In Hawaii local McDonald's to eat coconut fruit pie.

Eat up the flesh is not sweet, but the crust is blown out, if it is roasted, the taste may be better.

Upstairs first and coconut pie, and a fruit of maple oatmeal. Look at the fruit is very rich, thick stacked on the top, oats are GUI, in general there is a weight, or good.

No 2, Hongkong: China ham egg & Roast Chicken crooked powder breakfast

First turn in Hongkong, McGowan and his wife chose to eat breakfast crooked powder.

It's a combination of potato and coffee. Corn, peas and carrots crooked powder soup. Looking good.

But he's obviously the Roast Chicken the crooked little fried vegetable powder. Drink soup is not strong.

On arriving in Singapore, McGowan and his wife met a new event. With satay sauce flavor of beef and chicken burger.

Satay sauce is a sauce in Chaoshan area and South East Asia is very popular. This burger in addition to satay, add onion and cucumber. Fan master across the screen has felt a deep malicious".

No 4, Beijing China: beef spinach roll

Travel through Beijing, McGowan eat a light meal in Chaoyang District, drink a cup of drink. Choose snacks is beef spinach roll.

It's really the color of the ad album. A disturbing food color (_: 3 / his) _ (ha ha).

But McGowan's comment is: like most Chinese food, the appearance is very simple, but it is good to eat.

No 5, Japan: chocolate chips

The Japanese delicacy degree of innovation always let people "eye-opening". Last year, McDonald's out of a double chocolate sauce fries.

At the same time to the black and white chocolate chips, sweet and salty fries... Do not create fans who can not live hold.

McGowan to the snack score is 3.5 points, out of 5 points.

No 6, Thailand: Curry Crab pie

The main fan is also love curry crab. But after seeing the McGowan pie pie, a little retreat.

The ad is like this (pretending to be a little fresh).

The stuffing crab really have genuine goods at a fair price.

Thailand silk collocation papaya salad, cool hot acid!

No 7, France: classic luxury cream sauce with fried potato

French fried potato chips, look like temptation.

The advertisement picture is like this. The number of bags inside, probably 12, McGowan feel a little bit small.

The luxurious cream sauce should be made with fresh cream.

But McGowan says it might be better to stick with the same dip in asia.

No 8, Vietnam: roast pork Steamed Rice

During a business trip to Vietnam, McGowan in neutral time to go to a nearby McDonald's to buy food. Look at the roast pork rice he bought. The box is different from other places. The "pig" and "chicken" the image of a little to eat.

Turn on the packaging becomes monotonous, rice with garlic sauce, taste slightly salty, and rice has been very hard. Chicken has the wrong version of goods. No eggs.

The album is so long.

No 9, Spain: cheese pizza crust

McGowan in Spain, the election of a more distinctive cheese pizza. Add dough to filling up.

In the middle with pineapple, carrot, cheese, the main nutritional diet.

A dough, which is thick, strong cheeses, the paper looks very attractive. And McGowan said the whole head is more than the imagination of heavy oh.

No 10, New Zealand: George

McDonald's George has been very popular in new zealand. But most people love, or beef cheese George pie.

Advertising chart long.

Before McGowan also tried other flavors such as plums, mayonnaise, chicken and cheese.

But the best, or recognized beef cheese. The physical section can also see a thick piece of beef. Just let the flow of saliva.

Well, in addition to the above mentioned master fan, fan friends have any other special Miss McDonald's classic, or "innovation" (wonderful) food? Let's share it and make everyone happy

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