" three Asian vinegar " Liao Han outfit, has been listed as bedtime reading!

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" three Asian vinegar " Liao Han outfit, has been listed as bedtime reading!

2017-01-11 11:54:27 419 ℃

To ask what is the hottest Korean drama, the seal King hands and feetBlue weight lifting monsterThis vote, from 2016 to 2017, with fire, uncle meat, goddess, adorable sister to join the annual drama, is simply not so nice!

And so on...... The blue weight lifting monster? What the hell is this?

Ing is now the three hit drama "blue sea", "Legend of the lonely and brilliant God", "ghost" magic fairy weightlifting Jinfu bead fit ah, three drama the same high quality also scattered food, attracted a large audience, the audience was affectionately known as "the blue monster" weightlifting.

There are even witty friends sent to the blue weight of the monster, 20 seconds commentary, as follows:

"Ghost bride and escape the fate of reincarnation, a liar has become a become a mermaid, they follow the previous agreement together, because the man became a mermaid swimmer, mermaid because big strength became weightlifting, then they lived happily in a play."

Ha ha ha ha ha ~

Actor Kong Liu, three plays Lee Min Ho, a variety of flower style show South column he got sister skills, handsome don't want. Especially in the jealous when it is in contrast to seckill adorable girl heart, the audience was given a new title of "king of Asia three vinegar".

The drama "lonely and brilliant God -" ghost hole Liu stills

The drama "the legend of the" blue sea Lee Min Ho stills

The drama "weightlifting fairy bead" column he stills South Jinfu

There are three Asian vinegar king, naturally, the Asia after the three vinegar". The "Mermaid" Gianna Jun, "ghost bride", "gold anode weightlifting spirit" Jin Fuzhu, a fall into love, immediately turned "jealous little expert", and the kings have a spell of vinegar!

The drama "the legend of the" blue sea Gianna Jun stills

"Lonely and brilliant" God ghost gold anode stills

The drama "bead" Li Jinfu weightlifting fairy Bible stills

After all, up to the Lee Min Ho, Kong Liu, and so even breathing South column sexy men of God, the three "Asian vinegar" have the ability not only "jealous and acting", their drama of the outfit is "smoking male god weapon"! Today we will focus on Get about the three "Asian vinegar" clothes Q, want to look up to God what to wear?

Play Look

From the first three goddesses play outfit with Gianna Jun in the "blue sea" as a legend to the city's "Mermaid", Yan value figure and good luck for her, the dustbin, Gangnam can pick the brand-name coat. After Lee Min Ho took the "to protect his wife spree, wear away fashionable high-end line, even at home to cook good!

The drama "ghost" stills high silver gold

Gold anode sister paper has a "light familiar face, but the play is no sense of violation and spoiled pollution-free high school students. Because of the poor students set, which help to the beginning of the golden girl wear uniforms, sweater and a single product with horn button coat, with a comfortable, belongs to the wind.

After girl admitted to the University and the beginning of a beautiful romance and ghosts, in dress more carefully, the camel coat + white turtleneck sweater collocation autumn warm and bright.

The drama "the lonely and glorious god ghost" gold anode stills

Li Shengjing played in weightlifting "inside weightlifting bead" is a fairy Jinfu, a giant female Chinese paper, but Li Shengjing used a variety of candy colored elements and ingenious rules to wear stack treadmill items through the lovely girl.

Street beat Look

Korean drama is often set to wear the role of the set, but the street shot on the ride to take a complete look at personal preferences. Very coincidentally, in the life of the three "Asian vinegar" is more than love dress pants. The goddess Look pants both elegant and handsome, with a simple single product free collocation, straightforward and not lack of details dotting.

Gianna Jun March 27th Inchon airport Street (Shanghai)

Gianna Jun September 12, 2016 Inchon airport Street

Gianna Jun July 7, 2016 Inchon airport street shoot: step Jimmy Choo flat sandals, carrying Rouge & Lounge handbags to Shanghai

Gold anode October 5, 2016 South Korea Inchon airport Street: dressed in a Burberry coat collocation Nike sneakers, back to Toronto Givenchy handbag

Gold anode PW relatively low-key style, often wearing a coat collocation foot trousers, a pair of sports shoes on the street. Although not to steal the spotlight, but wins in the outfit is practical, and people feel very comfortable.

Gold anode February 16th South Korea Inchon airport Street: Tory Burch dressed in wool jacket, white handbag back Tory Burch

January 26th gold high silver street shooting star: Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour back in the drama "cheese" handbag trap celebration dinner

Li Shengjing August 24, 2016 Star Street shot

Li Shengjing was born in Matou rarely wear on the wrong, she is good at the popular single product cleverly add into their collocation, simple and stylish, two big legs is cool!

Li Shengjing August 28, 2016 South Korea Inchon airport Street: Burberry dressed in plaid cashmere shawls, carrying Burberry The Rucksack series military backpack to Jeju Island

Li Shengjing March 3rd Inchon airport street shot: dressed in black and white color LAP sleeve Tee, wearing Ed Hardy sunglasses, back Lovcat handbags

Li Shengjing dressed in Acne Studios gray long coat, back Fendi Dotcom series bag

Activity Look

To see how the three goddesses in dress deduction, will not miss their activities Look. The goddess of love in black and white, Chanel (Chanel) series of elegant dress also improve waist dress set off white pure goddess temperament.

Gianna Jun dressed in Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series dress appeared in Korean drama "legend" blue sea will be published

Gianna Jun appeared brand activities

Gianna Jun wore Miu Miu (Miu Miu) 2015 winter series Python splicing black skirt Debut Movie "Assassination" of the media Preview

Gianna Jun Thom Brany (Thom Browne) in 2015 early autumn series wide leg pants Look Debut Movie "Assassination" will be published

Gold anode with unique charm, wearing a refreshing, even dress also take the simple route.

Li Bingxian and Li Minting's wedding

Kim appeared in the Korean Film Academy long course 10 anniversary of the KAFA year old Ambassador appointment ceremony of the ten

Gold anode appeared in 2016 (Style Icon Awards Asia Fashion Award (SIA)

Li Shengjing wore a Recto. color sweater and stitching skirt, wearing Kangol Beret making Jin Fuzhu "Fairy" appeared in the Korean weightlifting Conference

Since Ma Dou turned actor, Li Shengjing frequently attended the film preview and brand activities, had a good mix of frivolity and sweet, can Hold live, fashionable dress and suction eye legs big attraction.

Li Shengjing wore the DKNY 2016 winter series Tee Stuart Weitzman Korea boots collocation appeared

Li Shengjing was making Christopher Kane dress skirt stitching appeared "Doctors" the drama will be published

Li Shengjing debut Monaco guild hall (Club Monaco) Men's Shop opening ceremony

The red carpet Look

To say the three goddesses, most women of the moment, is also on the red carpet dress Look. The goddess of a pink hikiji bra dress gentle and generous, which help the black gold split skirt low-key sexy, Li Shengjing stars hollow chiffon dress full of fairies.

Gianna Jun debut in 2014 fiftieth Korea paeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet

Gold anode attended the forty-ninth paeksang Arts Awards

Li Shengjing wore a Alon Livne White 2016 winter series hikiji skirt appeared 2016 fifty-second Korea paeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet

According to this drama, Gianna Jun, Jin Gaoyin, Li Shengjing has been properly took many eyes to the explosion of the Sino Soviet sister God, then after the three "Asian vinegar" seductive outfit, friends have been up to?