There is no ugly woman in the world, since it has a semi permanent...

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There is no ugly woman in the world, since it has a semi permanent...

2017-01-11 11:54:52 94 ℃

Yesterday, Chen Yi 3P things come out, a small bad ticket ring on the explosion.

A lot of people do not understand why Chen Sicheng derailed?

Liyan Tong is so beautiful, virtuous, also deeply admire him, he was put on the wife and the other women do not engage in blind JB.

Micro-blog comment on a particularly exciting: obviously there are Bentley at home, go out to find a bus...

You don't say, people and people's aesthetic is not the same!

For example, the following Girl, because originally dislike her eyebrows, eyebrow ran.

The results, looking forward to her from the beauty salon out of the moment and found himself into a crayon....

Originally, girl do is Korean in recent years, a semi permanent eyebrow over the fire "".

The flat eyebrows makeup on the face, so that a bed can go out, no longer have to worry about the Su Yan scary ~!

But that may be all the tattoo to make direct lines of a scratch, scratch, you can win.

Curious as bad, could not stop or go online to search, to see if other buyers do show a semi permanent eyebrow, what kind of?!

The first is the emergence of a vote of bad reviewsSee a few small bad will not look down... These people. Good hypocritical and ugly ugly Oh, can the earliest that girl?!

Used to see the small dead opened strong wind and big waves buyers show ~

Result... See the photos below.

What is the fuck?! The two section because the nails rust bending off?

Although semi permanent scar is normal, the reason I understand, but from now to see if the eyebrow, also do not retreat. Where is it?!And this girl, do the semi permanent, eyebrows from the brow began to break out............Some people start from scratch, and she is embarrassed

Girl you have something good to say, why not a word to put themselves into the public?!

There's a hot eye!

It's a neat shape, a hollow texture... A lie, isn't that a Mark's eyebrow?If the above is a pen with Mark, then, small bad bet 10 Mao grandpa this is round! Zhuhai! Pen!This is my glabellum, like intelligence... An insult.The key is, they will appear after the scab, very strange scene!The first time I saw a small bad, almost to ask, which is the mainstream of the combination of tattoos?After all, a lot of family to kill Matt, have some holes on... In the eyebrows.Then, small bad and continue to see more frenzied eyebrows.Small bad all don't know, for the girl's happy or sad, because although the shape of the ugly, but they did buy a send....In fact, this is not the eyebrow defects, there is a tiny bit. Good...