Shrink nasal lip love show hip, Ken beans will not repeat the mistakes of cosmetic kuangmo sister?

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Shrink nasal lip love show hip, Ken beans will not repeat the mistakes of cosmetic kuangmo sister?

2017-01-12 00:40:03 134 ℃

Recently, Kendall is the "V Magazine" took a group of fashion large size

The blockbuster is a well-known tattoo artist Jenai Chin cooperation, so the model will appear exaggerated body fake tattoos". See this group of the first feeling is dirty, a little greasy, followed by the discovery of Kendall's face and temperament of the family network more and more like the red sisters.

Now the real Kendall compared before debut, face had changed a lot. (it is estimated that the direction of cosmetic surgery with the family sister)


Ken bean nose meat maiden, nose bone is wide, and people love is not the kind of small nose.

After the adult Ken beans soon went to do the nose surgery, which is the most popular European and American stars most often do cosmetic surgery.

Now to bean small and exquisite nose stereo, recently her personal ins self nose is such, makeup and style are very similar with my mother and my sister Kardashian. Although the overall sense of mask is very heavy.

But the nose is indeed a lot of three-dimensional, so that many delicate facial features.

[questioned Feng lips]

Some time ago, sister Kylie Jenner in order to promote your personal brand, INS drying out a photo with Ken bean.

Ken's lips in the photos appear to be very thick, it was questioned netizens, Ken bean lips.

But sister Kylie said that this is the use of their own brand of lip gloss lip balm effect, and there is no lip gloss.

The recent Ken bean seems to be affected by the family aesthetic, like thick lips, at the Christmas party, painted a large thick lips

But users of Ken bean's lips did not stop questioning.

Like sisters, start to show hip

Sister Kardashian and super profitable cosmetic sister Kylie have a very strong big and plump buttocks, they are very similar in style figure.

While the plate is suitable to bean has been the Kardashian family in a stream. But careful users have found that Ken beans is also a variety of love show hip

Although Kendall is known as the stage is very poor, the poor level of business net red model, but with the high popularity of social networking platform, has always been the pursuit of fashion.

For example, do not go directly to the interview's big show, but walk with point rather embarrassing

Easy to board the full weight of the American version of "VOGUE" nine monthly

Take Estee Lauder's endorsement

But the popularity is rising all the way, more and more red after the Kendall career did not seem to bestie Gigi Hadid in 2016, and serves all aspects of work compared to a year ago to decrease a lot, mainly to play.

In addition to the face of the change is more and more obvious, the professional level does not seem to improve.

Hope Kendall don't go to sister and Kardashian's cosmetic route. Good practice stage, improve the professional level of the model, do not disappoint fans of her pursuit

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