Liu Shishi acne from the face to the smooth muscle of the milk, the truth good pollution!

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Liu Shishi acne from the face to the smooth muscle of the milk, the truth good pollution!

2017-01-12 00:40:45 213 ℃

Children, do not know if you remember the Daming Lake Xia Yu? Oh no, is a startling step by step in Liu Shishi! Is that a dozen negative side exposed a closed Liu Shishi forehead:

Oh, look at the photographer to shoot straight, so real! It is closed, then swelling out of the bag:

Such a gentle and handsome living beauty collocation blain a forehead closed, really distressed for Nicky Wu.

So, they fit together...

Then, don't you see? My acne seems to be a day of poetry:

Look at the forehead are light yeah, according to Miss Young years of experience, the skin pox pits is very difficult to have the uniform gloss... Even if the PS is easy to rub the skin, and the natural luster is key to smooth ten!

Nicky Wu in the end of our poetry students to do what? Acne is also good enough, even a pox pits did not stay? This is not science!

I guarantee that, after reading the contents of today, you will be get to a little what... If you have acne pox pits, or want to compact, or sensitive skin, and even hormone dermatitis is not good, we must look at! This is absolutely full of dry cargo, full of conscience! Who you who regret, I will put my words in this debate, not to!!!

There are, in fact, I suddenly feel that this article is the welfare of the majority of boys... No matter how long you do not zhangdou! I promise, just five minutes after reading this article, you can have @# $% $#@##

First of all, I would like to give you a big talk about today's protagonist, it is -EGF! Full name in english:Growth Factor EpidermalEpidermal growth factor!A component that sounds rather obscure

At first glance this name really a little tall to be down to earth, is there?! But I believe some of you have heard or even used it!

Pinch refers to a count of ~Miss Young as early as 5678 years ago had heard of it! It was heard from the mouth of a bestie got hormonal dermatitis, according to her with this thing after her hormonal dermatitis is out of control, rebound fewer opportunities...

Tell the truth? At that time I was half believe and half doubt. It is because she is my bestie, impossible for me and this boring lie, because the suspect after all the well-known cosmetic brands are not the main component of things to sell, so regardless of the network or the general beauty books information about it are scanty, occasionally find a very simple the introduction (up to XX is to take the Department of burns has endorsed in it), so even once suspected she had used what should not use the Taobao explosion?! (her hormonal dermatitis is so come here again, they must take heart: woman beauty!)

Yes, at that time, Miss Young also know only a variety of daily products, Er ~ medical beauty skin care products? Was it good?

And then slowly faded away. Until recently...

Then,Epidermal growth factor, EGF?

As the name suggests, is a can promote the growth and development of epidermal cells!However, this concept is only suitable for the early discovery of it.

As early as 1962 in the United States, two scientists have found that it can promote the growth of epidermal cells in vitro, so named epidermal growth factor. But later with the deepening of research, we found that it is far more than the role of epidermal cells is useful, it also to many other parts of the cell can promote the proliferation, such as cornea, breast, nerve and so on...

It was later discovered that it was a very, very large family, except for the EGFFGFEnglish Name: Fibroblast Growth Factor, fibroblast growth factor),KGF(full name: keratinocyte growth factor, English Chinese translation: keratinocyte growth factor),VEGFVascular endothelial growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor) and so on, anyway, is called what cell growth factor on the right!

They are also the same, and the effect of EGF on more than one cell wide, promote proliferation and secretion of human body is not only to have the animal, oh ~ they grow with all kinds of cells in the body development has a very close relationship, although the content is extremely low, but very important! Well, it's like vitamins

However, Miss Young, tuomohengfei you said for a long time, it really had to do with us?

Well, I would like to talk to you first thing: once, I got a corneal ulcer, the doctor to open a box of MedicineRecombinant XX basic fibroblast growth factor(FGF a), XX here is a man or a cow I forgot... Anyway, this kind of thing! The point is, it doesn't take two days!

~Miss hey, Young, you wait, you are not writing more about smoking? How did the doctor give you the growth factor...

Hey, you just don't understand it, the cells between human and animal growth factor from the structure that although has some differences, but they're wonderful is each other can achieve the proliferation... Don't tell the same human genes is fairly close to the cattle, mice reportedly even eight pole not the same EGF can promote the body of certain cell proliferation... This stuff really is so good ah, I don't know why!

And, uh, that one.What kind of ghost is fibroblasts?

Oh, that's what I'm interested inIt is closely related to the success or failure of the vast majority of our current skin beauty projects!

Um ~The main work of fibroblasts is the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastic fiberThe extracellular matrix, and even more amazing,It will run, in the human body when they will be a lot of trauma to the wound site ohWe can ~ injured after healing, the basic is Quantuo its fu! PS: it can not only exist in the skin oh, the body everywhere, which is bad to rely on it to repair ~

Why do you add a "alkaline"?Is there any acid or alkali?

Well, this,It is not the acid and alkali of the fibroblast, but the FGF that promotes its growth.

What? There are two kinds of FGF??? Huh ~ more than two! There are 23 kinds of things that have been discovered, but don't be afraid, I won't talk so much! Because we now study and apply more than only two kinds, and it is just an acid, an alkaline, therefore, people simply call it bothAcidic fibroblast growth factor(FGF-1 or aFGF) andBasic fibroblast growth factor(FGF-2 or bFGF)TheHa ha, later in the cosmetics introduction see these alphanumeric would not have forced meng!

Those super witty sister, please do not ask me if there is no FGF-3, this is really! However, I do not understand...

Coupled with the first introduction of EGF,AFGF, bFGF and EGF is currently using the most human cell growth factor three musketeers!They have not only been applied in burn department and ophthalmology for many years, but also become more and more active in the field of skin beauty!

Do not believe we have eight hundred and eighteen!

Micro needle

Beauty principle is: hold the wheel in your face roll ah roll roll ah, then take advantage of your face is pricked out countless needle, quickly put on all you think or doctors think that what is good for your skin, so as to realize the goodPercutaneous absorptionPurpose! Can not pass through the stratum corneum of the macromolecular components, they can easily play a role.

In addition, due to the micro needle has a certain trauma, you canMechanism of injury repair. We talked about the human body, once injured, fibroblasts will make to the damaged parts of the set, and then started to increase horsepower production, eventually there will be far greater than the normal amount of collagen, hyaluronic acid, "rejuvenation components were synthesized.

You have been seeking pit pit welfare, in this ah!!! Transdermal absorption + stimulate regeneration of two pronged mechanism of micro needle is simply tailored skin pox pits! If you still want to have the effect of compact upgrade at the same time, you can also consider the lattice RF micro needle! The shallow pit, as long as the light bar you can have a deep pit, appropriate to increase the depth of the needle, the doctor suggested that you look at the specific treatment of coarse pores uh ~ ~ ~ ~ this is a hang oh!

Water needle

We have talked about Shuiguang needle two times, here is not long winded, haven't seen the boots back over the history of news.

Anyway, all of which the ultimate purpose is to stimulate the human wound repair mechanism, let more fibroblasts concentrated over, and strive to produce more of the "rejuvenation" ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastic fiber and so on ~ and the fibroblast work attitude is controlled by the group of cells we spoke of before growth factor (EGF, aFGF, bFGF)!

Under normal circumstances, the human body is injured under the dish, if minor trauma, it will give you send two meaning down if numerous underlings; severe trauma, it will rush all give you strength to wave forcing, hoping to settle the war; however, if the trauma in severe, more than the human body repair limit, sorry, it may also be unable to resist and utterly routed such as severe burn patients, (this is the first reason for cell growth factor in burn department)...

Is the same as in our skin care field (only in the field of skin beauty is moderate damage under artificial controlled), in general, more injury, regeneration and repair achieved effect is better (because the body will give you more troops to repair distribution), of course, is not good to control the damage exceeds tolerance limit you, that also with a severe burn patients there is no essential difference between the...

Ah, Miss Young, I just want to let a beautiful ah, if it can be supposed?!!!

Skin beauty doctors also think (although most beauty items could not lead such a serious situation), so when I heard TA the Department of burns can promote wound healing after the God of medicine, of course, also hit its idea! Cell growth factor since the Department of burns so serious cases are useful, that pack a micro needle, a needle like lattice, Shuiguang small to be small trauma is not a piece of cake?! Not only can make recovery more quickly than, can let customers better harvest the skin effect, isn't that there will be more people seeking to give money to me?!

Later, in fact, they are really intelligent... However, skin beauty doctor and burn the doctor needs after all still so lost is not the same, TA have to consider not only the effect, but also consider the customer's feeling of use and convenience, it is best to add some other ingredients beneficial to skin care it is more perfect!

However, this kind of thing because cell growth factor belongs to polypeptide (i.e. small molecule protein), the production threshold is already very high, scanty manufacturers can do, not easy to do out, TM will also yiyanbuge inactivation, not to mention also consider what use, convenience, the best have other cosmetic ingredients and can live in harmony... In fact, more than the similar drugs to produce a more complex burn department of ophthalmology...

So, Miss Young, now there is no fly this skin care products?

Keke ~ I know you will end it! Because according to the experience of many years of Miss Young, no matter how serious I am writing, as long as it does not fit Amway is ready to beat the rhythm of minutes to shoot! And I ~

Hum ~ for perennial wandering in the United States and the United States Miss Young, Amway and why?! Baby, open your eyes, the most popular Amway to you!!!

Don't doubt your eyes, it really is the propaganda page soil dregsYi Quan Yi(this is a special I search for a long time, on their official website barely get, the other can not see...

Tell the truth? They don't look good on me! Haha ~ when I find a large coffee in several circles under the guidance of it, but also can't believe my eyes! Even once suspected that doctors are Taobao three to hang out... Or I am wrong site? Because, look at its promotional pages, I really can't put it into force with the bursting of the product linked to EGF, it is full on highway 310 near the garage between signs have grainy beauty salons...

Hey ~ I do not understand why! You say, you can do with the domestic growth factor most cattle Jinan University cooperative force, but also makes Yang Rongya such a large coffee to give you technical endorsement, why can't find a good marketing team? No, really, would you like me to go?! Don't tell me, you believe that the beauty of the soul is really beautiful, the appearance of how spicy eyes customers do not care!

No wonder, the American institutions will soon be captured you finished, but few customers really think you. Do you think customers are doctors? Or is it all an adult? I tell you, in fact, your customers when using your product is likely to be this and especially what is doctor, take this wonder what the skin care products to kill me... "Anyway, if I am an ordinary consumer, really think so! I don't know what EGF is exactly what?! Even know a little, I don't know what you do with that Taobao goods in the end what difference ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This marketing ability, really, I am also a capital suit!!! When the domestic self has a long way to go ah ~ ~

Tips: my sister,Do not look for it on the wrong site ah!Because now there are a bunch of online selling its products (many are, however, said the official genuine) said they now actually is the main hospital online channels, except that only the ugly no friend to the official website, there is no other platform, Taiwan,... (please allow me to turn over ten thousand eyes the marketing system of its home)

So, for those who are afraid to buy fake sister, I give you a clear way - directly asked them to the official micro customer service!!! This is forced to fly, is a doctor friend to me

However, Miss Young, say yes, with Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi?!!! My pants are off, you show me this?

Oh oh oh, Tucao almost stopped up, this was one of the most important crop to forget!

You know what?

The regressed donghonghong EGF in fact does not necessarily want to buy ointment or cosmeticsYour blood, gastric juice, saliva, urine, and so on, there are secretions! Of course, including your male votes JY!!!

So, in theory, as long as you put these things to the damaged skin (such as the needle has just finished the site), there will be to promote the role of skin repair!!! And it is not 10 Fen of the absolute pure natural (cosmetics and ointment used in the current artificial restructuring).

Then, taking into account the blood and gastric juice is unlikely; urine, though it is said to be inside the EGF content is not low, even Miss Young heard Japanese really have "urine beauty" habit, but after all, the urine is more the body does not need to waste and toxins, wipe the skin health okay, go to the damaged skin with really good? (damaged skin barrier is very fragile, good things will go in, the toxin will follow the oh ~ but healthy skin, then, in the end there is no effect of EGF have to say another ~)

What's left is saliva and JY...

There's nothing to say in saliva. However, at this point, I suddenly thought, my mom once told me, that is a long red acne can get up early with the old lady's smelly slobber wipe, soon... At that time, Ma also feel good superstitious ah ~ ~ now, is this why?!!! However, I really did not wipe the old lady's saliva... Please, look at me with that evil look again...

As for JY? Oh, well, Miss Young to facepalm away ~ ~ ~ don't ask me, Liu Shishi has had a micro needle acne pit, more don't ask me what Nicky Wu did to her anyway, I wish you a good ~ ~ ~!

Oh yes, to use pure natural EGF, we must remember enough fresh Oh, or EGF is very easy to live!