Don't because Lin Dan Chen Sicheng, thought Chinese straight love red net!

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Don't because Lin Dan Chen Sicheng, thought Chinese straight love red net!

2017-01-12 00:41:01 385 ℃

Third days after the outbreak of suspected 3P Chen Sicheng, the actor still did not sort out a decent response. The tour ran actress micro-blog onlookers, but one after another the wrong field.

The one with the heroine of the namesake female director, Wang Tianchu Michelle the innocent gun lying.

There are users registered Gillan Wang Tianchu to slip powder. Also cheated a lot of friends.

She was hit by third lovers outside Chen Sicheng. Chen Sicheng gave her rent in Beijing, to buy a car for her, she has a photo album in the network she recorded with Chen Sicheng.

I like this, synophrys, avatar, seagull, glassy urine Yamane nasal lip, the traditional sense of the network we face

With two other suspected heroine, as if the biological sister.

Now the three have not responded to the incident......

Unlike Lin Dan's mistress, immediately after the accident rub out the heat, but also opened a press conference to apologize. Su Yan state let me just want to ask Lin Dan A: what do you figure?

A short period of time, the two family man are planted in small red hands as the demon, so many women still do not love straight sigh: Red Net straight?

If you want to sum up the lessons, but also can be summarized as follows: try to find the man online aesthetic, upstart taste of men, often more likely to be grilled garlic old sister run.

Try to find a high IQ of the boys, not so easy to be a visual stimulus, lower body impulse belt deviation. He also understood the risk cost.

The wife in them, is signed a lifetime contract partner, not the home of the red flag.

Would like to ask those Lin Dan. Are you going to cheat on your partner in a business contract? If not, why did you cheat on your wife?

In addition to that little bit of lust, see it through other pursuits, like Julian Cheung, really bored to buy me a car, buy a bag of money to buy his wife.

Their aesthetic or comparison old school, can not understand Jin Gaoyin, such as the characteristics of the appearance of Karen Mok. But with these two faces, they will know which is better.

BTW, the real net red, is not willing to start with the beginning of the article mentioned in these women. Red net also have different levels of well. Like Lin Xiaozhai's natural temperament net red There are plenty of people who.

Still avatar Yamane, snake chin stage net red, only in some of the rough straight aesthetic deviation blame presence.

Said so much, in fact, why care about some rough straight straight aesthetic, the aesthetic is still in the wild, do we have to wait for them back?

Moreover, derailed derailed, do not pull the aesthetic. The derailment reason like the water in sponge, squeeze it, it is their own original hot red net, Lin Dan will not be derailed?