No PS, the real photos of the stars are like this! Too surprised

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No PS, the real photos of the stars are like this! Too surprised

2017-01-12 00:42:36 992 ℃

From ancient times to the present, people have never stopped the pursuit of beauty, and in different times, the United States has different meanings. This time, in order to There are plenty of people who big eyes, sharp chin, nose beam and at all costs.

Network Reds to become famous at his own whole face long snake

Europe and the United States have big beauty, South Korea can help people make only superficial changes cosmetic Dafa, China has such artifact PS. Of course, not to say the stars like some red net, to become the "snake" cosmetic face, but they PS skill but should not be underestimated!

Liyan Tong is the goddess of the hearts of many people! The standard face, high nose, especially the big eyes and gentle charm. However, from the PS print

Good skin disappeared, wrinkles also came out, had heard that Liyan Tong belongs to our paper, however, did not expect so dark. Although the facial features are still very coordinated, smile is still very good-looking, but had to say that PS will adjust the skin and eyes too much.

So is the large power power, the eyes really is the most accurate feedback age scale, after all the small glutinous rice are two years old, Yang Mi crow's feet without PS artifact, I am afraid it is difficult to hide.

Big eyes with smiling goddess, the crow's feet is flawed!

Guo Jizhang superior goddess fan children temperament, but if there is no makeup, no light, no PS, so...... 3

The face had so many spots and uneven color, the goddess is reduced to ordinary people. At the moment, the importance of the light!

Star PS technique the most exaggerated is fully deserve Annie Yi, self she is above such a long, but in the media reporters shot, is this you

Didn't believe such a big difference, until Annie Yi and Qin Hao held a wedding in Beijing, before PS was put out of the map size

Well, I have to say that round is not PS is also very beautiful, but Annie Yi, how do you swollen?

Is that what you are when you get married? This...... PS way too much! After all, 69 years of Annie Yi has been nearly 50 years old, the traces of the years can not conceal the fact that I can not hide.

Once a smart and lively, intense big eyes swallow, suddenly has forty years, from PS, the big eyes no longer exists, eye wrinkles is very obvious, facial skin sagging muscles also is very serious.

The two pictures from the same activity, Zhao Wei studio PS teacher too responsible, just like a beautiful fairy, but was still in the presence of other lens to seize the real situation.

The same is the change in the appearance of years, Carina Lau seems more relaxed.

For many years the goddess no longer depends on Yan values by temperament, even muscle relaxation, eye wrinkles, eye black eye is aggravating, does not affect the goddess leisureless, laughing at the rain attitude. Without modification of the plain, without makeup face camouflage, accept the years passed, the time to accept peace.

However, in contrast, has over sixty years of Liu Xiaoqing is not so easy. Several cosmetic self in grinding leather and light, like a eighteen year old girl, but from a modification of PS, and the age of the skin cosmetic traces will still be very clear.

This is not as good as the use of plastic to calm the face from the content, at least not make people feel strange, difficult to accept.

In fact, it is not to cover up all the defects must be beautiful, some of the prime goddess they dare to expose their own small defects, but also did not affect their pursuit of beauty.

Hsu Chi has always been free with, in a fashion magazine she is glamorous, sexy, and in her own micro-blog, often appear in makeup, so it is in daily life, but the real whitewash, alive.

Although the color is not bright white, although there are a lot of small freckles on the cheek, but it will not affect the purity of the eyes. To the most comfortable and most comfortable posture to do their own, do not hide, Su Yan is beautiful!

Actress makeup also had to mention and Tang Wei. She is not a modern standard of beauty, not face a sharp chin, no big eyes wide eyes, but mellow face Poincare harmonious features, Oriental charm is no substitute.

Tang Wei did not care for makeup, shooting the film can full makeup, does not affect her beauty, but more of a pure.

In her life is more clear, complete with comfortable clothes, literally not gorgeous, but also never wear makeup, comfortable close to the United States, there is no sense of distance.

Some stars for beauty cosmetic, some stars to the United States desperately PS, while others calmly to be myself. This article is not to write, but just want to tell everyone, everyone has more or less have their own shortcomings, there is no need to cater to others to change their own aesthetic. Learn to accept yourself, optimistic self-confidence, is the most beautiful!