"Beautiful Jennifer Li" Di Ali Gerba and Li Xirui appearance and Gao Junxi version of how much worse

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"Beautiful Jennifer Li" Di Ali Gerba and Li Xirui appearance and Gao Junxi version of how much worse

2017-01-12 00:43:06 1868 ℃

A remake of the Korean version of the "she is beautiful"

Di Ali Gerba starred in the "beautiful Jennifer Li" you see it?

About to have perfect all grew up, no concern about the "small inverter girl" Jennifer Li, and the young "dwarf fell fat" grew up to be reunited, the fashion elite high cold love story after deputy editor.

Di Ali Gerba is so beautiful, how to play ugly?

Di Ali Gerba strength is ugly, 00 odd freckle, a mop of instant noodles, of course the most important thing is in the clothing products!

In the version of & the Korean version, which is the most ugly?


Look at women two

Good bestie and Gao Junxi played by Li Xirui

At the time Gao Junxi can be said to be the most beautiful woman wearing red two, a short and strong Choker Amway to sexy woman in the world!

Forget not Huizhen appointment, Xia Li put her lipstick rub down onto the Huizhen mouth, let Huizhen look better.

(Korean actress turned before the stills)

Chinese version


Compared to the previous dilireba version of Jennifer Li, there seems to be a deliberate!

Rerba played many Huizhen seemed cute, clothing is like the need so bad.

Although playing ugly, but after all, the high value of Yan, good figure

A fluffy natural volume with a round frame glasses, in fact, does not look ugly, compared to some cute!

A few days ago a large bazaar shot is beautiful!

After reading is not quite looking forward to the transformation of Jane jane!

Although the two legs and female beauty, can play the clothing is really flattered. Choker is a bit outdated!

Clothing texture and Gao Junxi version is also very far away!

The gas field is a lot of difference

What do you think?