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The well dressed with a niche brand "ghost" in several

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"Ghost" is really a rare speech to the end yet unfinished drama.

This drama, in general, is a living for hundreds of years and a ghost destined to marry his girls story.

However, this is not a love story only belongs to two people.

In fact, most of the girls just to see the death man and a number of ghosts and two men can sell the rot in love.

The ghost called CP (devil infant death and ghosts), more than 1 thousand year old age together.

Their existence is sufficient to prove that age has nothing to do with the mind.

After watching this show, many girls said no longer afraid of ghosts, but also dream and two ghosts (of course, handsome) live together.

Because, when you are in danger, they will ask you for a second or less into a Burberry coat.

When you cook at home, they will put on a coat in a second to go out to buy you onions.

So far, the "ghost" girls burst heart completely rolling other drama ratings.

Not only the story, simply from the clothes, than the next door Gianna Jun played in the trash to pick up the big name to wear the blue sea legend to fly.

DeltaGianna Jun in the legend of the blue seaQuite a lotBig clothes are picked up from the garbage cans in Seoul Jiangnan District

At least, stylist is obviously determined according to different people in the choice of brand, even if most are sponsorship is reasonable:

1, actor, Kong Liu's uncle. Suspected of relying on the real estate and invincible prediction (can predict the lottery number) has become rich,Wardrobe is basically a big fashion. To Burberry, Lanvin, Tom Ford this is the majority, leisure points have to be like Acne Studio,Focus isSense of quality and design.

DeltaBrioni coat

2, male two, Li Dongxu's death, also called hell angel, occupation similar civil servants, wages are not low, but not on the nouveau riche,Work to invest in several major accessories and fashionFor example, Zegna, Givenchy shoes, Dolce coat & Gabbana brooch.Usually onSouth Korean local brands, good-looking, not expensive.

DeltaBlack dress, Rick Owens coat

3, female, ghost bride gold anode was staying in an orphan, aunt home, living in poverty, so mostly wearFast fashion brand and girl leisure brandThe style is simple and cheap, also not vulgar. Later received a mother's insurance, began to invest someA young girl with a sense of design.

DeltaAmerican Eagle Hoodie.

4, female number two, Liu Renna played a young fashion fried chicken shop owner, the focus is to wear clothes look good, do not care about the price and brand, almost allThe Korean girls love fashion brand and light luxury brand.

DeltaBurch Tory coat

5, a man who cares nothing three ghosts, nephew Liu Dehua, claiming the chaebol three generation, but there is no credit Kaheika, so only wearKorean local designer brand and fast fashion brand.

So, "ghosts" in the play the brand is exquisite, has the reference value to the daily is also very. But, why does Fresh gentleman introduce brand only today, do not introduce how to match?

It is mainly because, in this drama, a lot of wear is basically rely on legs and face.

For example, the following set of. Question, the left Li Dongxu 1 meters tall, wearing this coat to the ankle, then, ordinary people will probably wear up to where??????? 84

And, even if the legs are as long as Li Dongxu and Kong Liu, it might not be the same.

The following Loewe coat, my assistant said she looked at the stars when watching the drama, want to lick the screen, the United States too much sense of presence.

DeltaLoewe Tibetan blue coat, broken code

Later when she found the information found this Beige version of Hao Yunxiang also passes through, totally not the kind of delicate feeling, not so interested.

In short, Mr. Fresh will introduce "ghosts" in the next to buy some brands. We all know not to say, just pick a few relatively small minority characteristics,Divided into two phases to say, this is a boy:

Speaking of GGDB, you must know their dirty shoes. But this brand is not specifically to buy shoes, clothes are also noteworthy, the following sweater is

Although it looks quite ordinary, but this sweater in the drama of a small accessories. It is the highlight of their own shoulder with a scarf, with a direct link on the button, only to wear together to look good. (the 585 euros)

GGDB clothes are characterized byFashion is not trendy, retains the sense of quality.

Kong Liu in the play through the GGDB are very existence. In addition to just the sweater, but also through a windbreaker, about color design, in particular, is not strange, one can be remembered. (the original price is 990 Euro)

This Li Zhongshuo also goes through.

And this sweater is GGDB black goat. Grasp the degree of just adorable.

Kong Liu in May last year, the Korean version of the "Esquire" magazine and GGDB cooperation in the film, areThe basic models of tasting it tasteFor one, low-key fashion, Agassi put a little bit on the point of grade is right.

This brand is not cheap, but at the end of the season there is often a discount, just mentioned a few pieces are discounted. Most of the buyers shop to sell, Farfetch can also online shopping.

2, By Morriso Howlin'

Belgium cheap hand knits

Howlin'is the whole drama across one of the cheapest brand. The color of this sweater is very special, like the color of lipstick, in the sun looked warm, the original price of 160 euros.

Its greatest feature isAll the craftsmen madeRich in color and pattern, the price of cabbage, version is more suitable for young people to wear.

Generally around one thousand yuan will be able to get, shipped to the country even if the tax is not too expensive, relative to the quality, the price is very high.

The sweater to wear from the Birth of the phantom cool series,100% initial shearThat is all made by hand in Scotland, there are a lot of clothes is very soft waxy, bright colors can be selected. Mr.porter, farfetch can be obtained online shopping.

Although the men's, women's and children's clothing, but also sell children's clothing, and I think they really quite special, the official age is under 16 years old, petite can buy the largest number of wear.

3, Zegna Z

Blanket wear in winter in the body

Zegna is not a niche brand, but it's the vice brand Z Zegna is small,The main is the young market.

The following Kong Liu body this is the Z Zegna, completely restore the lookbook collocation.

Learn the most worthy of collocation, inside the middle layer of gray turtleneck, grey hooded sweater, outside gray overcoat, three color color reflected by a sense of hierarchy, no brainer is still high.

However, the stylist chose this section is not particularly characteristic of the Z Zegna, it is the most representative and most interesting series called icon warmer,Nicknamed "blanket".

These icon warmer jacket looks ordinary clothes, but there is a built-in heating layer, can heat up to 7 hours, run out of charge on the line, simply too clever.

DeltaJiang Jinfu is wearing this coat inside the heating design

In addition to the coat, the following William Chan wear this suit jacket is also, looks thin, in fact lining their own heating.

Icon warmer series of shortcomings is expensive, the domestic counter should buy, can feel with an electric blanket what feeling in the body.

4, EXPEDITION Discovery

Canadian goose

Ghost uncle wardrobe brand ranked second Chinese cabbage, a down jacket coat might sell three thousand yuan, the price is just a coat of Uncle 1/5.

Because it is in South Korea Kong Liu endorsement, so it is forced to implant.

DeltaGhosts and ghosts of the bride couples dress is Discovery EXPEDITION, I doubt all the drama and ski related play is forcibly inserted

However, from the design and quality is good. It is an outdoor brand for Discovery discovery channel, the main market in korea.

DeltaShow this anorak is the brand

Ghost drama through several jacket coatAnd a canadian goose insulation principleOutside, a layer of windproof fabrics, lining with eiderdown, appearance is also almost.

In other words, almost every protagonist in the play through this brand, the following messenger on the tomb of this lamb collar coat is also a pilot, 2822 yuan to get. Can be started in South Korea's official website (PS: domestic also has Discovery EXPEDITION, but the style is not the same as South Korea).

5, Duper Hats Super

Professional fashion hats

Hat is one of the important items of the grave Messenger, wearing the official business can be invisible. This hat comes from a Italy brand Super Duper Hats.

2010 just set up,Only a hat, each of which is pure handmade flowers for several hoursThe.

Characteristic isHat type selection in particular, the design is also very professional, hat can be found what you want.

Super Duper Hats the most important advantage is that men can also wear,Fill the Chanel veteran stand workshop Maison Michel only a millinery vacancy. B also wore their hats.

They won the award VOGUE Italy version issued a few years ago, now also help some part-time fashion brand OEM hat, such as Vivetta, kooplers, the. I often do some fashion.

General 200-400 ranging from $more than and 100 discount when you can receive. In Asia are particularly good, Beijing, Shanghai has a lot of buyers shop agent, Yoox and farfetch are also available online.

"Ghosts" in this drama, in addition to some of the big, many clothes are South Korea independent electricity supplier website sponsored by the designer, to go the cheap route, ghost uncle too rich in inappropriate, so most can only plug into hell messenger body:

6, Blindness

Disguised as a major single parity

The angel of the clothing is a black leather coat, looks quite big, especially with the feet of the Givenchy shoes better. In fact, is a Korean original brand, called Blindness. But the price is not expensive, it is artificial leather coat, 2470 yuan.

Stylist to pick this piece of Li Dongxu, look carefully to do the old design, it seems that there is a sense of design.

Blindness this brand was founded in 2013, the purpose is to let you use a more reasonable price to buy fashion, so all the items are not expensive. But only to pick up to look expensive, high cost.

In addition to black leather, that can look at their home,All not more than 3000 yuan, and the scarf into a set of such a dress is more a sense of design. W Concept have sold, you can send china.


By the back of the brand name

DBYDGNAK, is aLi Dongxu's famous brandThis sweater, the back lace in the drama he wore, has now become a treasure of the explosion. Words, even the big name copied, the key to this original price is RMB more than and 500...

This sweater since it has been imitated rotten, Mr. Fresh is not recommended for you, you can see the same series of other models, such as DBYDGNAK tie coat.

DBYDGNAK back lace shoes. Shoes a little expensive, to sell 1000 yuan

Yes, there are versions of a side lace up shoes this. In DBYDGNAK's own official website and W Concept can buy, can send china. Well, in addition to this, this brand is not good to buy, and so on.

Li Dongxu is the messenger of the underworld, so he is wearing a coat is usually pure black, but there are exceptions when falling in love.

Such as this, and Sunny Street yelling at a call from Sewing Boundaries's coat, winter 2016 show, equivalent to 4179 yuan.

This Jin Yubin also goes through.

There is this hell messenger dating to wear plaid coat, rare is so gentle, Sewing Boundaries, has been sold out, did not find the price.

This brand is the star with the line, almost every star in the popular Korean drama through their home (sponsored) clothes. In the legend of the blue sea, Lee Min Ho goes through their striped shirts.

The smartest thing about Sewing Boundaries is,The basic elements of this kind of more advanced elements, looks like it's more expensive. In addition to runway, ordinary coat is probably around 2000, is not easy to wear like Zhuangshan, buy is good.

9, 8seconds

The Korean version of UNIQLO

Ghost's nephew Liu Dehua (because the ghost uncle love Andy Lau so take the name), as a love of fashion is to face, but broke the chaebol three generation.

DeltaThe only wealth is the Martha Lahti Roadster

The clothes he arranged in the show were all big looking, actually cheap. For example, under the coat 8seconds, from the texture and color are very advanced. Price of RMB 1725 yuan.

Come fromGD and 8seconds cooperation seriesGD was involved in the design, and he himself went through it.

This is Samsung's 8seconds brand positioning, roughly equivalent to the Korean version of it, but more fashionable, sell the basic models for young people, but also very cheap.

Recommendations can usually see their home lookbook, is aHow to put the basic money into Korean fan of the living materials.

8seconds now Chinese stores, the shop also has a price, and probably also about UNIQLO almost, cheaper (in addition to the limited series).


A sporty and stylish sportswear

LACOSTE you all know, Fresh Jun to introduce their family's sub brand LACOSTE LIVE!. Edward, this pattern is a very sense of design sweater.

This sweater looks pretty big, but the price of approximately RMB one thousand in South Korea to end, now as long as more than and 600 fold.

This line was originally designed by LACOSTE to attract young people,Focus on the cut, style, parity, color is also very advanced, it is relatively asian.

LACOSTE cut has been very suitable for Asians, this LIVE, vice line is also, and good texture. There are stores in the country,Compared with POLO shirts, sweaters and coats are recommended.

11, Es Heich Heich

Strong sense of existence

Although most of the Edward in the drama are wearing cheap brand, but as the chaebol three generation, there still have several things to forcibly expensive grab lens (relatively), such as the following

From Heich Es Heich 2016 autumn long show, equivalent to about RMB 3900.

In addition, he also went through another Heich Es Heich coat, but also a sense of anger brush, equivalent to 6256 yuan.

Heich Es Heich designers have done before 2AM stylist,The style of the design is too bright,Many of them are like costume, not everyone can live Hold.

However, like the existence of such a strong sense of style, buy a scarf is good, belong toA small accessories can attract a series of turns. This scarf is not the show line is very cheap, 277 yuan. The same can be found in W concept.

Well, that's the way it is, when it comes to the end of the showI will talk about the inside of the women's clothing, as well as some lifestyle brands. (because of the leading actress in the first ten sets of basic students only wear the brand, until the latter part of the clothing products began to hang)

Good night, PS: today second can Wang peach welfare rob, I wish you a new year cute.

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