The stars remove makeup skin was so much worse

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The stars remove makeup skin was so much worse

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Looking at the women in bright makeup, their skin naturally white guess? NoNoNo, remove the makeup, skin color, there are a lot of difference!

Wipe foundation! Their skin color difference.

How strong foundation? Uniform color, away from the dark, to create a shiny it! Even a born beauty beauty star, leaving makeup, makeup are not so nice! Do not believe your own comparison:

A little pink, their skin sallow

Liu Tao: when playing makeup remover

Plumpness and gloss of Tao sister face are great, some carp is slightly dark yellow color. And in the light of the natural light off the foundation, the skin color of the short board is clearly exposed.

Wang Luodan: when playing makeup remover

Although there are light factors, but the makeup and makeup face white and obviously occupied Wang Luodan can still prove Naturals, beautify the skin effect of super large foundation.

Angelababy: when playing makeup remover

Baby is the standard of Asian yellow skin, painted foundation cheeks suffused with pale yellow and transparent luster, sumianchaotian when color becomes slightly sallow no spirit.

A little pink, they seem to show

Kendall Jenner: when playing makeup remover

One of the effects of foundation is uniform color, Kendall will benefit from this: makeup face can not find any flaws and remove traces of makeup, eye color was back, dark very weary.

Cara Delevingne: when playing makeup remover

Painted foundation skin firming Cara to super young; but left the foundation, forehead, cheeks, chin began to emerge a dull. A glance at the color of the mottled appearance, who can believe her 90?

Yuan Shanshan: when playing makeup remover

Yuan Shanshan's skin is very delicate, smooth, the only drawback is the eyebrows, nose middle facial region uneven color, the problem in the painted makeup can be completely unaware.

A little pink, they face no light"

Ruby Lin: when playing makeup remover

Liquid foundation containing mostly light factor, remove the color adjustment evenly, but also in the joint face to create if there is no good gloss. The heart is like skin white and translucent, but contrast remover can understand the sense of water power, many foundation.

Liyan Tong: when playing makeup remover

In the gloss of the foundation of the modified, Liyan Tong's face is very three-dimensional, through the little luster is also particularly charming! After cleansing, almost can not see the face of bright feeling, but for a mummy, this skin is already great!

Yang Mi: when playing makeup remover

Yang Mi earlier in the show the true nature of makeup, skin white and flawless makeup, it really convinced! But it is undeniable that the light to create a solid foundation for the bright face, is more exquisite and beautiful.

Good looking finish up color value! But what is a good standard?

Seen the actress of CF is not difficult to find: painting makeup can really value rose yan! However, it is necessary to smear the right line! One by one to meet the 3 standard, your foundation are worthy of a thumbs up!

Standard 1 can not blindly greedy! Face son & neck no color difference

"A white cover 100 ugly" concept rooted in too much too much in the United states. In order to improve complexion, adventure choose white liquid foundation, the results can only be like Joe's sister, a black white neck makeup appearance.

Don't think to take advantage of the neck painted white is white for merit, like Victoria Song hand, greedy white continued embarrassment. Our advice to you is: foundation, to choose the color of the junction between the jaw and neck. As for how to mention the bright color? We will talk later.

Standard 2 can not be painted all face! There are deep and shallow to be true

I believe that 95% of the girls can not see the color of the foundation painted the whole face, are super surprised! Yes, according to our makeup with a number of star teachers "learn", can responsibly tell you: women in three-dimensional sense but can not see what the force traces of good makeup, mostly rely on 2-3 to create out of the common color!

The whole face painted a chroma of liquid foundation, will weaken the three-dimensional facial features. If you like the left hand side of Yoona and Jessica, like the choice of white number, is even worse. Our advice is: 3 kinds of color liquid foundation with color, light color, light color 1 degrees to 2 degrees, smudge smear stereo face (specific color area, we will talk about later).

Standard 3 not too thick powder! Makeup sense of light and light to look good

A perfect foundation, remove the clear requirements in the use of color, texture can never be vague! Don't like the Kardashian coated with thick powder, makeup will appear thick, and will face the original luster are severely suppressed, is young and has no vitality!

The Zhang Ziyi also had heavy makeup to lose, but lightly coated with a layer of foundation, still retain good gloss appearance (right), was much more beautiful! Our advice is to cover up the flaws and leave them with concealer! Foundation strength is uniform color, thin coated layer, slightly transparent air feel good.

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