Cheap better | Cleansing Cream is the most essential but most do not have to spend money to skin care products!

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Cheap better | Cleansing Cream is the most essential but most do not have to spend money to skin care products!

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Cleansing as the first procedure of skin care, facial cleanser actually play a role beyond our imagination. Cleansing Cream selection is not good, the subsequent further steps are only half.

Today we talk about everything seriously cleansing.

The significance of cleansing

The process of normal skin metabolism is actually the process from the production of keratinocytes to maturity and then to apoptosis.

For the stratum corneum thick, sebum secretion of the skin is relatively strong, the lack of cleaning will lead to aging cutin and sebum accumulation in the skin surface, showing a dark yellow color after oxidation. At the same time also can clog pores, leading to lipid deposition, the formation of acne, Whitehead, it evolved into the days and months multiplying blackheads, acne.

Therefore, the main purpose of cleansing is to remove the old horny and excess sebum.

Cleansing Cream more clean wash better?

Cleaning too strong Cleansing Cream will destroy you with a lot of money to protect the sebum membrane soft sister up, a damaged skin barrier, collect dry, peeling, redness, papules, closed nightmare seconds to achieve!

Remember, not all closed and convex facial acne is not, on the face of all things can be uneven with a strong Cleansing Cream "vigorously"!

What kind of Cleansing Cream best?

Mild cleansing ranking: APG> > SLS SLSE> amino acid; soap

Cleansing Cream soap

With soap as surfactant Cleansing Cream, almost all clean and strong alkaline Cleansing Cream. But the clean efforts of the soap Cleansing Cream will often take the sebum composition of the cuticle, destroy the natural moisturizing function. Cause dermatitis days and months multiplying.

Often oil buddy can consider soap Cleansing Cream, after all, is a big greasy removal of its strengths.

Soap Cleansing Cream representative: Neutrogena (Neutrogena) Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser

Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

The purity of the amino acid system is relatively close to the pH value and sebum, can gently remove the dirt on the face, the skin will not bring the skin after washing and drying

Amino acids Cleansing Cream representative: Freeplus net profit Cleanser

To sum up:

1 big youpi can choose Cleansing Cream soap, but amino acid and Cleansing Cream used alternately, the frequency is not too high.

2 love sensitive skin, peeling, redness, thin skinned partners to avoid the use of soap containing cleanser.

3 no matter what the skin, do not use frosted facial cleanser, do not use frosted facial cleanser, do not use scrub cleanser!

Because the facial cleanser in the face of the residence time of only about 30s of the time, in fact, which add the functional ingredients can play a little effect. Therefore, in the selection of cleansing, should focus on the selection of clean dirt while stimulating the skin barrier products.

In a limited budget, the choice of cleansing should be one of the most cost-effective.

It is said that rumors on the rivers and lakes, cleanser 100 or more will not have much significance!

Today, we have to focus on pushing a few have to use parity face.

POND'S whitening essence m Cleansing Cream

Comprehensive scoring: * * * for

As for the red net Cleansing Cream NO.1, the amino acid Cleansing Cream POND'S from the school play popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. Bubble slightly worse, generally two soybean grain size, in order to play a more rich foam.

After washing, dry skin may feel dry, but also to do follow-up work for moisturizing, cleansing to open 20 yuan, has a very high price.

Overall, the non sensitive skin Cleansing Cream is suitable for oily and mixed oil for morning cleansing use. However, it should be noted that this cleanser contains a small amount of DMDM hydantoin as a preservative, there is a certain degree of irritation, sensitive muscle or skin barrier is not sound, please use the selective.

Sinoway natural cleansing foam core net

Comprehensive score: assumes for

The facial cleanser on the network is relatively low-key, but almost unanimously used friends. Amino acid surface active + more advanced alkyl glycoside (APG) table (previously mentioned, mild but with good oil removal ability, very beautiful ingredients).

When using direct pressure to play the dense soft foam on the face is solid, the taste is very fresh and elegant. I like to use a skin care blogger's words, most of the products are to do moderate ingredients, the use of a sense of common. This can be both affordable herbal ingredients and use feeling, at least than many of the same grade products with a lot of good."

Although the supermarket for cleansing products, do not lose the quality of performance counters, mixed oil, oil skin, dry skin can be used. The content of the stimulating components is very small, and the ordinary sensitive muscles should be competent. Official website 69 yuan, 170ml price, it is worth a try!

Muscle es sensitive skin cleanser

Comprehensive score: assumes for

Enjoy skincare, is for sensitive skin care series. Mild amino acid table activity, no pigment, no added, no flavor, no preservatives, composition table is full of capital on the two words. At the same time, the addition of moisturizing ingredients to increase the cleansing of the water to lock the water, after the use of sensitive muscles will not have redness of the tightness of the undesirable phenomenon.

Of course, the cleanliness of the upper middle, in addition to sensitive skin outside the skin, can be used to do morning cleaning. Direct extrusion foam, simple and effective. Usually the price is generally around 90. It is more sensitive to the skin, the skin barrier is not very good friends.

Vanicream cleansing

Comprehensive score: assumes for

The cleansing of the past two years, a lot of wind blowing, follow the trend after a really feel is worth real. Table is a good life of APG+ amino acid table, very simple indeed. It is designed for sensitive muscles, and does not contain any pigment, flavor, preservatives.

Squeezed out is a relatively thin semi liquid, low foaming. The use of feeling is relatively smooth, do not worry about skin damage. After washing, compared with the rich foam cleanser needs a little more than a few seconds to wash, but not absolutely blunt blunt, the skin is very soft!

237ml large capacity, as long as 80 or so. The amount of rough people, three months properly no problem ~ no more than one hundred yuan price, and feel better than the effect of a lot of more than and 200 price Cleansing Cream. Of course, if you love rich foam products, may need only Ok network bubble, but overall, it is recommended to have a good cleanser!

Freeplus Moisturizing Cleanser net

Comprehensive score: assumes for

The red line Cleansing Cream million years net is "love" I silently use many years of gentle cleansing. Pure amino acids, without a variety of additives, sensitive muscles can also be used. Six plant extracts were added to enhance the moisturizing effect.

Paste a little water in the palm of the hand will be able to play a solid bubble. A little bit of a little bit of milk, with a very cool skin, there will be no discomfort. I have friends in the Amway human hand, feedback is pretty good!

Every time you can play a lot of small bubbles, a 100g can be used for about half a year. Wash is actually much more comfortable than POND'S rice extract, the protective effect of the stratum corneum is more obvious. NetEase koala reference price: 99 yuan. A hoard of absolutely!

Elta MD Foam Cleansing

Comprehensive score: assumes.

Open the page, just a search the cleansing work, is almost zero! Look carefully at the ingredient list, in addition to ease of amino acid active, also joined the anti acne antibacterial ingredients, soybean oil excited to cry!

Pressing a hand to make a lot of bubbles, although there is no Japanese Cleansing Cream thick foam, but clean and gentle favorably. It is very refreshing after use, and vanicream gentle cleansing feeling very similar. However, according to oily skin friends feedback, after this wash, the face of a relatively high degree of lasting fresh.

A blogger experiment said, the waterproof ability is not very strong daily sunscreen (such as Biore SPF50, elta MD) two pump can easily remove the facial cleanser, but also has a good cleaning ability for some makeup. 207ml capacity, NetEase koala reference price: 139 yuan.

Paula Jane choose the source of earth Cleansing Gel

Comprehensive score: assumes for

In front of several amino acid cleansing, this cleanser uses more gentle surface active than amino acid APG as the main form of live, aided by amino acid surface active, in the case of a lower degree of stimulation, to strengthen the ability of oil, the skin barrier also has good protection ability. The official description can remove makeup and sunscreen, sensitive skin can also be used.

(photo from blogger @ purple heart)

Texture is the flow of gel type (so it is also known as the reason for the name of the green nose), not much bubble, but also in the face is very delicate, easy to wash, wash the face feel very moist. Sometimes in order to strengthen its cleaning effect, better removable waterproof sunscreen, can be directly used in dry face, easy to siltation where oil massage, than professional makeup products, less irritation to skin.

Recommended youpi, mixed oil. Dry sensitive skin is not recommended for frequent use, can be used to do regular cleaning, than soap Cleansing Cream reassuring many!

I must remember to buy Cleansing Cream, skin texture and composition!