These deer Han, Wu Yifan, all right Zhilong love clothes, wear more good-looking girls!

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These deer Han, Wu Yifan, all right Zhilong love clothes, wear more good-looking girls!

2017-01-12 00:44:29 526 ℃

MK and four girls fashion group Bo, long press can focus on you oh

Hello, here's a little.

A few days ago, the wind said Charlie Puth to "I am a singer", a little heart a shock!

As the first European and American singer to join me, I can't afford to buy a ticket to the concert in the mainland after the break

Finally, We don't talk anymore

Pull away, say back to today's content.

If it comes to 2016 what is the highest exposure of the brand is the limelight, so little can think of is OFF-WHITE, Vetements these two.

And can only exist in the body of the big star, up to the three line to the star, red net and small transparent wardrobe, will see their shadows, is worthy of the annual explosion.

See the above a deceleration zone, there is no doubt that from OFF-WHITE, this is the special elements of its home.

OFF-WHITE Abloh created by Virgil, in other words, is the Queen's stylist Kanye Kanye.

Virgil ^ Abloh

Virgil is the glue era leader, what is the glue? An enormous amount of glue that can be recognized at a glance.

Before the birth of Virgil OFF-WHITE's own brand PYREX VISION began to take this path. Analysis of the high degree of icon, and Kanye's influence, wearing these clothes indirect propaganda, these two brands are not red reason.

"PYREX VISION's iconic" PYREX 23"The Kanye OFF-WHITE wearing a buttoned shirt

However, well versed in a routine may not take a lifetime to this truth, from the tide brand fashion transformation, Virgil added a variety of new tricks to seal glue, like a long deceleration zone thorn embroidery, sewing speed

Or the deceleration zone spread to tannin trousers, coat sweater sleeves, and even sports stocking.

Skim black and white from the street sense, OFF-WHITE breaking gender limitation, become colorful, interesting, girls wear them will not be considered a bad lead a fast girl

"Victoria Song is wearing a OFF-WHITE2016 winter series

In addition to the deceleration belt, OFF-WHITE each collaboration series also has only one of the personality and style.

For example, Off-White * Midnight Studios, the different color and pattern stitching stitching, looks very visual impact.

This splicing gameplay continues to this year's LEVI'S X OFF-WHITE cooperation on the paragraph.

Ah, right. Recently OFF-WHITE has a yellow belt on both sides of the Changjiang River Huobian, pocketed the eye. At the same time, launched a fusion of elements of the belt bag, unwilling to recommend to every ordinary you.

When it comes to Vetements, I think about Grunge, and femleisure.

Grunge is a waste rock: hybridity, decadent, dirty, full of Grunge impression. You are familiar with the American rock band NIRVANA, is the classic representative of Grunge.

"My favorite NIRVANA album" Nevermind "

As for the femleisure, is now playing every brand design: female single product mix feminine casual leisure.

You can wear the oversize jacket with a lady pleated skirt, you can also motorcycle leather + jeans, but on the heels of 5cm.

Femleisure told every woman: not only is the girl in the dress can be sexy and cute

There are three points in the Vetements fashion for these two words: oversize profile, super long sleeves, letter slogan. The design of clothing to wear in the break the normal procedure of men and women who actually have no sense of violation.

Whenever see long sleeve sweater, there are only two possibilities: from Vetements or from Vetements.

After the design of a lot of brands are beginning to do not make the sleeves... Seems to be longer and wider than anyone's sleeve...

In addition, Vetements letter slogan do the same very interesting, they make each piece of clothing is no longer empty, represents a different story.

Vetements 2016 winter series, "drink from me and live forever" (suck my blood, so that the words of eternal life) is printed on a hoodie.

Do not know if you have any impression of this sentence, is Tom Cruise's film "interview with the vampire" was released in the publicity language.

And the word is very bold around the female private parts...

And some more radical and anti secular language:


And let Vetements from 2015 began to become unusual, even the leading character in style, it is Demna Gvasalia and Lotta Volkova.

Vetements's design team consists of seven people, and they are the soul.

Volkova Lotta

Two people love to soak in the Grunge culture, scene of debauchery, arbitrary. Lotta Volkova from the feminist point of view of the design of a variety of fresh suggestions.

Therefore, Vetements will be so attractive personality, with people who indulge in sensual enjoyment.

In the past, the street culture symbolizes the vulgar, not on the table.

But OFF-WHITE and Vetements's success, equivalent to the name of street culture. They are the theme of the design of high street elements, but went into the world's top four fashion week has become a trend, sought after by many people.

As had disliked the street culture of LOUIS VUITTON also recently announced the launch of Supreme and Co.

The rise of high street culture is by no means accidental, it is a fashion trend.

And this change may be explained in terms of Lotta Volkova:

"Clothing represents what you love in life, showing your interest...... For me, the clothes you wear integrate the culture you connect. I love T-shirts that tell people so much about you. "

Five beautiful girls fashion group

Our fundamental values are as follows: the price is expensive is the clouds, right. There is no way to change the world.