The beauty of Li Xirui's legs, dilireba Yan, Yang Mi will not only pick clothes will pick a woman

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The beauty of Li Xirui's legs, dilireba Yan, Yang Mi will not only pick clothes will pick a woman

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The recent "hit beautiful Jennifer Li", Di Ali Gerba and Li Xirui two big beauty beauty legs to micro-blog hot search, the two beauties are Scarlett world Yang Mi studio artist, which shows the great power of the power of the light will not dress, more women will choose. Coupled with the large power power itself is the famous beauty legs, Gao Yan the three girls of the value and the leg is simply guards. You do not envy, their hard work, and perhaps also have legs.

Foot legs gods daily

Let's start with the big power. The large power power legs is very famous, whether it is the event or the airport PW, full of senior advantage, skirt shorts are standard. Over the knee boots collocation in winter, warm and stylish, beautiful leg show show show stop. Large power legs in addition to the overall is very thin and well proportioned, the calf is relatively long, which makes the ratio looks better. Put a few beauties to enjoy.

The above several wear straps on the ankle between high heels, will be easier to walk, but from the vision, a leg was amputated feeling, but the large power power still looks very beautiful and slender legs. Melon people suggest to wear the following high-heeled shoes, the effect will be better. (beauty editors occasionally wear fashion)

Knee high boots can be modified leg type good, warm and chic, select high heels style, but there is a remarkable lengthening effect.

If there is one leg than the big power power good, that is her eye pick in the # Li Xirui's leg.

Straight, slender, skin white legs, in the "leg" is one of the best actress in the camp.

What is a straight leg?!

The only way to interpret the leg pants.

Li Xirui belongs to the nature of the slender limbs, her legs are God reward. Although we will talk about how to look next, how to make the legs look better, but you must tell you how to practice and seeking truth from facts, it is impossible to have such a leg, the truth is cruel. Unless, of course, you're born with bones......

Dilly Raba not only.

Rerba color value needless to say, we've noticed it, her legs should not be ignored. Rerba legs although not a so thin, but the proper proportion, lines of symmetry. We all know there is a nickname called "fat rerba Di", in the play "Gu Jian" and now she is not thin, long and slender limbs, face a few times, it is hard to lose weight results. This is to encourage everyone, as long as you work hard, although Li Xirui's "Xian leg" difficult, but "Reba legs" can still be there.

As with the large power power, is the standard skirt boots

"Leg play year" standard

Look at the number of legs, us what kind of leg is good-looking: (you can fill the brain's leg model)

1/The ratio of thigh and calf is 3:5, that is to say, the calf is long.

2/The legs should be straight when standing, legs can be completely closed, no type X or type O.

3/The leg line symmetry, no loose fat, no exaggeration or even valgus muscle.

4/Slender legs but not weak, a moderate sense of power.

5/Smooth and delicate skin, no scar.

6/The knee is small, no excess fat on the knee.

If you have all of the above, Congratulations, you are also a member of the "leg play year" camp.

Firmly resist the bad habit of making the legs thicker



White collar workers are mostly pear shaped body, because sedentary lack of exercise, lower body circulation metabolism is not smooth, resulting in obesity. In particular, sit down immediately after dinner, but also to promote the formation of the stomach and legs. So don't sit down for 40 minutes after meals. When you work, you should always stand up.<1Two3>


Love cross your legs

Long skip legs will affect the knee joint near the venous reflux, cause varicose veins and leg edema, is not conducive to the blood circulation in the legs and long legs will be thicker down. And cross your legs will change the shape of the pelvis, pelvic askew, will appear O type leg leg type is not perfect.<12Three>


No stretching after exercise

A lot of girls have a lot of perseverance, in order to strive for the beauty of the campaign, but found that not only did not get thinner legs, but more thick! It's probably because you don't have to stretch after exercise to keep your leg muscles tense.


Standing is not correct, like to focus on one side

As the saying goes, "stand and sit", is not only because it is more comfortable, because if you keep standing in the time always focus on one leg of the words, compared with the other leg will bear more pressure and gravity, long down the leg side the muscle will be more developed, more robust.


Heavy taste, like to eat salty food

Research shows that if the total love to eat too spicy, salty, sweet this hardcore food, will consume more calories than others, because the food itself is not very high calorie, fat is that they cooked seasoning, just like the same ingredients why eat salad oil is provided before (vinegar, because the traditional salad sauce is made of cooking fat) will lose weight, gain weight, because it contains more ingredients, these ingredients not only is not easy to digest, but also easy to cause edema phenomenon.

How stovepipe

The 3 easiest way


There are no conditions conditions of bath, foot bath

With hot feet and legs is a good way to promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, discharge of waste, but also health sleeping. There is a bath classmate, can bath 1-Two times a week, make the whole body heat, dispel cold. No bath students can buy a high number of foot bath barrel, make the calf can also soak in it. In the bubble, you can massage your ankles and calves to help promote circulation. Until the body starts to sweat.


Leg stand

Legs in the standing of the weight of the body, sitting naturally droop and "empty", if you do not often exercise, then the legs of the cycle must be bad. When you go home at night to rest, you can stand up on the back of the legs on the wall, every 20 minutes or so. This can be a good way to alleviate the pain and edema of the legs, very simple and convenient.<12Three>


Massage Leg

Some people look at the massage, immediately said that this is not a simple method. Indeed, people can scanty giving yourself a massage stick, so relatively straightforward, as long as you think of it as the method, massage two, always moving. Or choose a reliable massage shop, regular care. Here's how to massage their own way: (do not rub dry, you can choose a drainage swelling effect of essential oils or massage cream)

The first beat back legs, so that small leg muscles relax, then both hands while kneading calf muscle on the side of the massage from the middle to upper and lower sides, changing according to pinch the muscle, repeated five times.

As usual, twist the cloth, twisted leg calf muscle on the left, and then from the ankle to the knee changing screw place, repeat five times.

Massage when drainage is swollen, stovepipe efficacy of the product:

CLARINS "red bottle" slimming slimming cream

Price: 520 yuan / 200ml

Recommended reason:

CLARINS classic Star product, it can fade due to obesity have cellulite, and prevent the formation of cellulite, future emulsion texture, because it is so different from the general compact plastic main body shaping cream rubbed on the skin feeling hot, it is cool to wipe up the feeling, combined with massage, long-term adherence, the leg line will become compact.

BLISS beautiful girl and Qian care cream

Price: 320 yuan / 170.5g

Recommended reason

This series of sub day and night cream, because most people do not have time to massage the legs during the day, so we recommend this evening can be used for body slimming cream, smear it on the leg is relatively gentle feeling, light lavender bath, before going to sleep, prone to fat accumulation in smear the places with serious edema or massage stick edema subside a lot.

Stovepipe movement

Rely on sports to thin, is the most need perseverance but also the most effective way, you will not pay. After the movement to get a good figure is really beautiful, and just a thin diet can not be mentioned in the same breath.

Campaign is divided into aerobic and anaerobic and aerobic anaerobic is mainly responsible for the reduction, mainly for shaping. The stovepipe most helpful aerobic exercise is jumping and running.

Continued skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging and running, running an hour and the speed of the speed of the alternating immutable and frozen, as the run for half an hour, for example by 6km / h speed 5 minutes walk to 10km / h speed run for five minutes of this alternate, compared to maintain a the speed of running this can promote fat burning, but it should be noted that when running in as far as possible with the heel first, do not lean neck or body greatly swinging, because if the running posture is not correct, not only the calf is not thin, but will be thicker, counterproductive.

If there is no time to do aerobic exercise, can also be used to watch TV or mask the time at home to try these anaerobic exercise, to let the whole body leg shape, looks more beautiful even.

Side lying on the plane, a leg on the ground does not move, the other leg up, pay attention to do this action to slow, so that the legs feel the pressure. This action is repeated 15 times.

Lying on his side on the plane, a leg attached to the surface and does not move, the other leg bent in the leg lifts up, place attention two legs to be parallel, at the same time, arms forward as far as possible extension, make the waist side feel the stretch. This action is repeated 15 times, done for the other side.

Lying on the ground, the body upward, two legs turn up, arms around in order to lift the leg, pay attention to the head and legs are off the ground to. This action for 20 groups, one group was 1.

The body upright, arms straight, lift a leg was ninety degrees, do not pay attention to the body flexion. This action is done 15 times per leg.

Kneeling on the ground, the body to maintain the level of the state, the right leg and left hand raised up at the same time, the left leg and right hand to maintain the support of the same position. This action is repeated 10 times, done on the other side.

With your arms and toes support the whole body, face down, keep the upper body, the leg and the ground at a 45 degree angle, in order to do leg lift. Repeat 15 times for each leg.

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