2017 will be joining the army of Obama, who most want you don't go!

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2017 will be joining the army of Obama, who most want you don't go!

2017-01-12 00:45:06 399 ℃

These are a ~ to Obama in 2017

Are you kidding? It can't be true!

Lee Min Ho in 2006 had a serious car accident, his right thigh and knee into the steel nail, until 2009 before surgery removed, although the operation successfully but the accident is still much left sequela, plus the 2011 shooting "City Hunter" when hurt, so accept military service after examination, will take the public soldiers form Service

South Korean media reported that Kim Su Hyon joined the army at the beginning of 2017, but the company belongs to the firm responded that the date of the implementation of the army has not yet been implemented, if the enlistment notice received, will be announced to everyone,,

Ji Chang Wook said he would probably be in the 2.3 month received a single soldier, should go directly to the service, but before enlisting in the Army wanted to do a new play, want to try not try to play

Ji Chang Wook also upload and mother's photo, eyes and mouth crooked are very similar

Actor Ji Chang Wook last year to "The K2" a drama captured the hearts of many fans, the beginning of a new year, on the 3 day he also in the personal Instagram wrote: "good morning," Happy New Year everyone, and upload a photo, he and mother sat in the cabin, two people are smiling, so he flower handsome appearance, born from mother inherited.

Handsome facial features inherited from the mother, in the maintenance of the day after tomorrow, Ji Chang Wook accepted the magazine interview before, once said, as artists should pay attention to the maintenance of private, but don't actually do what, mostly rely on sleep and exercise to release the pressure, to maintain the skin. Ji Chang Wook is a born beauty of the visible flower!

Long before Ji Chang Wook was busy filming, recently finally have time to rest.

The filming of "The K2" and the Internet drama drama "seven kiss", Ji Chang Wook is currently holding the army before the holidays, there has not been a drama shooting plan.

Good sad.

BIGBANG member TOP is expected to serve in early 2017, will become the first member of the BIGBANG TOP, announced that it will join the army in February 9, 2017

Super junior members have to go to the army, the rest of the military service is not busy Kyuhyun is also expected to join the army in 2017

With Kim Jaejoong. Park Yu Chun has enlisted JYJ, last member Junsu also is expected to first half of 2017 to join the police compulsory identity

Ok Taec Yeon said in the program recording is expected early next year to serve in the army, and revealed previously for health was sentenced to public the identity of the soldiers into the army, but in order to be able to service (standing army) entered service, Ok Taec Yeon received two times of surgery, taecyeon while serving up the permanent residency in the United States for the army, this move is really too MAN!!!

It is so sad, let us cry.

And then look for the next one.

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