Choose a small dress, you can know that you are a queen or a princess! Ultra accurate!

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Choose a small dress, you can know that you are a queen or a princess! Ultra accurate!

2017-01-12 00:45:25 201 ℃

Afternoon, while Xiao Bian started to become confused when next to buddy sent a picture, let me choose one, so I chose a picture as in dress, buddy looks at the picture of the letterPoker-faced (child when wave)Read up, ha ~ ~ this psychological test is quite accurate! You also look at the measurement, quasi!

take laws and regulations lightly:

  • Choose a small dress

  • Look at the letters on the dress, such as A, B, C, D, etc.

  • View the results behind the article, you can test whether the queen or princess

Key points: can not see the answer in advance

Friends invite you to a party,

Which dress do you choose?


Which one would you choose?


(Dan Xuan)

A small dress skirt B small dress skirt C small dress skirt D small dress skirt E small dress skirt

test result:

People who choose A

You are a lovely princess, chose a warm and warm little dress, indicating that your attitude between girls and mature woman wandering. You are still yearning for such as love like love, both pure and sexy, that will let the man heart itch to try to catch a woman, but to catch.

People who choose B

You are the queen of elegant, chose a white dress, let a person feel superior, those who do not know you will feel very proud of you. But after contact, people can not help but want to protect you, care for you. The person who knows you best in the world is the one you wear with your wedding dress.

People who choose C

You are lovely affinity princess, chose a decent dress. You have a lot of money, and you pick only the things you can afford. You are born with a unique sense of color with a sense of touch, with a first-class aesthetic taste, which allows you to consciously out of self-confidence.

People who choose D

You are the queen of fashion, the choice of a strong sense of design dress. You like the classic design and tailoring, will pay attention to the current trend of wind. You think it's a respect for others, and you won a lot of praise. Although you usually look flawless, but you have a sense of security.

People who choose E

You're the queen of blue, choosing a simple dress. You have a vague sense of concern for the future, for those who do not like to spend too much time to interact with each other. But when you actually have more than words, when you talked about their own interests, chatterbox will open.