8 short hair | actress 2017 worth Follow, cut short after they are more fashionable!

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8 short hair | actress 2017 worth Follow, cut short after they are more fashionable!

2017-01-12 00:45:44 1185 ℃

Whether it is long or short, I believe everyone has different views, but more and more people are above suspicion doubt, joined the "short" craze. Not only to join the new popular actress, even some of the years are long hair the actress also pain under the cruel cut hair, to think hard finishing and not easy to form short play, super super stylish attitude. And the shape of short hair is not less than the long hair, but the shape of a stronger, more changes.2017 most worthy of the Follow's 8 short haired actressLook at the length of their comparison, as well as their different shapes LookBook

1 Ariel Lin


"Drama queen" Ariel Lin from the debut has been long hair (Tracy is at the Golden Horse Awards when she found that her long hair cut!!)

Ariel Lin with short hair looks more lovely! At the age of 34, she seemed like 18 year old girl was cut short hair full of tender ~ is really many minutes of the dead!

Dongyu Zhou 2

When it comes to how not to mention the following awards two! After the two movie "in July and still get attention" is just a short hair, and look at the lovely Dongyu Zhou!

Xiao Bian after seeing Dongyu Zhou and "six uncle Shawn Yue, a reality TV show, I feel this sister paper really fashionable clothes jewelry is remarkable. Especially her hair is more beautiful, more can show off her weird personality! When used to attend the activities back, cheek to leave some hair. Daily she would pick a random half ball head, with her funny face is super cute.

C. Ma Sichun

"Another actress in July and quiet", when long hair will give people a relatively quiet feeling, but in reality, she also revealed a love in the shape of the young buanpailichupai.In public, often half of the rolling microturbulent high ponytail, forehead hair free under the. Private is relatively straightforward, preference for knitted hat, baseball cap, street fan!

4 Yui Aragaki

Want to see "love empty" found the sister paper is pure (accidentally exposed, "because of age) to escape although shameful but useful" and a fire Yui Aragaki, immediately jumped to the boys in a dream lover No.1.

Short hair style did not weaken its charm, her hair naturally become a Japanese schoolgirl named No.1. The micro side bangs collocation micro volume thin Bob, still fresh and lovely.

5 near vine Emma

Japanese popular model, hair style is not much, her hair is very simple, Liu is almost arbitrarily loose, sometimes tied behind the low ponytail, sometimes princess head, sometimes plug the ears, sometimes entrainment down, lips is a sign collocation attitude.

Hani 6.EXID


Wuli sexy Hani will be a long hair cut into a head.

A full head dyed gold, Korean flavor, then dyed black hair, is a charm.

7 Li Shengjing

Recently, Li Shengjing for the new drama "fairy pearl" weightlifting Jinfu, not only the hair cut, sacrificing female models are most concerned about the body weight increase! (still very thin good!)

She had long hair elegant mature, but after the hair of her adorable soaringmore, giving a more accessible feeling.



Long hair of IU is really very pure, indeed as expected, "national sister," the title deserved. Just after the costume drama "beauty" - the startling step by step, the inside of the hair image is not converted, IU immediately run new surprise to everyone.

The ear length five cm and collocation empty bangs, pure sweet still IU add a sense of maturity.

After reading these 8 stars, you are in favor of long hair of the faction or cut short hair that faction? Well, this is the content! An twist!

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