Tang Yan the next time you buy Beauty pupil can ask Angelababy?

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Tang Yan the next time you buy Beauty pupil can ask Angelababy?

2017-01-12 00:46:03 468 ℃

Fans are not the title of the title, oh, the title mentioned in the article will be written in the ~!

Entry mode

Registration method:

You only need to click on the reading of the text, and then search for "dead oxygen" this account in the new oxygen APP, will be your three HD Photo to crush oxygen can occasionally. Oh, do not have to invite a friend oh!

Registration form two:

1 send your HD photos and nicknames to Miss Young, send a message to the new WeChat publicThe photo, at least 3 tickets, do not have been P or the beauty of the photos.

Wordy sentence: send the photos to agree with our default number on the public.

2 invite 10 friends to pay attention to Miss Young and let you invite friends back in the background of your nickname to complete the registration.

Note: this Miss Young just know is the baby you invited.

Plastic pressing index: two stars.

This sister paper is a public message, and then to do the nose of the younger sister paper. Many dead according to her stay in the new oxygen oxygen APP nickname to search about her to kill the oxygen found sister paper private letter, pretty ah! But since the promise of the younger sister paper began to suggest it.

The first step, the nose

Sister paper submission appeal is the nose, so we take a look at the side of the younger sister paper.

Sister paper did not provide 90 degree side view, this picture, Miss Young visual sister paper the nose should have done before, or at the injection of hyaluronic acid root. This side can see half sister paper, the angle between the foot of a hill and forehead should be very flat.

The angle of peace will lead to the nasofrontal angle is too large, easy to feel like the sky nose oh.

Nasofrontal standard as follows.

So do the nose when sister paper can consider root decreased a little tip up, at the same time before surgery is short nose, slightly overturned, can put the nose slightly longer. But * * * * * you give the map, so that the hands of dead oxygen P figure is very difficult to wow, only in the existing material P.

The second step, the chin

Sister paper should be a little bit of the chin shrink, the same fault sister paper did not give the positive side of the map, only from the side and front to see one or two.

This issue has little effect on the value of the younger sister paper, but some point of view, it should make people feel younger sister paper a little mouth convex. Younger sister paper if you mind if you can put a little bit of chin up, but the length of the dead oxygen feel OK, and then long will increase the age.

Improved jaw contrast alone.

The third step, the eyes

"Young Miss! You are too frenzied! What's wrong with this girl's paper? You still third steps, eyes!"

Shaoanwuzao, shaoanwuzao, you did not find the sister paper of cosmetic contact lenses particularly large? Many sister paper have bigger eyes Tongren more God's cognition, so buy more and more cosmetic contact lenses.

But you have not found the side half sister paper, white dew out a little more, Tongren covered a little, but above the eyes look more gentle compared and good-looking?

This is the beauty of the pupil caused by too large, but not obviously Meng Meng (especially black).

We put the beauty of the younger sister paper P small look.

The following figure pupil scientific proportion. Both before and after the clear exposure of white, but not white. (on the white is three eyes)

Before being criticized by some of the United States pupil star, is because of wearing a large beauty pupil.

Mika cosmetic contact lenses are lovers.

And Guo Jingming.

Baby because of their small pupil, orbital frame, not wearing cosmetic contact lenses but strange.

She can choose cosmetic contact lenses are also ratio is not over the white area.

And when the selection of the United States pupil too big and black color when the time, it feels like two black holes

Additional recommendations

The girl is a little big face, if I can put the mind over the face filled a little fat.

Because the younger sister paper face itself is very small, if there is to face to face the high standard, narrow side, it would be out of proportion, and is the very without aura. Final comparison chart.

Final profile comparison chart.

Convenient for everyone to look back, before the link:

Entry mode

Registration method:

Registration form two:

More than two kinds of registration channels can apply Oh ~