Inventory of fashion queen Fan Bingbing, 100 costumes cover gets the fashion circle

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Inventory of fashion queen Fan Bingbing, 100 costumes cover gets the fashion circle

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From 2010 the once on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, vase, blanket has been followed by Fan Ye magnitude title. And this in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" Fan Bingbing, a local custom countrywoman dress, also staged full-length in the rain (Yan appearance of the plot, not only destroying the image, and even some confusion. But it is such a custom of the earth Li Xuelian but let users for the first time to focus on the focus of Fan Bingbing's acting. I wear N costumes, after climbing to a hundred times the cover of Fan Ye, that is not vulgar style of Li Xuelian. Lose to another oneself, I do not know Fan Ye is what feeling.

Fan Ye's robes and mounted crane

Fan Ye Cannes red carpet style

Fan Ye occasionally try this red carpet style Xian Qi fan

When it comes to Fan Ye's iconic costumes, we have to mention the Fan Ye Cannes red carpet style. From 2010 on the red carpet in the 63rd Cannes Film Festival a body red tunic modeling debut and the "world famous", Fan Ye for 5 consecutive years debut in Cannes, the annual red carpet style have become the focus. To tell the truth, want from the red carpet of Goddess qualify directly to the fashion icon is not an easy thing, only in 2010, the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, Fan Ye show the 6 different red carpet style, so that the high frequency and diligence dress up to let Fan Ye's clothing products will continue to upgrade.

The color is always a fan ye love

Wearing a white van Ye elegance to fly

Fan Ye rarely wear black

The dress is pure once fan ye love, gorgeous color dress is lining Fan Ye complexion. The white dress is elegant let Fan Ye upgrade. The changing red carpet style, become a fan ye away "similar" nirvana.

The high handed Fan Ye also love the lace and nail bead

Shawl of the goddess of the heart

Although Fan Bingbing in the red carpet style to early adopters, but Fan Ye shape or rule-based. For example, want to fill the girl's heart and the princess dream, then the dress on a lot of the lack of lace and nail beads. And the fat of the fan ye also need to skillfully cover the meat, the atmosphere became thin shawl dress to play.

Fan Ye dress with powerful Aura

Fan Ye on the Chinese element is true love

Fan Ye costumes in the shape or color of the wind China dress. Although in the last year of the met ball Fan Ye also escape with a public Chinese actress to climb the fate of the red carpet, but Fan Ye is dressed in "the Forbidden City", an aura of overbearing let her successful entry into the day "on the red carpet for the top ten". Fan Ye's fashionable position is also more and more stable.

Fan Bingbing, a large poster hanging in the Cannes film Palace

If you have to ask Fan Bingbing to go to the Cannes Film Festival is nothing more than a few sets of clothes, there is nothing to be proud of? So in the absence of Fan Ye's 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, huge posters hung high in the movie palace gate, Fan Bingbing, presumably to count as a reward. To wear the red carpet symbol, is also a kind of domineering lies.

Fan Bingbing 2009 to 2011 cover large

Fan Bingbing 2013 cover

Fan Bingbing 2013 cover

Fan Ye 2013 cover inventory

In addition to love the red carpet, Fan Ye another hobby is on the cover. Today, Fan Ye has shot hundreds of fashion magazine cover photos. 2011, Fan Ye successfully boarded the "fashion Cosmos" 18 anniversary of the publication of the cover. Only 2013 a year, Fan Ye took nearly 40 cover, the cover is a well deserved hegemony.

Fan Bingbing 2012 and 2015 cover blockbuster

Fan Bingbing 2014 and 2015 cover blockbuster

Fan Bingbing 2015 and 2016 cover

Every year to shoot a variety of different cover of Fan Bingbing, in 2014 and 2015 with a qualitative leap in 2014, Fan Bingbing became the first mainland to board the "Vogue" "Kim Gu" the cover of the star. And in shooting a variety of Grazia Magazine 6 anniversary commemorative cover, Fan Bingbing and photographer Chen diffuse partner, take the a group of Fan Bingbing is wearing a Black Mens Suit large, in the film fan is also cut short comb "giant", from the "Fan Ye" in the title count is sit solid. Just over half of the 2016 have magazines cover was Fan Bingbing occupation, this "boyfriend" do not lose Chen flower arm modeling has become a new breakthrough of Fan Ye.

Once the Fan Ye is a true love

Fan Bingbing fashion week retro styling

In fact, Fan Ye's fashion on the road has gone through a lot of detours, the beginning of fashion week modeling, Fan Ye is not moving on to pay tribute to Monroe, retro styling does not leave the body. Netizens also constantly Tucao Fan Ye at the fashion week big makeup and donkey hoof shoes.

After years of Fan Ye can finally be in the fashion week calm"