Not Zhuangshan and she, who hit who is sad, Liu Yifei Zhang Ziyi is lost!

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Not Zhuangshan and she, who hit who is sad, Liu Yifei Zhang Ziyi is lost!

2016-07-21 23:48:39 733 ℃

Actress is the most annoying thing is Zhuangshan, because sometimes you don't know how I lost, does not appear in the same situation fortunately, appear in a situation that is simply minutes to burrow in. The entertainment Zhuangshan is common, but there is such a person, one hundred percent hit win.

Kun Ling tie up the pony tail, delicate face very young girl, but this red bag is too much. Joe Chen in a woman's taste, pink shirt lining of her skin more white.

White dress collocation Joe Chen side of the long straight hair, clean and pure. Jane Zhang with brown curly hair, it is more mature breath.

Joe Chen collocation golden heels, playful yet feminine. Liu Yifei collocation red high heels, meatball head Zhaqi, lovely by age.

Fan Bingbing with the side of the big wavy hair wavy hair. Joe Chen collocation golden high-heeled shoes, side hair elegant and generous. Zhang Ziyi pinned ponytail concise collocation.

White Strapless halter dress, black hat Lin Chiling collocation retro hair, dignified and elegant. Joe Chen tie long hair, long hair micro volume is more lovely.

Joe Chen Zhaqi meatball head, very cute by age, a beautiful girl.

White lily skin is dark, this body blue dress looks her skin is more black.

Wang Zizi chose the same style black, dull black slightly old-fashioned.

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