Variation version of the short skirt to pretend to be a long skirt

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Variation version of the short skirt to pretend to be a long skirt

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MAX& CO. pendant Ruffle Skirt

MAX& CO. asymmetric skirt

PENNYBLACK irregular little black dress

Rinaldi Marina party bag

Chiffon or yarn quality irregular skirt to wear them fresh and elegant, but the plain print skirts, often because of the length of the skirt of the overall shape slightly procrastination, at this time a pair of light colored stiletto sandals can the proportion of elongated legs, build with long legs and big visual effect, but also the visual focus from the skirt transferred to slim legs.

Irregular skirt often give a person the sense of leisure and elegant, if you want to deal with the occasion to work, then try to choose a more formal, occupational jacket, white, naked color chiffon blouse is a good companion, with a suit or texture profile coat, dress level sense of filling, easy to create workplace "white bone fine shape.

Dress design is very sexy, plus high split ends, legs in walking doubled partly hidden and partly visible, sexy. Shoes collocation is particularly important, bare boots can clever cover the instep, and create a desire dew cover effect, do not grab the limelight of slit skirt, high-heeled boot can be elongated body proportions. If you are afraid of hot nude boots, you can also choose the most simple word with High Heels Sandals, to create a cool summer.

Pencil skirt have been high fever, plus a little slit pencil skirt, look neat with a little sexy, from the stereotyped shape collocation come to the fore. When the pencil skirt is also all-match single product, both striped shirt and T-shirt or shirt, with a slit pencil skirt are not abrupt. It does not select collocation, nor how to pick shape, but not tall girl and try to select knee length slit pencil skirt is appropriate.

PENNYBLACK printing before the split bag hip skirt

Le saunda double color high-heeled sandals

Marella shirt dress and ankle

Dress and X-ray elemental and instantly have a skirt legs effect, short coat collocation will be Yaoxian increase, to bid farewell to the height of flawed, even to take a coat, the look is light.

A simple solid short T-shirt with semi transparent dress very out of color, the selection of short after a long arc design, long tails can cover up defects in the body.

Marella printed chiffon skirt

Iblue dress

Summer is a season for elegant skirt this summer, there are many "pretend to be a dress" variation version of the skirt, both from the dress fluttering fairies, and in summer, small dew sexy, also in walking swing with the stride exposed leg slit skirt looming, dynamic sexy is self-evident, irregular and the big beauty, match the length between control slender proportion scheming.

The beauty of the rule

Style 1

Used to wear the skirt of rigorous rules, out of the shackles of the straight line, to skirt cut an irregular curve, let the length of the skirt along the lines of the body down cascading cross, rule skirt comes with prominent property, as long as with a, duly completed popular summer!

IEMs Key

Drape skirt folds in the sense of much more romantic feelings, chiffon, hollow, gauze, cotton these relatively lightweight material can create drape, in length to add a little careful machine can properly 10493, left long short right only exposed side leg is scheming to wear take an important law, can use symmetric small satchel or length asymmetric earrings with inclined skirt echo, in "disharmony" create the sense of harmony.


Sexy slit

Compared with X-ray light dress implicative, slit skirt is straightforward sultry, careless to stunning feeling, unilateral high slit, walk exposed sexy legs and sexy scheming the endoscope.

IEMs Key

Tall girls choose short slit skirt, still can build with long legs and big impression, work wear also no pressure, a pencil skirt with a little split ends, there is no exaggeration in the sexy nor too formal. Shirt skirt can also play the role of slit skirt, just need to lower the unlock button a few pieces can be, with cusp high-heeled shoes, the "lower body leg" of the body, then is not a dream.


Subtle lightness

Tulle perspective material is often used to create a summer cool and comfortable dress, thin transparent semi transparent dress is the summer a big bright colors. Perspective combined with short, sense of hierarchy stand now, posture is like concealed, like want to say also rest a bashful girl, subtle and sexy shine, posture is lightsome and elegant.

IEMs Key

Perspective skirt has attracted enough attention, the rest match if too complex but unoriginal, if the fear of the overall shape of the dull, a bright colored bag can also add more vitality.