The first half of 2016 "VOCE" Best Cosme award list released, according to buy!

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The first half of 2016 "VOCE" Best Cosme award list released, according to buy!

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A 2016 in half rash and too much in haste, I wonder if you wish to achieve? Good poem and the distance from the start? Hong true, even all uppercase bold underline own no you don't party, after all, half is memory, the other half to right! But as 25 hours a day playing on the beauty of girl (pro), of course, are more likely to in the second half to more cleverly buy buy buy, you need to know the 2016 on half of the year "voce" best Cosme Beauty Awards List!

What "s" VOCE "Best Cosme award?

First, "VOCE" is Japan's top beauty magazine, to the beauty of the main line for the 20-30 year old women to collect the most cutting-edge makeup tips, and the most complete and rapid make-up information for their mission. Japan is more than cosme a list of awards, as well as more authoritative and reference of the "VOCE" Best Cosme. It only represents three hundred thousand of the Japanese woman's choice, is also a lot of Japanese Red Net. Awards not only by consumers vote, by the well-known beauty experts, star queen makeup artist, popular stylists, beauty writer, beauty editor and a Japanese beauty professionals a professional perspective and review, carefully selected the year's most outstanding beauty, beauty of a single product composition.

Well below is Amway time, Xiao Bian opens the 360 degree corners full range forage planting model, machine (heart) intelligence (machine) girl had quickly onlookers. According to the roadside Agency predicted a large set of net red is coming on the way......

The popularity of the first half of the year to play -- from the rise of the South Korean brand, more and more international big names have dabbled in, "voce" special arrangements this product awards first debut, seems to declare the 2016 doomed is "air cushion products" in the world, competition has become increasingly fierce.

The air cushion Foundation Department rankings released quickly:

Small make up to remember the beauty of the United States and the 2016 first fried group dedicated to the YSL, pull out special! It has launched a new lipstick beauty to heaven but it has an air outlet cushion powder! After all, YSL is YSL, the black shell unique aesthetic design make it appear on numerous suction eye! Listening to the developed "space condensation technology" to replace the traditional foundation, feel fine powder out of the universe.

Third: BobbiBrown Shu Ying balance air cushion liquid foundation

Design is quite new, borrowed the concept of capsule coffee. Open the center of Houhai cotton core also has a small hole, every time you need to press the liquid foundation will be sucked up, the use of the process as the capsule coffee, so it was nicknamed "capsule"".

Makeup before the milk / BB / CC cream sector:

First name: PAUL& JOE enamel sunscreen cream

Hall grade award-winning products! It is more than the imagination of light and light, the use of zero like no make-up after the burden. A rapid contact the skin pores, into a smooth canvas to create makeup with oil control effect.

Second: ARMANI GIORGIO extremely satin silk soft essence makeup before the milk

Set the Giorgio Armani cloud soft fog magic makeup exposure to the advantages of crystal rhyme soft isolation milk, on the surface of the skin to form a perfectly transparent film and cover the pores, moist and translucent and sunscreen to the skin, gently without the burden.

Third: RMK professional color cream base

Will adjust the color to the ideal state, so that the skin's own sense of transparency to the extreme. Xiao Bian in a professional and responsible attitude to the onlookers of the Japanese sister's evaluation, it is said that this is a small disadvantage is the persistence of poor, small make up for it a little regret...... Hope RMK just eight generations!

Liquid foundation department:

First name: ARMANI GIORGIO extremely satin silk soft essence liquid foundation

Nicknamed "foundation droplet tube", subversion of the traditional formula, like a magic feather yarn like gentle is a good ductility, silty fine, essence oil liquid foundation.

Second: CHANEL new Beige whitening liquid foundation

Beige is a classic Chanel's color, it is said that the old coco too love to bathe in the sun, so this spring and summer designer launched a this tribute to the feelings of the liquid foundation, painted it instantly have like just after the holiday, healthy and bright skin color, delicate sheen better not!

Third: Dior long lasting Drilling Fluid Foundation

Semi matte makeup effect, help skin to make light.

The powder product department:

First name: Clinique crystal white powderSoft cover blemish clever mention bright color, soft if like no silky touch, silty as delicate as air. Contains the skin whitening effect, especially suitable for Asian women's skin.

Second: CHANEL soft holding makeup powder

To the United States light composite technology, hidden pores blemishes, brighten skin luster. Oil powder core formula, to ensure the skin clean and shiny. Uniform color, durable and comfortable.

Third: M.A.C marine white powder

This long held foundation can protect the skin from various wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation damage, suitable for any skin. In the height of concealer, create a natural and smooth matte makeup, fit color, lasting makeup.

Lipstick department:

First name: CHANEL Miss cocoa lipstick pen color number 202

Fresh, tender and delicate pink, like a fairy tale fantasy and delicate, so the official name it "story"".

Second: Clinique color small lipstick color number 21

With a touch of a layer of extremely delicate lipid film, which locks in moisture. The bright color and clear sense of it.

Third: Yves Saint Laurent bright pure charm lipstick color 41

Contains a lot of essence moisturizing ingredients (six beauty lips maintenance cyanine essence), combined with the color and nutrition, apply gently moisturize lips, but also with a fresh mango flavor. No. 41 is the most popular name for advertising, color. Xiao Bian also feel that as long as painted it, can save a month of self!

Lip gloss lip glaze department:

First name: Lancome air light lips 301

Sponge brush head soft Q shells, the absolute soft MOE style"! Let lip oil more evenly, zero technique to natural dizzy catch, hand residual star of the gospel, each with different light fruity aroma.

Second: Dior lip color charm 765

Xiao Bian also find a real comment on Japan's sister, you can refer to the eruption.

Sister thick line of the Steve Ma style roar: the worst experience! Wet answer! Backlog in the eyelids! Do it slowly!"

Third: Dior monochrome color number 045

Dry wet dual-purpose background modeling series of eye shadow, dry with the build day glow natural makeup effect, wet with the build strong dynamic into a magnet for shining eye makeup effect. This is Japan's limited production, the Chinese market is still not listed.

Multi color eye shadow department:

First name: LUNASOL light through four color eye shadow plate color number 04

Another hall grade product! LunaSol in eye shadow session couldn't be can not shake the position, regardless of in Japan or overseas have very high visibility and bare brown disc is classic in the history of eye shadow, in recent years, each disc LunaSol new have the traits, firmly locked in the followers. Xiao Bian said capital convinced!

Second: THREE natural plant 4D eye shadow color number 06"The effect of the shine of delicate and lovely, not too exaggerated, but in addition to the paste on the right, the other three color texture is hard, feel touch up is also relatively coarse." Miss Mkkk, japan.

Third: Rmk three color eye shadow color number 04

"The Tri Color superposition stereo effect can shape the natural painting, painted immediately after the eye bright and beautiful God! No matter which color is highly transparent, RMK pearl technology is really amazing!" - Beauty Editor miss China Nako.

Mascara department:

First name: Dior background color cream cream

From the fashion show background flash in the pan, can bring twice as abundance nourish eyelashes, effectively repair eyelash and enhance mascara makeup effect.

Second: CLARINS double fix mascara.

Transparent gel texture, regardless of any environment and climate, so you do not have to worry about halo. Can be applied to mascara, to prevent the mascara off. Can also be painted directly on the eyebrows, fixed eyebrows.

Third: KOSE FASIO ultra curling lash mascara waterproof color BR300Small make up has been partial to FASIO eyelash creams, it is dry, really let a person unexpectedly dry texture! Because only partial dry wet paste due to not let even the pressure drop over the eyelashes. Warm water can be discharged with warm water to remove the warm water can be unloaded! For the price of a treasure not expensive sales is high small for your research, you.

Liner department:

First name: CHANEL Waterproof Eye Liner Pen color number 924

Makeup effect lasting eye liner, waterproof and anti corona. The combination of the film and polymer wax make use of warm and comfortable, can create a natural eye makeup and deep eye makeup two effects.

Second: Uemura Shu play color painted waterproof eye shadow pen color number blue

"The texture of the wax can be a quick description of the liner, and then gently open the fingers to feel very beautiful. Various colors don't need too much skill to easily manage, I like it very much." -- the famous Japanese makeup artist KUBOKI

Third: CHANEL Waterproof Eye Liner Pen color number 925

With the first one is the same style of different colors. The same products were obtained from the same award champion and runner up, Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner strength should not be underestimated, draw the focus of attention.

Blush department:

First name: THREE natural plant with red No. 05

Color number 05 another name is FEELING THE FLOW, the official explanation is written in red. No shine of the makeup effect, coating is very natural, mature and cute.

Second: Lancome air cushion with light red No. 021

Lancome's first multi-color, high-end air cushion blush, patted gently, perfect fit, color uniform, bid farewell to pay floating powder troubles, cheeks, lips, a dual-use.

Third: LUNASOL red cheek cheek color No. 01Fine particles and skin fusion is very beautiful, light texture, after coating for the skin to add a natural sense of color.

Eyebrow department:

First name: IPSA stereoscopic color eyebrow disc

The natural brown, dark brown, naked color and unique orange, pink and eyebrow disc. The colors are powder containing essential oils, can form a protective film on the brow, waterproof and sweat.

Second: DIOR total 3D powderBy the different shades of bright color eyebrow powder mix solid eyebrow wax portfolio and and attached to the delicate thrush tool can make eyebrow shape a more natural stereo.

Third: Estee Lauder color eyebrow

The color eyebrow eyebrows, according to their color blend. Contain pearl particles extremely delicate, create natural glossy eyebrow makeup effect. Small said if tired Mascara matte, this glossy eyebrow is also very attractive!

Nail polish department:

First name: CHANEL nail No. 522

Chanel nail polish with distinctive features, gorgeous color, extremely bright, lasting effect, let a woman in the gestures reveal amorous feelings.

Second: THREE nail No. 41

Third: THREE nail No. 33

A Japanese brand of natural three nail polish, such products awards in heavy scored the second and third, use a rest assured that no burden, color and unique is its characteristics.

Offer product department:

First name: VISEE color palette eyebrow pink BR-2Powder is pressed very loose, soft waxy waxy very good color, BR-2 is pinkish brown colored eyebrow disc, suitable for hair pink or red hair and fashion sense of girls.

Second: VISEE lace cream blush color number BE-2

With beauty essence, moisturizing effect is outstanding, not only can use blush, also can be used as a lipstick, the price is too high. Easy to carry and makeup.

Third: VISEE color palette eyebrow pink BR-3

BR-3 Green Brown eyebrow hair color plate, suitable for flax or Hair Coloring black women. Color, therefore novice good command, not painted "new" eyebrows.

Spray department:

First name: Dior really my perfume

Rare flowers derived from nature, the fragrance for women presented the ultimate floral, graceful re release the rich aroma, colorful fragrant is a source of inspiration. Xiao Bian tip and the same series of shower gel body cream and hair spray to chop hands.

Second: CHANEL Hair MistFresh floral notes, so that spicy, sweet and emotional alternative transformation of the atmosphere. From the skin to the hair, let the slightest scent linger around.

Third: Lancome true love miracle Body Spray

What is the body spray? Xiaobian to tell you that it is between perfume and body milk, both smells and moisturizing moisturizing effect of the spray. Lancome this miracle of love, the same kind of spray, the body spray, in Japan, once listed on the received a lot of praise Lancome fans, sales are rising.

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