3 kinds of fashion eyebrow makeup, eyebrows painted your makeup points, hand residual party.

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3 kinds of fashion eyebrow makeup, eyebrows painted your makeup points, hand residual party.

2016-07-21 23:59:54 321 ℃

Eyebrows are set temperament. The eyebrows are very important to the entire makeup, but also a part of eyebrow makeup facial makeup can not be ignored. After all, "between facial features" is very easy to capture a person's temperament. For the beauty of the girl, every day should be to maintain the delicate makeup, a suitable for their own makeup can make people more delicate and generous. So Xiaobian today to bring you three now popular eyebrow makeup, make your makeup more delicate.

One, Zhang Tianai - Crown Princess eyebrow

A "Crown Princess promotion in mind," the Zhang Tianai can be described as is red on the day, in addition to the acting and the identity of the hottest topic is her eyebrow makeup. Crown Princess eyebrow makeup is an upgraded version of the thick flat eyebrow, although is simple horizontal and oblique eyebrow, but looks more delicate, graceful feeling. To fly to the temple of the princess eyebrow eyebrow, learn to do a high cold goddess is also good.

1 from the bottom to the top of a small number of eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow superimposed outline, probably;

2 brow shapes should be neat and clean, emphasizing the lower margin, margin slightly virtual point;

3 picks up a small amount of dizzy eyebrow eyebrows, eyebrows do stylish but not stiff;

4 eyebrow picks up a small amount of glue, strengthen the eyebrow tail flow.

Two, good life feeling fluffy eyebrow

For people with sparse eyebrows, it is not suitable for this kind of fluffy eyebrow, because there is no eyebrows to fluffy feeling it? Is it. For the thick eyebrows of the sister, as long as the eyebrows of the miscellaneous hair to be modified slightly. Outline the eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow pencil slightly and fill the gap is OK. Eyebrows more natural overall makeup also appears nice.

1. First, an eyebrow pencil about frame out the outline of the eyebrow to draw eyebrow position, but don't be too obvious Oh, gently drawing;

2 first with a light colored light brush brow, and then dark brush in the second half, to create a natural gradually layer;

3 to emphasize the sense of fluffy hair, brush with the brush brush brush - the three steps, brush out the three-dimensional flow;

Three, Joe sister meteor eyebrow

With the direct descendant of the sun "hit, couple men of God song Joong ki can be described as harvest the sister's heart, but Joe's sister makeup by sister's favorite, especially the meteor eyebrow. Now the thick flat eyebrow have deeply suffered abandon, this meteor has become everyone's pursuit of eyebrow. Today is to learn, the more delicate makeup.

1 eyebrow brush picks eyebrow, brow began to draw from the slightly oblique line;

The 2 line extends to the turning point under the eyebrow;

3 if want some more obvious 10000 drug can be painted a little frown;

4 pay attention to turning to connect the eyebrow eyebrow tail;

5 eyebrow at the end of the eyebrow line up a little brush;

6 with the eyebrow brush hair net "direction brow comb;

7 eyebrow wind and tail hair Zeshun eyebrow tail light comb, check whether the gap to have eyebrows eyebrow.

Three kinds of current popular drawing eyebrow has been handed over to you oh, you have to get?