Armani Armani 2016 autumn and winter fashion week in Paris

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Armani Armani 2016 autumn and winter fashion week in Paris

2016-07-22 00:20:25 356 ℃

Local time July 5th, Priv Armani (Armani high) in Paris high fashion week released 2016 winter advanced custom series.

A version of the type and cold colors highlight the masculine patterns, geometric contrasts with lavish embroidery brocade,Gray gradient for silver, light blue show cold tone, pink evolution for tea rose color, both profound classical and elegant suit, or the delicate beautiful diamond dresses, with Yun deep emotion of the extraordinary creativity and devoted heart, exquisite craft are depicted.

ArmaniPriv (E) the 2016 winter high series still sent father in the eyes of the most overhangs the flappers amorous feelings, cut with a graceful bearing, as if each girl walking road with the wind.

In the fashion generally become hasty and perfunctory moment, father Gao Ding, from the bones are clear. Father Gaoding this season, series is more mature compared with last season, the invariant is he on the fabric of the control and moderation of the match can be in the middle of the "advanced" key.

Time is the only standard to test everything, so it seems, not a few decades of aesthetic appreciation of the GiorgioArmani, there is no doubt that the light of Italy.

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