Straight heart first face, besides Liu Yifei?

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Straight heart first face, besides Liu Yifei?

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Speaking of first love face, who do you think is qualified? The beauty of your circle, if you want to take a look at the heart of the United States alone is not enough, must be able to inspire each other to protect the desire to win. When Liu Yifei started playing "eight guardians", Jin Yong has donated to her and said, "miss Yifei, have you played Wang Yuyan, Jin Yong did not lie to know readers." The cultural zuitian, you fell asleep will wake up laughing.

Liu Yifei's immortal spirit

Some people say that Yang Mi then no 100 to shallow, I said that Liu Yifei did not play the match, not believe plastic flowers are more beautiful peach.

The first specialist

Liu Yifei is a typical first love, even her role is this type of. It is a kind of tone little child's mind, I know that you love.

To youth 2: you are still here

Liu Yifei play this kind of campus love drama has been very good, the shape is also from the pure to the woman has a very sharp contrast.

Third kinds of love

Although still need to be improved in the dress, but the clothes can be put out of Lijiang this is a god of heaven to enjoy the meal. We saw her behind him who did, by the way after the trip may occasionally take a first-class cabin, encounter a romantic love, on the premise you should be good-looking, or when I did not say.

Love notice

The reason why the first impression is deep, because in that period of time, you are all of his.

Fairy gas modeling


Low ponytail

Liu Yifei's modeling is very friendly and very practical, basically a look will be. Low ponytail is a very temperament of a hair, but also make the face becomes better.<1Two3>


Jelly lip

Like this is a transparent sense of makeup is the most able to win the goodwill, not so aggressive red lips, but also can appear more delicate lips.

Dongyu Zhou is the male god harvester

Movie "like you" after the photo exposure, my day! It was Kaneshiro Takeshi, and he was going to have a love affair with him, Dongyu Zhou. A delicious food from the start of the relationship, but also due to the conflict and the birth of a strange sense of goodwill, I was really curious what kind of spark in the end.

The love of Hawthorn

Dongyu Zhou's fame has been memorable, it also tells us that the need for acting talent needs a more pleasing appearance. Perhaps Dongyu Zhou was not beautiful, but the film she gave people the feeling, transparent, clean, indeed in line with the minds of men in the first love of the imagination.

Natural lens face

Zhang Yimou once said that he saw the actor can not shoot the birth of dynamic. When an actor came up to him, he immediately turned into a camera, imagining what was going on in front of the camera. Some people look beautiful but in front of the camera is very general, so want to pick a good look in front of the camera is also good. The old vision of poison to what extent? It's no exaggeration to say that the actor's face is covered with a mosaic, and he can tell if he can use it.

Clever girls can look at

Not all of the beauties are big eyes, although Dongyu Zhou is not amazing, but her fresh and refined temperament is other people can not imitate. The makeup makeup does not love her, to prefer elegant girl.

Nude make-up eyebrow + stocking

Synophrys too street, the meteor eyebrow is too difficult, thinking simple trick stocking eyebrow, naturally slightly painted beautiful do not want. The so-called "stocking eyebrow" is not to deal with the eyebrows too fine, in the end of the eyebrow to stay a few short eyebrows appear more natural.

Dongyu Zhou's eyebrows are very characteristic, not only has good eyebrow arrhizus clear, let the little girl looked a little more heroic spirit. In addition to the eyebrow eyebrow tail to retain a natural growth of eyebrows, but also to have a sense of brow.

Lin allowed to bring beauty face

Stephen Chow is also a man of God on the pick actor, she likes to look particularly clean girls do not make-up when the audition, when she was so fancy Cecilia Cheung. Now Lin Yun joined the star girl team, laugh a little dimples in her very sweet.

Half half half1

Amorous eyes

Different from those of the network of red parallel big double fold skin, Lin allowed the double fold eyelid is very natural, eye tail slightly rise is very classical.<1Two3>


Full hairline

Lin Yun is the standard slap face, thanks to her full hairline. The forehead is really beautiful, accounting for 1/3 of the entire facial proportions, and radian rounded. If the girls are in perfect proportion, they will look more gentle, beautiful and soft, and vice versa.

Everyone's first love can use four words to describe a simple, green". There is no secular pursuit of the first love, only the pure love each other. So the first love face does not represent the amazing, it is a kind of people look back in a cordial, beautiful, pure feeling.

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