In addition to ZARA, obviously there are these stylish choice parity!

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In addition to ZARA, obviously there are these stylish choice parity!

2017-03-19 07:24:24 186 ℃

ZARA mentioned we really love and hate, love is that it allows us to present the fashionable items with extreme ease hate is likely, the first day of the United States to put on in the street by zhuangshan! The mood will be as follows...

althoughWho says Zhuangshan is not terrible, ugly who embarrassed. But this Zhuangshan thing is really a little cool please! So, the question is, in addition to ZARA, there is no better and the same parity of fashion choice?

Certainly there! If you don't want to be confined to ZARA or HM but want more easy Zhuangshan choice, the 5 today the same style and niche brand will win you favor, the key is the same parity!



By the British bazaar editorial department named the 10 favorite online shopping brand first LO e IL, although the establishment of less than two years, but it has become a fashionable choice for many foreign trendsetter

The design of LO e IL is always full of fashionable details, minimalist tailoring while taking into account the small elegant feminine feeling, good light ripe and personality characteristic of LO is just perfect balance to e IL

Left: Kahlo Skirt $105.00 3

Right: Roshe Top $118.00

Like to add some different elements to suit LO e IL this usually neutral design will design the following two sets of instant bandages are special sense of design, as a commuter with words is very competent and not too rigid

Left: Hailey Jacket $178.00 3

Right: Lasso Jacket $185.00

Of course, this is also popular with LO e IL fast fashion brand masterpiece, "this year is the fire sleeve" fashionable LO e IL here can find almost all the popular elements

Left: Dahlia Top $128.00 3

Right: Sachi Top $112.00

Left: Claudia Top $138.00 3

Right: Fallyn Top $148.00

LO e IL quarterly will have some bright colors and bold color design of a single product, has a distinct personality, have dull winter far behind the feeling in the spring in such a single product will be as bright.

Left: Salvia Top $96.00 3

Right: Keiya Shirt $126.00

LO e IL in addition to clothing worth a look, it's also a lot of choice and fashion accessories is also very high. A few days ago fashion blogger YOYO Cao go to the CELINE show when the neck plaid scarf worn from $82 LO e IL

There are LO e IL bags! Variety of colors, style, but also without losing the vitality of the young, the focus is on the price are basically less than 100 knives!!! Can not afford to buy can not afford to buy fooled

Left: Babou Bag $92.00 3

Right: Raey Bag $96.00

A part of the shoe is LO e IL have to say, the rate of appearance of high, and even many manufacturers have its copycat design! It's unbelievable that people don't see it

Left: Gayle Slide $78.00 3

Right: Siggi Mule $82.00

Muller was actually Gucci shoes? Your dead your dead is easy to hit the same paragraph, Muller shoes may wish to look at LO e IL, a little Gucci gorgeous but revealed another minimalist fashion beauty

Left: Yulie Furry Mule $86.00 "

Right: Akani Angora Mules $92.00


$200 can post

DHL LO e IL official shipping courier

Usually within 1 to 3 working days can be shipped

Front Row Shop

Purchase address:

Front Row Shop is a typical control simple love, unlike LO e IL, Front Row Shop rarely have very bright colors appear. Are generally black and white with a single stripe and white shirt... Is both a retro feel and a little cool style

In the spring and summer, you want to buy a variety of simple real wearing a thin coat or shirt T-shirt, in the Front Row Shop believe that you can find your favorite

Left: Trench Coat $107.00 3

Right: Pink Blazer $87.00

Left: Blue Shirt $52.00 3

Right: FRS Graphic T-shirt Print $32.00

And even more rare is that Front Row Shop, although it looks cool but did not lose the fun of clothes. This sweater is interesting fried chicken, designed a total of four sleeves, and not just for decoration but there will be two different wearing methods, it is to let a person feel cute. Look at the design of the jeans is also a big hole in the brain, the reverse side of the pants design personality

The FRS Graphic Print Sweatshirt $48.00

And another Plaid suit jacket is also unique in design. A look at the front, but there is nothing special, is a common coat

FRS Wide Shoulder Blazer with Back - Button $94.00

And the back is like a row of white buttons of the shirt design, surprising. Let Gewen this easy to look old-fashioned items instantly and lively, leap model collocation shoe also is youthful full

Front Row Shop accessories is also very personal style, style simple and stylish generous, many styles are AB, very special

Left: White Pearl Drop $20.00 "

Right: Interlocked Hoop Metal $23.00


There are Tmall stores in the country without scouring the sea

Pixie Market


Pixie Market is actually a buyer's site, focusing on the discovery of niche designer brands, is committed to looking for unique designs from all over the world. The most important, of course, the price is reasonable, whether it is women's clothing or accessories can meet your creative mix

Pixie Market has a diverse style of clothing, and wear a high plasticity, can be seen in the design ingenuity of the designer

Left: ONE SHOULDER TOP $52.00 "

Right: WHITE LACE TOP $42.00

Website update speed is comparable to ZARA, updated every week. Also because it is a buyer's shop, so whether you are a lady type, cute type, Rock Europe and the United States, can find their own style in Pixie Market!

Left: SHIRT / $98.00

Right: SWEATER $105.00

Right: DRESS $112.00

It is also because the update speed, so Pixie Market also often have discounts, the site's sale area is also worth visiting


Right: TRENCH COAT$154$99

Look at the discount now a single product is suitable for the upcoming spring and summer season, discounts are also big ~ love can Wangtao Shangguan Amoy


Right: TIE SKIRT$118$72


Support UnionPay, the site also accept the shipping address to buy $250 free shipping, send USPS, the United States is $150 free shipping

Few Moda


This is a very suitable for fashion OL brand, simple and generous at the same time will also provide some of the current popular models, can meet your different occasions to wear the need to take a shop

There are both fashionable and casual products suitable for daily wear,

Left: Dress / $109.90

Right: Gold Velvet Top Fashion $49.90

There are also suitable to go on holiday wearing a romantic fairy skirt,

Left: Off-Shoulder Alison Dress $89.90 "

Right: Shoulder Lace Romper $79.90

Even the most difficult to participate in the body or a small dinner party dress can also be found in Few Moda

Left: MAD Golden Shift Dress - $49.90

Right: MAD Cut-Out Dress$39.90

In addition to giving you the Amway Few Moda costumes, F Jun in the stroll Few Moda also found their home sunglasses are also very good ~! And converted into RMB only more than and 100! These two cat eye sunglasses is too chic there is no ~!

Eye Shades $21.90: Cat / left / right: $21.90

This kind of small transparent glasses is also this year's big sunglasses elements, like a good person on the left side of the yellow tea, the color is very rare, and looks retro and lovely. The fans on the right actually look good! The choice of a difficult array

Left: Lens Orange Sunglasses $35.90 "

Right: Pink Sunglasses $48.88

Few Moda on the INS is also quite red, fashion blogger Jenny Tsang put on the sweater Few Moda set fire, this photo has also been a lot of fashion sites included

So if you like this kind of Europe and the United States simple wind girls must not miss it!


Delivery time is 9-15 working days.

Full $150 global mail

The first customer registration can get 10% discount code, sent to e-mail.


Purchase address:

Ladies Olivia Palermo in addition to the big and fast fashion favorite items, love to wear ZARA as we all know, Storets is her love to wear cheap brands. Before taking part in the Milan fashion week, Olivia Palermo wore a Storets sweater debut ~!

Roa Long Sleeve Zipper Elbow Choker - Pullover $72.00

Now can be bought on the official website. But this sweater is OP love, many times with other design to create new styles wear it ~ hollow, warm and very texture of camel all-match

Gigi and Emma also have crossed the Storets price of $$72 flash jeans, plus the design all-match slightly horn and fashionable, even like Emma wearing a white vest simply are not boring. But now this has not been able to buy the same paragraph

Storets's clothes are filled with a sense of design and follow the fashion of the fast cutting, the basic fashion week's most popular style, you can find here. For example, knotting and bow

Left: Cinthia Stripe Shirt $74 "

Right: Dian Shoulder Blouse Bow $68

All kinds of popular elements of the sleeve and a single product with the waist

Left: Cindy Can Can Blouse - $68

Right: Janet Eyelet Dress Shirt $88

But Mr. F to stroll down the most impressive is Storets or various Strapless items, style fried chicken, various Strapless only you do not think Storets is not exposed to

Left: Shoulder Set $64 / Dress $72 right: Shoulder

Left: Shoulder Top $64 3

Right: Shoulder Top $59

Space is limited, there are a lot of good-looking can not let go!

Left: Sweatshirt / $74

Right: Check Shirt $74

Famous parity blogger Leonie Hanne is a strapless mounted kuangmo, many of her Strapless product are from Storets

Storets is also very close to the site set up the #storetsONME plate, put the world's fashion buyers show. Can learn from other people's dress, a dragon to solve the problem with the ~


Storets official website supports transshipment

Storets has an integral system, 100 points = USD 1, can be used for later purchase discount.

Global package, but some discount goods do not post a single package, do not post the letter will receive a $15 shipping

The new season, you want a special fashion, it may be from the 5 sites of hip and parity ~ wear go dominate!

Lose a few lace

1, some time ago a tracking Taylor Swift crazy fans arrested. This man has written many poems like Taylor rather baffling the expression of love, but also to brokerage company phone, even to find her address to get in. Star or rational, refused to harm the privacy of all star behavior.

2. Max and Han kiss! In the "bankruptcy sisters" the latest episode of Max and play in the restaurant owner Han kiss, Max and Han disguised as a couple, the man heard "fast pass" your lips, Max expression condensation moment, originally tactfully refused "without mouth to mouth to prove", but still kiss the!!!

3, great and ex girlfriend before the tour in Paris, and also some time ago ex girlfriend INS to sign a Kolo, what is this?

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