315 party exposure, Nike first gun, YSL, Chanel also on the black list

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315 party exposure, Nike first gun, YSL, Chanel also on the black list

2017-03-19 07:24:55 187 ℃

Last night we have welcomed the love

Annual 315 (Tucao) Party

For some companies

315 is the Qingming Festival

First of all, the gun is

"The best basketball shoes"Nike

NIKE claims on Chinese official website

This is worth more than 1 thousand and 400 dollars of professional basketball shoes

Heel with NIKE patented Zoom Air air cushion

Some people will just buy this and the same paragraph before the re engraved shoes

Cut for comparison


The heel of the shoe on the left has a zoom air air cushion

And the new pair of shoes is onlySolid rubber sole

After exposure Nike micro-blog has fallen


The most unbearable is

Not only cheated money also cheated feelings

Even the Putian goods than your heart


In addition to (right) unlucky Nike

315 also fried aList of substandard cosmetics

Babies grab the hands of Chanel, YSL, etc.


1 brands of skin care brands


L'OREAL whitening series

OLAY anti wrinkle series




Johnson (CleanClear)



Herborist (anti-aging Series)

POND'S (Mei Bai)


Jun Xian Yi skin cream (acne)


Min Ting

Chen Chen


Ann Facial Cleanser

Doctor Li (E)

Yuesai eye cream (Zhi Min)

Natural beauty pencil water magnetic field A (like newborn)

Bonding skin beauty cream

Another brand of beauty

Spring of Medicine

This isn't the first time SKII has been exposed

2 lead and mercury content of imported cosmetics list


(hengcai lipstick, Firming Essence)


(Agerasia repair day cream, night cream, eye cream)


(lipid acid anti wrinkle cream, cream Shengji freckle whitening essence)

Swiss collagen skin care products

A double repair solution containing hydrolyzed keratin in Germany

3 carcinogenic lipstick list

C.D (4)

Lancome (3)

Clinique (2)

Y.S.L (5)

Estee Lauder (3)

Shiseido (2)


Chanel (2)

(Note: the larger the number of lead, the more lead)

Everyone likes YSL also on the list

4 list of products containing hazardous substances

Japan DHC lotion contains Resorcinol

South Korea "Laneige" soft bright eye cream condensate bacteria exceed the standard 40 times

Lancome, Chanel, France, animal oil containing dead animal carcasses refining

South Korea SKIN FOOD contains moldy sheep placenta solution

NIVEA contains industrial alcohol

South Korea Mamonde copper exceeded

South Korea THE FACE SHOP make-up water only worth 3 yuan

(which contains more than 95% of distilled water, and the remaining 5% are alcohol and spices, a mixture of pigments)

AVON up2u bacterial content exceeded

Maybelline lead exceeded 16 times the amount of lead, mercury content exceeded twenty thousand times

Revlon, snow perfect whitening products contain strong carcinogens

Hundreds of thousands of Chanel said buy buy

Burning goose...

5 General Administration of Quality Supervision issued a list of banned cosmetics

L'OREAL wind lasting breathable dual-use powder spf17 light skin color / ivory white

L'OREAL perfect sunscreen three heavy isolation dew SPF20 pa++

Maybelline pa+ natural color

Maybelline makeup 1 SPF15 3 instant vermicelli natural color

Chanel international blue geometric Whitening Cream

Shadow sun Shampoo

Shadow sun cream

Shadow shadow

TJOY Whitening Lotion

NIVEA whitening Day Cream

Mei Lina Sun Lotion

Small nurse Whitening Cream

Little nurse day and night nourishing dew (Lista Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Cathy Youth Dew (Arche whitening cosmetics Co. Ltd.

Hashi Amitsu foundation cream spf6

Yuesai SPF15 waterproof sunscreen gel

Yuesai natural whitening powder SPF15 Coty Blanca

AVON whitening Day Cream

Poetry refreshing gel moisturizing sunscreen

Poetry cool Sun Lotion

Pedicle Whitening Cream

Blue Dayton - Vibration card brand China spot one

Renton - Zhenzong brand whose axillary

Blue Dun - Zhen Zong Bao XX

Yu Meijing kids sunscreen

Clay O Bea Hugh sun cream

Clay O Bea Hugh Sun Lotion

Vitamin C whitening essence of Ai Wenli

Pulanna freckle beauty cream

As the Sun Li uniform No. 30 sunblock lotion SPF30

New day defense beauty dew spf18

When the fairies are really tired

Hit the money to buy the best skin care products

The most expensive body on this face

The results are not safe

It's going to collapse...

Think of today's push to this?

Certainly not

Here's what's going on today

Big cosmetics really so good?

That may not be

In addition to the use of the effect varies from person to person

Large explosion of a single product was sought more because

Behind the excessive marketing business

Most consumers blindly follow

On the way to be a fairy

Some grass has to grow

But some pits we can completely avoid

For example, the following

Super bad use of explosive single product"




YSL feather Foundation

By the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United Kingdom YSL

Packaging Senior name, color number is also a lot of choice

But this foundation is really thin!

It is very fast

Although the texture is thin open

But Concealer is almost zero

Skin color is not recommended to start the younger sister paper

Due to moisture is not high

A lot of younger sister paper used after all said

Very dry!!!!

Mixed skin or oily skin may be more suitable

YSL square tube

Big red YSL home

I've never heard of it

Color is very beautiful

But the biggest disadvantage is that the trunk

But the degree of moisture and daily

Can not compare with round tube and Lip Glaze<1Two3>



Chanel Chanel full range of skin care products

Chanel words to buy clothes to buy a bag

Skin care products are very expensive

From the use of effect

Chanel skincare line has not quanqian behavior

Is stealing money ah!<12Three>



Dior Dior body lotion repair dream

Dior skin care products are difficult to use not to say

Actually in the past two years, the first flagship makeup products

The so-called "makeup artifact", with a layer of no make-up can go out


The biggest slot is "no modification at all"

In this case, I do not buy M.A.C makeup before the milk?

This is not an advertisement



Lancome Lancome black bottle

Lancome's skin care products are Tucao

Never thought!!

Have you found that everyone is pushing Lancome makeup line

Very few active recommendation of Lancome's low-cost skin care products

In addition to pure gold series of products moisture repair ability significantly

Other products are basically tasteless

Including the famous black bottle!



Pola black BA series

POLA is a symbol of the Japanese lady brand in China

The biggest feature is the death of expensive

But is it really worth it?

Main anti aging black B.A series of facial cleanser

Dry skin to explode

And in addition to the black B.A series

Other series are not warm not fire



Fu Lei poetry Fresh Black Tea / rose skin care series

These two years of fire fighting skin care

The value of the design is high enough big name

But Fresh's evaluation is extreme

Some people love

Love can buy a full set

But there are no eggs with sister

Can not see any effect of white burn

Tucao is the most black tea and rose two series

And you have no effect

What's your opinion?


Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

As the true originator of cleansing oil category

Shu Uemura makeup products now

Only one word to describe - slag

A total of 6 kinds of cleansing oil, in addition to purple sell better

The other one is the reputation of oil

Tucao point concentrated in:

The oil is too thick to push,

Containing mineral oil, a lot of people susceptible to oil and mineral oil explosion pox

Big name is too much of a single product

Three days and three nights are Tucao endless

Due to the limited space

Compiled to give you a list of several chestnuts

I hope you can avoid these giant pit

Chop hand also to cut the value for money

After all, the speed of money is much faster than burn

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