Perfume choice difficulty? Let the fragrance light your spring

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Perfume choice difficulty? Let the fragrance light your spring

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When confronted with a season, everyone's wardrobe and makeup table is a new scene, seeing in March over half, many people have to wait for thick cotton, off the boots. For the fragrance lovers, the season means they can wear new fragrance, maybe you have loved the spring special incense, perhaps you still tangled up in each big brand classic can not start, today look to F for everyone and several available soon perfume, are fresh and beautiful, lively and playful, calm delicate several traits, if girls can happen to love the spring phase own flavor, it would be nice.

Zumaron as the most popular perfume salon brand, visibility and popularity are fixed every March and it be nothing difficult, offering a limited edition of British perfume series is a name in short supply. Following the British garden last year, inspired by the creation of the The Garden Herb series, this year, Zumaron launched the The Bloomsbury Set series, a total of five perfume.

The sale of Bloom Berle series (The Bloomsbury Set) was inspired by an active in London Bloom Berle area by artists, scholars, writers and philosophers groups (Bloomsbury, Group) and home economics writer Virginia Wolf Keynes are representative of Bloomsbury Group, the group during the period from about 1905 to the second world war has been there, its participants and advocates of the literature, music, philosophy, art and politics and economic development has an important influence.

Zumaron is in this group for inspiration, they gathered at Charleston House back in time, to attempt to reshape a free and romantic atmosphere through the aroma, and through color stitching on the packaging is reminiscent of a painting.

Many people do not have the opportunity to directly counter to contact this series, you may wish to know more about this in about five fragrance notes before deciding whether to start.

From left to right:

Whisky Cedarwood whisky cedar

Blue Hyacinth blue hyacinth

Tabacco Mandarin tobacco Citrus

Leather Artemisia leather wormwood

Garden lilies court pond Lily

If you need a suitable for spring and summer wear perfume, so consider blue hyacinth and Lily Garden in the two paragraph, the inspiration is Charleston House's garden, to create a retro feel of the flowers, the hyacinth Flavourists as the main melody of perfume, geranium and vetiver in which is a bit warm. The latter by Charleston House of the pond as inspiration, reminiscent of the morning dew wet lotus petals, with a little fresh and moist, with Yilan, white musk and vanilla flavor, the overall presentation of herbaceous aquatic flowers green.

Diptyque in January this year with Antinette Poisson workshop launched their Valentine's day limited edition, wallpaper art into the printing process in line with the Diptyque standard. Handmade printing paper is also known as the "Domino paper" in the wood to imprint, carving template or artificial color, Antoinette Poisson is the use of this form of creation for Diptyque to create "Rosa Mundi rose dew" series of delicate and poetic beauty packaging.

The morning dew rose fragrance flagship soft and fresh breath, some people think it and the same brand of ivy rose somewhat similar, but less plant astringent feeling, the overall feeling is more sweet, and the elegant classical aroma of roses and violets. This type of perfume and different, because the concentration is low, its scope is broader, whether it is clothing or bedding can create a rose petal fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind feeling.

In addition to this series of fragrance, the most exciting is the high value of Yan scented candle, which is the best selling single product series. The overall smell of Damascus rose and rose in May, or a soft and gentle way to go, whether it is for personal use or delivery is a good choice.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to all kinds of fragrance products, Diptyque as well as a commodity, is finished in light green flower paper, by hand the embossed paper flower image printed on silk, using traditional specifications made at the bottom of the brand and product name printed on the label of the masterpiece. Such a delicate piece of work, whether it is framed to make it a painting, or hanging alone for decorative purposes, are very pleasing (but now seems to have been able to buy it).

When it comes to Dolce& Gabbana, many people think it is all the women or men, and makeup line fame than any other big line is slightly inferior, as for the perfume series, people may be less. This month, Dolce& Gabbana; the velvet series ushered in fifteenth new members - Velvet Cypress velvet cypress.

Dolce& Gabbana velvet series was launched in 2011, is taking the high-end salon incense route, listed this year with lemon and velvet cypress cypress as the main theme, collocation of rosin, sage and cedar aromas, with wood but also contains a heavy sense of smell of fresh fruit, not thin, showing the whole a balance between the sexy. Velvet series of perfume has always been a good evaluation, to say that the price is probably too high for people to feel the price is low. But if your budget is sufficient, and the pursuit of a unique and charming style, try a neutral incense cedar listing this velvet.

It has to be said that this series of packaging is indeed very high-end exquisite, velvet texture of the box, supplemented by silk or velvet lining of the texture, such a mix should be able to inspire a lot of people want to collect.

The launch of the new sweet and Miu Miu this year, let us look at the Miu Miu on a bottle of perfume in August 2015, released the first brand name perfume bottle from the classic Miu Miu handbag texture, color and playful look. Perfume before the regulation of the fragrance of the flowers but will not be too mature, the tone and tone after the sweet but not greasy hair, once launched will capture the number of female heart.

Two years later, Miu Miu based design before this perfume on the launch of a new L'Eau Bluae, the bottle has become transparent, clear, pure style is also reflected in the number of fragrance, elegant and sweet taste has become the theme of Bluae L' Eau.

New and original as from perfumer Daniela Andrier, former light green and white flowers is very suitable for the spring, after the transfer followed the original unique wood flavor, the total is still very suitable for lively and playful little temperament of the fairies.

The final recommendation are a counter incense and a salon incense, the famous Chanel No.5 believe that everyone has heard of the Chanel No.5 L'Eau, launched last year, No. five Lily-Rose water endorsement by Depp, who is self-evident. This perfume is the fourth generation of Chanel exclusive perfumer Olivier Polge works, the continuation of the five kernel series features: Rose and jasmine is still the main theme of perfume.

No. five, No. five compared with the traditional water, retained the classic flower fragrance, fragrant aldehyde weakened the sense of presence, and to replace musk. Before the transfer from orange, neroli, lime, lemon and other fruit, with the iconic aldehydic, adjustable although still has a typical commercial sweet taste, but the Basenotes really becomes fresh and composed of many, the overall feeling is not very aggressive.

Although Chanel every perfume was not free of people laugh, some people say that the old version five, smells like espresso Liushen and No. five water against the water like the old version, but the perfume was very personal preferences, five series can be enduring might just prove that classical will always get people favor. If you want to experience the fresh and soft version of the five, it is possible to try this spring in the water of the number five.

L'Artisan Parfumeur is one of the representative brand of Sharon Shannon in April last year to replace the entire product packaging, a good-looking or not have to say, do not know the lady who love more revision before or after the revision of the package? Today is recommended to be launched last year, a neutral fragrance - Bucoliques de Provence Provence garden, a look at the name to know, lavender in which has a vital position.

Provence garden is a limited edition perfume, hope to use this perfume perfumer to Glass (French perfume capital) tribute, before the transfer by iris flower, beginning to smell may feel taste some punch, but the transition to adjust after showing a clean soft leather with lavender flavor, exquisite long Basenotes comfortable quiet, people feel like being in the spring sunshine.

This perfume three is quite obvious, almost no what a little sweet, which is very light, so it is very suitable for the use of men and women, and its price is not prohibitive, eighty Euro 50ml / one hundred euro 100ml pricing is reasonable.

Recommend several good perfume, as the saying goes: a honey, B of the arsenic, everyone is the one and only preferences for odor understanding is also a personal view, if you do not take up blind failure of courage, you can buy into online, try to make a decision after incense. The election of the perfume, every day in the spring can be surrounded by a sense of happiness.

Not enough? There must be something you don't know!


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