What kind of hairstyle for you, please look at the face!

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What kind of hairstyle for you, please look at the face!

2017-03-19 07:27:03 133 ℃

Stamp Fanjia temperament has a problem with fan attention, sister!

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Last Saturday fan sister to collect the baby face photos, look at what kind of face suitable for age and fashion Wob. As of March 15th, fan sister has received nearly 2000 pictures.

Really because the picture is too much, fan sister had to pick a few representative face to analyze. But did not pick up the baby do not be discouraged, you can see the focus of the fan sister knocked the blackboard:Forehead width determines the type of bangs! Width of mandibular angle!The baby is not clear face quickly accordingly.

Before Yang Mi's article 100 explosion models, are not as good as her this all-match! I have said that van Wob's hair is cut by age and Yang Mi are on a new height, even Victoria Song also early to catch the tour Wob wind, fashion sense Cengceng rub up ~

So now I'm asking for the baby:To stay Wob hairstyle will reduce age! Fashion! And all-match!

Wob bangs, volume, length

If you want to stay Wob hairstyle, it is necessary to know what kind of bangs and Wob hair length.

Wob bangsThere are side points, points, Qi liu.

Wob hair volumeYou can have the sexy "Marilyn Monroe" big, soft adorable sheep shaped rolls, inward S tough waves roll. In addition, as well as the hair inside the tail volume and volume.

Wob hair lengthIt can be divided into 3 gradients, the distance from the ear to the chin (parallel to the mouth), the distance from the chin to the shoulder (parallel to the chin), and the Wob (parallel to the shoulder or to the clavicle).

Then how to choose Wob hairstyle according to face? Fan sister finishingDifferent forehead width can choose the type of bangs.

After determining the bangs, how to use Wob to achieve the effect of reducing age. We lookThe "square" of the mandibular angle to determine the volume of Wob hair.

Said so much, it is estimated that some babies impatient. I don't have a face! I still don't shine! Come on, it's real!

Hold down~ got the picture of the baby sister now. In order to take care of the baby face square face round, fan sister decided to face in the end, after all, is the standard oval face, can be frustrating.

Broad forehead

Round wide forehead + 1 side of mandibular angle

Face representative: Lu Yu, Song Jia.

You can see the baby's forehead is relatively wide and round, the front side of the side of the jaw when you do not laugh, but laugh when the next half of the face is a natural radian, look at the side of the obvious mandibular angle line.

Like this baby face, you can choose to have the level of air bangs modified flat forehead, the best bangs is the vertical extension of the eye line 37 points side bangs. Wob length of the mandibular angle to the shoulder, shoulder parallel, can be modified face. The hair tail to do more than the level of volume, which will focus attention from the angle of the mandible to the interesting tail.

Rounded wide forehead + partial round mandibular angle

Face representative: Michelle Chen, Ruby Lin

Since you want to reduce the age, the same to avoid all dew forehead, Qi bangs and points. Wob suggested long ears or long bangs to S shaped side bangs Wob curl avoid small volume increase the head heaviness, suitable for a large wave of long inner buckle or valgus shoulder Wob.

The baby's first picture, showing a large rounded forehead, thanks to the dedication of such a sincere picture. You can see she is left Lob, but Liu is 46 minutes too docile.

Fan Jie's advice is to change37 points (eye vertical extension) modified most of the forehead.Wob external can be modified too rounded Chin. Left shoulder length will be more attractive in some fashion, a small amount of fat, you can trim multi-level fringe to the ears, making fluffy oh.

Rounded wideforehead+ face / oval face

Face representative: Yang Mi, Tang Yan, and Victoria Song

Mandibular angle relaxation seeds / oval face, Wob curls soft inner buckle or hair sticking out roll is ideal. At the same time, in order to avoid the large forehead top-heavy vu. The baby has a charming face, the sweet. But fan sister reallyDo not always close to the bangs combed all the back, or hair line will gradually move back.

Like this on the upper face is the forehead, the second half of the face is the face of the baby, in fact, have Wob good treatment, only need to avoid the disadvantage of the forehead is good. 37 points side bangs, chin to shoulder length will not make a mistake, the volume can be tough in the volume can also be sexy Monroe volume, or hair tail to build a modern retro feel.

Square face

Long face of the side of the square face like the face of the country, short words with the square is also a square face. Generally speakingCover the forehead and cheeks, so that hair vertical to both sides, resulting in a narrow and soft face effect.

You can clearly see the girl's forehead and jaw angle is compared, the atrium is relatively long. That she herself also left Lob and dog bite Qi Liuhai, to a certain extent, modified the long face, the length of the right.

It's like the face of the baby, fan sister suggestedWob bangs for the side to create an asymmetric sense of weight, get rid of square face.Volume for the romantic volume, trim multi-level. Length of more than Wob of the chin, to give up the short hair on the scalp. Finally, fan sister suggested that you can wear thin frame glasses and willow shaped earrings Oh ~!

Narrow forehead face

Narrow forehead + 1 side of mandibular angle

FacerepresentativeTaylor Swift,

Fan Jie talked about this, I think you know something. Narrow forehead could choose Qi Liu was tender, but when the square on the mandibular angle tanshou. So, fan sister suggested28 side bangs, Wob volume of light yinglang volume, or a big hair.

From the photo, the little girl's forehead is narrow, slightly square atrium long chin, but smile cheek some obvious, the outside of the mandibular angle line itself does not have too much meat, it may be because the sake of masseter muscle. Fan Jie reminded to pay more attention to eating habits.

In order to modify the narrow forehead, you can refer to the practice of tea sister or Chen Douling,Leave the side of the fringe and the level of Qi Liuhai, so that the visual focus on the lower half of the face. This kind of face is more suitable for long hair, with micro volume at the end. If you want to stay in Wob, in order to achieve the sense of age and fashion, the length of the chin, the volume of sheep.

Narrow forehead + partial circular mandibular angle

Face representative: Song Hye Kyo

The baby looked at age is still small, fan sister is very envious of the young collagen ah. Baby no face photos over, while leaving the Lob, the side branch. But look at the face I guess should belongNarrow forehead + round face, a round face is not easy to show old face.

The baby if you want Wob, bangs can continue to 37 points. But in order to reduce the age of fashion, fan sister recommendations can be done a little fluffy bangs, usually take care of can comb not so docile. The volume can be more abundant, due to the younger age, it is recommended to try the distance parallel to the chin. Other baby like this face, or leave the followingThe above shoulder length hair volume is the most safe practiceOh

Because of the mandibular angle to town, so the Wob volume can be Mianyang buckle curly or sexy Monroe roll. In order to increase the sense of fashion and highlight the neck length, leaving the chin parallel to the length of the Wob the most appropriate.

Although the forehead is narrow, but wins a very beautiful face in the second half, the gentle face is the face of mandibular angle. For 37 minutes, then immediately in the face will be much shorter visual. But because the face is not delicate, forehead not full, the face of the baby can try air bangs, like Wob like sheep Taeyeon roll, indifferent side is also a good choice.

Forehead relatively narrow face (Chin) and relatively short baby, you can refer to Tian Jing or Zheng Shuang's shoulder Wob, rich in the volume of hardness, modified face at the same time, add a playful sense of beauty, absolute aging!

Finally, I really doubt that the baby is to pull the hate ah, the face is so beautiful also sent. This is the forehead and jaw angle are soft egg, what good-looking stay length. Want sexy Wob get big wave Monroe volume, want some fashion, stay in parallel with the chin,If you want to be sweet and lovely, just stay at the bottom of your ear. The inside of the buckle is good-looking~

Wob's appeal is to create a sense of youth through hairstyles, fashion sense, while modifying defective face. Second is to highlight facial features. Side bangs almost a lot of bangs can be used, and Wob is also equipped with a reduced age effect, in the visual can distract attention, so that the whole line with a sense of wire and a sense of vitality, to abandon the heavy and rigid impression.

In Eastern cultures, women face with a gentle curve, facial beauty and harmony, so most people will feel the most beautiful oval and oval shaped face. The cheekbones will affect the facial muscles and the side of the arc, too high to give people a sense of cold, haggard look old.

So in order to reduce the age and are advised not to leave too straight bangs, etc. may be appropriate to parallel in the cheekbone bend, with the curve over the cheekbones, increasing the length of hair, and hair with proper radian to divert attention.

Well, today's fans want to say is so much, do not know to ask. PS: because the picture is too much, can not answer for each baby, fan sister also said that I am sorry ah. The baby pictures were collected in temperament fan background pictures a little rough, not afraid of stealing smile ~ Tucao

Finally, fan sister has a new idea, in this Sunday afternoon 15:00~16:00 time, make a specific time to solve the problem of the baby. Do not know if someone will ask? Now hurry to grab the first row of messages!