| bag 17 summer bag fashion trends! Walking in the front line, say goodbye to the package!

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| bag 17 summer bag fashion trends! Walking in the front line, say goodbye to the package!

2017-03-19 07:27:20 147 ℃

Spring and summer comes, younger sister paper also have to change things for the new package.

A lot of people only know to go to a treasure search explosion, I do not know those who may be a few days before the explosion is now popular OUT style. Is the so-called "beautiful things can not be exclusive, I can not eat the earth". The next V series will take you around the 2017 spring and summer fashion week on the beautiful bag, learn about the spring and summer of this year's popular elements and trends, so that the pursuit of fashion you more quickly, more accurate to eat soil! Maybe the next one is in your hand!

You can view the tie wrap as a "bucket pack" upgrade. Compared to the previous single bucket pack type, many many different designs and shapes.


#Nina Ricci

Beckham home tie wrap V series is like, simple solid color on the spike.

#Victoria Beckham


This year's show on the king to go is the punk wind, willow nails and chains of elements everywhere, like a neutral handsome wind sister paper to be tight.

#Alexander Wang


Trend two: enlarge edition bag

Although the bag can put a lot of things is a very happy thing, but this "increase" version of the bag was determined not to short it? And a large number of bags after Size really have what! The following are several of the larger version of Balenciaga bags, all kinds of fancy V unable to Tucao, emerge in an endless stream, a bad heart will not continue to pull down!

This "Balenciaga nylon bag" believes every home will have the same paragraph! You do not deceive me ignorant, this is not my grandmother likes to use a variety of things? But in any case, they have now moved to the international, is no longer home bag.


Our quilt ye also T Taiwan!

This is not a "cushion"? After shopping tired and can not find the place can sit down, is that what you mean? (sitting also distressed money!)

C line is committed to innovation really did not let the people eat melons down, the new package capacity has also go kind emerge in an endless stream, route, turn out the child package.


Sacai canvas bag with a neutral point Feel, but in addition to climbing I can not think of what it uses!


Trend three: Mini Mini Bag

Since the successful launch of the MRIcro Peekaboo Fendi, the major brands have also seen the huge potential of this part of the market, whether practical or not, the exquisite design is also brought to the brand considerable results on the book. So this time we saw some of the super mini package. "How small it can be". Designers seem to have gone to Alice's wonderland.

Valentino "cigarette package", the side of the general thin box side can be loaded into a lipstick, the box opened with the exception of a mirror attached to the almost no capacity, but it is also very cute.


Hermes bag also joined the mini camp, presumably the price will not be very mini.


Akris's mini folding ear bag, one hand can not plug in.


Junko Shimada this "boutique fish" hanging on the body is quite eye-catching, this year is the year of chicken ye do not get a chicken?

#Junko Shimada

Trend four: printing, letter element

This year's printing letter T is also very popular, this trend is not only reflected in the clothing, but also spread to the world. Not only is the modern art style of the printed pattern, as well as retro patterns, as well as letter graffiti is also a popular trend.




#Vanessa Seward

Trend five: Bracelet bag

This season, the popular way to take the bag is to hold steady, bracelet not only gold ring, but also with the package version.

It is not difficult to see, Chlo this brand is to complete the ring to play bad.



#Miu Miu

2017 spring and summer, the trend of the five bags on the end of the introduction of it (although some bags that do not understand). Take advantage of the fact that these elements have not yet caught fire! Worship!

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