Do you think pearl is old and old? But Xun Zhou was hanging out with the pearls on his shoes...

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Do you think pearl is old and old? But Xun Zhou was hanging out with the pearls on his shoes...

2016-07-22 06:12:04 459 ℃

Xun son is always the mainland female star of the most representative of the individual spirit, orange Jun found her recent street beat the United States bombing, the attack angel is such...

This dress is fast brother Chanel2016 spring vacation series, small adorable model yo.

The bag comes from soft leather handbag Chanel.

Sharp eyed orange Jun found, hey, brother Xun heel actually with a pearl.

Shoes are also Chanel.

The overall mix of noble gas chronological, shoes if it is pure black without decoration, rather dull, a bright pearl on the heel of the shoe, make shoe light many, reveals a low-key exquisite.

Pearl inlay decoration is not the first day of fashion, because the pearl is the mother's aunt generation of the most love, we are always used to avoid buying pearls. And this year, each big brand to pearl inlaid on the fullness of the heel, once old fashioned Hick's Pearl, fashionable people want to call the police.

Female stars certainly cannot miss this fashionable opportunities. "Fifty degrees of grey women Dakota Johnson stepped on a pair of Pearl high-heeled shoes, outrageous, President of the female partner openly straightforward (don't ask me never seen their armed police).

Kruger Diane hides the Pearl in the shoe sole.

A row of Pearl Jamie King does not measure refreshing indecent.

Guest year old fire Chanel fight color sandals, plus a pearl, actually make people have been touched.

Pearl inlay shoes should be full of shoes, pearl still can not escape the fate of the nouveau riche is defined, with only scattered to a proper extent.

Once you abandon the clumsy loafer, plus pearl embellishment fairy gas bursting.

The heel a row of pearls, let black head shoe poke in the heart of girl.

In addition to the pearl inlaid in the shoes, as long as the start of the brain, the Pearl of the fashion everywhere.

Carry a big bag of pearls, do not feel the God is not with you.

Pearl do bag chain, good temperament to you do not believe.

The Pearl on the clothes, put a pair of you can not afford to buy the face. But remember, a large area of the Pearl will make your pants look cheap.

So this is a good grasp.

Sexy backless dress, pearl embellishment on the second variable abstinence fairy.

Once disdain to wear the pearl jewelry, this year also let you rob to buy.

Some simple Chic Brooch reveals a hint of Bigger.

Last sentence

Don't stop me. I'm going to buy a Pearl!