After reading the eyes will be blind, which is the difference between the seller show and buyers show!

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After reading the eyes will be blind, which is the difference between the seller show and buyers show!

2017-04-02 17:41:39 289 ℃

Blogger every time to see the magazine or brand advertising will imagine themselves as the protagonist of the screen, but in fact, according to these clothes to dress up again to find that the world is not very friendly.

Ordinary people wearing big advertising in Kate Moss's clothes, a Pen lope Cruz makeup, stood like the Edie Campbell style will be like? French fashion stylist Nathalie Croquet made an attempt, the result is this:

Eleven Paris

Sister, you again so I can call the topless chest!


Sister, there, something?


Hush! Don't speak, I feel quiet beauty.


Photograph from Lancome Black Swan mascara. Sister, you do not want Lancome mascara, is a full range of anti-aging series.

Eric Bompard

One is a girl, the other is the setting sun.

Isabel Marant

The middle-aged nightclub girl tried to defeat new giggle and flirt.

Paule Ka

This suits her best.

Sonia Rykiel

Sister, just robbed? Fortunately, the package is still.


Uncle, what are you thinking about? We don't make an appointment!

Acne Studios

Ha ha ha ha


Dean, the color really suits you!

However, Nathalie said: "for women, there are too many things to think about, shopping, grooming, beauty, age and so on, but these really need us to think about." Nathalie to regard themselves as a mouse, tell you the life needs such fun, even if you do not look so beautiful, even if you cannot buy these high-end clothing, life has more wonderful waiting for you to dig.

Look at her work and age, Xing Xiujun is also quite want to turn his eyes, the following is the voice

The same is the news from the United States news website Buzzfeed. Not long ago, Victoria's secret and Buzzfeed to do a creative advertising project. They were invited to the 6 women with different body shape, style of swimsuit put together throughout the advertisements by the angels wear, the result is this:

In addition to the Victoria's Secret Angels themselves in good shape and late figure effect, we must think about the fashion industry to the public information in the end is positive? Xing Xiujun think, of course, is positive, your appearance is not beautiful to say that you have the heart of beauty! Isn't it a bit thin? Makeup is a little bit fine? Is it not good to dress well? That's not true. You might have been lazy.