Why is Fan Bingbing so white? See this netizen finally know why

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Why is Fan Bingbing so white? See this netizen finally know why

2017-04-02 17:42:06 1131 ℃

Recently, there are friends in Tianjin encounter Fan Bingbing, but also took a video, the video of Fan Bingbing just out of the hotel, his face wearing big sunglasses, but also deposited a mask

Don't say this inexplicable clothing goods, Bing Bing also spell it! Have been so beautiful and so hard, even out of the hotel on the car so a little time to mask

Fan Bingbing is really worthy of the name Master mask, before being photographed in the elevator to see this mask, people remember pictures later on the outside, maybe she is Fan Bingbing.

Eat the film off the face, opened a hole on the open to eat

She deposited the mask of the legend has been circulating in the rivers and lakes, may be the entertainment industry was seen most of the girls deposited mask

A year spent 700 mask is really worthy of the name ah, happy camp before it broke, Fan Bingbing home refrigerator all mask

Li Chen Kangxi broke the news when she was at home has been deposited mask, a moment can not relax

Fan Bingbing himself said that at home is to take the mask deposited, curious, so deposited mask will not be excessive nutrition acne?

In order to face so fight, no wonder Fan Bingbing so white, relying on the ceramic tile to take pictures, looks like a tile and almost a color

And other actress photo, the photo appears to be a few white color

Both men and women, in front of her are genuine cases of yellow

Even compared with foreign friends...... Forget it or behind the curtain

People are so hard, usually too lazy to care girl, do not hurry up with your little mask!

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