Chen Xiao's wedding on the suit, can only be seen as far away

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Chen Xiao's wedding on the suit, can only be seen as far away

2016-07-22 06:12:53 333 ℃

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Fan master said:Energy-saving wedding,followGe Jinlai scrabble for not wearing uniforms.

(text to the Ge towel, authorized business fan release)

Pure on dress, blessing new.

Far from looking at it, right? Closer look......

No 1 bride wear very formal wedding dress, wearing a pile of Cartire, this is what the groom?

Modified black tie not impossible, but in such a formal wedding, the elements of so much leisure wear out, sense of violation and really dye in the wood.

Dolce& Gabbana is big, but it is not a formal models, why selection buttons did not pack, and ticket pocket, the waist is another big flower embroidery of the "Sao"?

Ma3 jia3 is a three piece suit and vest and non formal attire waistcoat, shirt or dress shirt, with a non manual play bow tie, and is still the heath, the gun and barge Satin totally unworthy...... Or simply wear a suit on the line, now feel like playing a hodgepodge of TV dramas, or borrowed clothes to catch up.

Look at the details, the chest bag is the collapse of the wrinkled, velvet fabric is not that pretty, but this is the result of a large wedding in this release...... No button bag, tie and lapel material divergent.Light floating head, really no texture. I feel this is only a little dress elements of casual suit, not for such a grand "wedding" wedding venue. If you want something new to special special spirit. In other areas can not see.

No 2 of the length of the pants is really......

A 3 look at this shirt suit center and neck mouth, than there is no fit.Contrast is also hanging head:

His action is not big enough? Look at Obama

The same is Dolce& Gabbana, Lin Dan's results are too much wear than Chen Xiaohao...... And not to say, enough ".

No 4 see this town wedding style essential nouveau riche double breasted

This deal is said to wear with the bride's beauty, is willing to green (Niu Fen), well, this is undoubtedly true love.

Is not without merit, today wearing a Chinese style formal attire is Guo Pei, custom, is a suit of stolen grotto gas with heaven and earth, embroidery this value high.

You can see them in the marriage bed in the hotel, and a little Speechless, too. - down to earth

PS: the wedding stylist and retouchers should put on the Xizhimen bridge, see Gillian at the foot of the bending of the floor, I think this is the beginning of the networking Hongdu don't make such a mistake.

Explain it:

Some people think that Celebrity Wedding grounded very good ah, but the "wedding" the fee is not cheap, new jewelry is a full set of Cartier, wedding venue is APEC Yanqi Lake Hotel, marriage room is a suite, two Chinese "high" is Guo Pei, the price is six digits.

The woman's wedding is Alberta Ferretti, man's western style clothing is Dolce& Gabbana velvet, all is big, please top stylists, please senior wedding, spent a lot of money but get down is the result......

Wedding is a project management, the new happiness of course, but, all kinds of high and low water essence does exist. In a word,The couple are elegant, the wedding team didn't really take heart.

It's a reminder that Yuan Hong's wedding dress for a good view, it is much better.

PS1: marriage is a priority, it is need to face the wedding. Fan before the Lord wrote an article, Nicky Wu, Huang Xiaoming, Wang Xiaofei, and so on the groom, the wedding has made what is wrong? "Speak, some mistakes easily made for formal attire, fan friends avoid minefields. In business, Fangong dialog box, you can see the answer "wedding".

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