Good practice is better than painting! So the self timer will be more beautiful!

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Good practice is better than painting! So the self timer will be more beautiful!

2016-07-22 06:24:17 342 ℃

Look good?

Then the self timer!

Expression is not good?

That should be more self timer!

Hong kong!

Everyday ordinary F sisters and sisters party is really eighty percent when the self timer!

Then from dozens of photos selected a each other masters of beauty,

And then repair the maps and a half hours!

Such an after multiple processing can send a circle of friends, zaopian!

Everyday ordinary makeup,

It is not a waste!

Don't take a piece of 180 that is not respect for cosmetics!

After the film is also bound to give a ticket to see!

Let him choose one of the most beautiful pictures from more than and 100 almost the same photo!

Whenever this time the heart is really a man of the disintegration of the vote!

In fact, the self is not wrong,

Timer is a record of beautiful life,

And the details of the resolution of your self timer is still not beautiful.

Apart from the angle of view,

Is the most important makeup!

Do not allow the following 6 ways to make up the wrong way to leave your regret!

Error 1 pre makeup cream base suck

Makeup is the core of self,

The makeup before the milk or cream is the basic makeup.

OkayThe base cream should be enough to keep the skin moist,

In order to make the foundation docile,

To avoid the phenomenon of floating powder.

Of course,

The most important is to select the bottom cream in accordance with their own skin type.

Error 2 painted black inner liner

Painting black eye liner is to make the eyes look more concentrated,

But in reality, it makes the eyes look smaller,

Cause the self timer result is not satisfactory.

So the best picturePale or even whiteEye liner,

Can enlarge the eyes,

Make your eyes more sober and clear.

Error 3 no lip balm

On the film,

The core of the eye is the lips.

Before applying lipstick,

Remember toCoated with lip balm,

Than your skin light a color,

So you will naturally shine from now to the bone,

When the self timer double high spirits.

Error 5 mascara brush only on the top of the eyelashes

Self timer,

If the upper and lower eyelashes are painted eyelashes,

Eyes will be more concentrated,

The results will be more beautiful.

The most suitable mascara is the most dramatic black mascara.

Apply mascara from the root to the top carefully covered with,

Don't be hasty.

Ignore the error 6 blush and shadow powder

Self portrait lens eccentric face is the layout of the face.

If your face is not clear,

You need to add some shadow powder,

Shadow powder should be selectedThan the natural skin color depth of a colorThe color.

And then rushed blush,

Appear healthy and attractive.

Sweet sister F all kinds of faces for the Po party ~ I blush

Want to self time more beautiful?

And the photo is bestie and most energetic?

The six make-up technology to keep in mind oh ~

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