Add a touch of intelligent life, create with and without losing the sense of chic

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Add a touch of intelligent life, create with and without losing the sense of chic

2016-07-22 09:18:08 400 ℃

The washes of denim fabric, abandon the tough feeling. Suspender skirt version of leisure, not only comfortable, with more body coat collocation, aging effect. The personality of the button dotted skirt, unique in style and personality, there is a Japanese sweet thing.

Fresh and natural small vest, let the shoulders more eye-catching suction eye. Multi stripe classic, with double lotus leaf edge design, to create a rich sense of hierarchy, add sweet breath. With casual shorts, show a little girl's sense of playful.

Fresh and simple blue and white stripes as the main, to create a Navy wind style. The hollow mosaic behind, ingenious and sexy. A printing decorative skirt, the invisible into the childlike sense of fun. Neat shirt dress style, express a liberal and dignified.

Elegant fresh summer coat, cut very wild age reduction, suitable for a variety of different figure, comfortable wearing feeling, and lack of femininity. Sexy shorts, pants collocation, or skirt is beautiful! You have an elegant coat this summer.

The small floral elements nifty, decorated in dark green with full retro elegant atmosphere. An interesting design chic, lovely bowknot bandage skirt, for suction eye dazzling. Loose profile, swing between the vertical fall and not the failure of dynamic.

Zippered shorts casual wear convenient, more clean and neat. Personality of the drawing hole break the trouser body single sense, playful and flash combined together, creating a with and without losing the cool feeling. Create a loose T-shirt collocation, unruly street sense.

The fresh blue dress, neat small collar, create a youthful vitality. Playful clothes in a corner with embroidery patterns as a whole, and adds a touch of D. Loose shirt dress version, to create a quiet and the effect of the upper body of literature and art.

A simple open style coat, easy to wear off and no loss of comfort. The middle line segmentation design, enrich the fashion sense of hierarchy, break the single. Go light cotton fabrics, garments, floating, filling the heck.


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