Good | 1 minutes, the pores of the dirt out of the earthquake

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Good | 1 minutes, the pores of the dirt out of the earthquake

2017-04-21 19:36:50 118 ℃

Now the beauty of the people seem to be too lazy to wash your face with the hand - but like to use a variety of cleaning devices.

It is no wonder that, because of the use of a good cleaning device, to wash his face more clean, no acne, acne, dull problems, follow-up skin care products can be better absorbed.

Last year during the "black Friday" discount season, a cleansing instrument brand Foreo official website a Swedish open grab, because be tumbled three times and collapse...

Faye Wong's youngest daughter, Li Yan, when playing live shoot on the makeup stage of the is also placed on the Foreo cleanser.

But we all know that the cleansing instrument price is not low, motionless to one thousand or two thousand, and the type of Foreo and to carry presbyopia, which one to choose insurance?

Intimate small series specially for you from the Foreo many models, selected to two special:

One is a "cleansing instrument trial outfit," said LUNA play, delicate and lovely, no charge, the most important thing is the price gratifying;

Another is the Foreo star model "LUNA" of the concentrated upgrade version - LUNA mini2, features and design are updated, more complete.

Foreo LUNA fun fun version of play

Entry level cleansing device cute little charge

Foreo seems to know the high price of facial cleanser so that many people flinch, so it developed a lovely appearance, the price is more lovely experience type cleanser.

Macarons these little things like appearance on the map, is the experience type "Foreo LUNA play cleansing instrument".

It does not need to charge or replace the battery, can be discarded after use, but its life is not short.

Sealed with a dry battery, the battery can last 100 minutes, each with a minute, that is, you can use the 100!

Although it is called the experience of facial cleanser, but even sooner or later, can also be used for a month and a half

Although it is small, but the design, materials, the effect is not sloppy.

General cleaning instruments are nylon brush head, and LUNA play body followed the classic Foreo silicone material.

This material is commonly used in baby pacifiers, especially soft, clean, do not worry about scratching the skin, even the inflammation of the acne skin and sensitive skin can be used, very safe.

Waterproof design, bath time can also ease of use.

Foreo the tall on the transcutaneous acoustic pulse technology T-Sonic, in this small body also has the perfect show.

8000 times / minute vertical sound waves, the pores of the oil, residual makeup, dirty all "shock" out, face wash clean, to avoid the pores are more and more dirty things bigger and bigger.

I felt like a crisp, face to do massage, can further help shrink pores, but also reduce acne and pock.

Foreo began to operate, the original skin blood circulation speed increased by 4.5 times!

It is said to help to clear the garbage in the blood, promote cell metabolism, especially suitable for sensitive or inflammation of the closure of acne.

Soft silicone brush head can be used in delicate eye skin, rotating brush head acoustic pulsation that will generally not vertical pulling the skin, it can remove wrinkles, repair the pouch, puffiness and dark circles.

Cleansing brush LUNA play, a fine point is used to clean the cheeks, forehead and other conventional parts of the top, a little rough for clean nose, chin, ears and other parts of the dead.

Wash your face when you wash your face in the morning and evening, and press the button on the back of the cleaning device to start, slowly moving along the face profile, to the nose part of the stay, the whole process of 1 minutes is enough.

After washing the face, soft and tender, convex convex nose blackheads, are not very smooth.

Foreo LUNA play midnight black, yellow sunflower, cherry red, blue, pink, purple, blue Begonia Mint 7 colors can be selected.

Foreo LUNA mini2 Mini clean and clean instrument

Classic version of the upgrade it is enough

Let's take a look at this slightly larger cleanser.

It is the essence of the Foreo star model LUNA condensed version, that is, it is almost all of the advantages of gathering LUNA, and smaller than the LUNA, easy to carry when going out.

Dynamic mini2 built-in motor increased by 2 fold, double T-sonic vertical transcutaneous acoustic pulsation, felt stronger, cleaning efforts also strengthened, but did not let the skin feel stimulation.

And it will remind you every 15 seconds to move the location, so as to avoid excessive cleaning in the same area, very humane.

1 minutes after the suspension will be suspended for 3 times, indicating that the end of the use of; after 3 minutes automatically shut down to prevent excessive use.

The experience of the previous paragraph play only one file vibration intensity, and mini2 has 8 files! According to the needs of each person, according to the body of the "+", "-" key to adjust the intensity.

Initial use, while holding down the "+" and "-" button, you can unlock for LUNA mini2.

The same is the silicone body and brush hair, but the mini2 has a new brush head brush!

Brush head area increased by 50% over the previous generation, we can cover the face of a larger area of the skin;

Bristles extend 26%, with a more gentle and gentle, but also more flexible and close to the skin, remove excess oil and dirt;

Fuselage radian also increased by 20%, more in line with ergonomic, take up more comfortable, more flexible.

Positive fine hair area is a general cleaning area, mainly used to gently clean the skin, help to brighten the skin;

The front top of the coarse wool area is dead clean area, can clean the nose, ears and other parts;

Mini2 on the back of another thick hair area, is a deep cleansing area, you can clean the skin, improve acne muscles, delicate pores. You can use 1~2 times a week.

LUNA mini2 is the need to use USB charging, behind a waterproof charging port, the same can be soaked.

2 hours of electricity can be used in the first half, each use of 1 minutes is enough.

It also made a special noise reduction processing, operation does not exceed 50 decibels, don't worry about the noisy.

After washing the face, do not forget to wash the machine.

You can brush head water wet soap wash, and then rinse with warm water, the drain on the ventilation, or use hair towel back. Well maintained, can be used for several years.

In addition to the most popular with the girls pink, cherry red, navy blue, and LUNA mini2, midnight black sunflower yellow 5 colors optional.