In order to become idols, men and women are trained in the devil

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In order to become idols, men and women are trained in the devil

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AB Ripper L ~ -fujislz-

I don't know if my partner has ever thought about a problem

What benefits can idols bring us?

If there is no good why do we want to fly?

For the first thought of small stars Yang Lijuan

The reason is that she doesn't have no bottom line to death his father Starchaser behavior


For the behavior of small stars feel nothing wrong

But if you let it affect your life, even your life

It's not worth the pity

Because life is the most awe inspiring


Small muscle that idol should give fans a positive

Positive influence

Today to give you an example of positive energy


United States Buzzfeed (U.S. News Aggregator website) were given to a man and a woman

Train 30 days according to the standards of superheroes (their idols)

Test their physical changes


The girl named Kelsey Impicciche, grew up like big legs and buttocks

Her idol is a black widow who wants to have her perfect figure


Scarlett Johansson breast, buttocks, and long legs

It's all about her obsession with idols


Another guy named Evan Change


He likes the team's full body of male hormones


A yellow super hero pilot

It was his dream


They signed a "military order" to accept strict training into idols as people

They were trained by professional coaches from the United States


In this way, they embark on the road to change their own

Before training, of course, to make a record of their physical condition

Look at what's going to happen in a month


Kelsey weighs 132 pounds before training

Body fat up to 26%

Training for legs and buttocks


And Evan155 pounds, body fat 15%

Because he's not fat and muscular

Training for him focuses on the shoulders and back


Coaches for their physical characteristics

Plan them 5 days a week

1 hours per day

20~40 minutes aerobic training

Training programs vary from person to person

But almost all of them fit the conditions of training


The coach is very strict to them, before resorting to force

As the saying goes, a brilliant disciple

They get up every day not bright

Get up earlier than the chicken, sleep later than the pig

But they are still happy


Sometimes Kelsey is also very helpless

I don't know why I'm taking so much trouble to take part in the training

But when I think of the perfect figure

She chose to carry on


Evan just started training

Also, suffering numerous difficulties and dangers

Just 5 pounds of dumbbells

He can't do it easily


Kelsey suffered a lot of damage

At first, I was curious about all kinds of training

Feel as long as you can insist on no problem


Until the coach was in her training

Put a ball under her shoes


She can't carry it

After the end of the day

She was lying on the ground

I can't get up anymore


Evan is also feeling the pressure

High strength training under his facial features distorted, veins bulge


I feel like I'm not my body after every workout

Clothes can not lift arm


In the face of two amateur but very hard apprentice

The coach is also a face confused ah ~!


If high intensity training is to exercise their bodies every day

That control diet is to exercise their will

No sugar, low sodium, high protein, low carbohydrate

That is to say, they are basically good

Their food is always so simple

Can not see the slightest oil star


Eat a fruit salad and have to switch the cheese


Evan's favorite fried chicken

Now we can only smell the chicken thirst.


Refrigerator so much delicious, but can not eat

What kind of feeling is this?


This world is always pay a return

The training lasted for third weeks

TheirPowerandPersistenceMarkedly enhanced

Like a professional practice family fan children


Kelsey is now ready for this training


The rest of the gym

Called Evan:Corn flakes

HisInverted triangleFigure has achieved results


When they treat training as a routine

The day will be easy


A month later

Kelsey successfully reduced 9 pounds

Body fat also decreased by 5.7%


Not only the size and shape of the better

Whole persontemperamentalsoPromoteThe

The confidence of the spirit

Nothing can replace it

She felt further away from the ideal


Evan training results are amazing

Kelsey's surprised expression shows everything


Bust up 8.25cm

Arm circumference rose 4.44cm

The most obvious is the shoulder width than before 11.42cm

And his waist was less than 3.8cm


He only lost 2.75 pounds in weight

Body fat was reduced by 8.4% to 6.6%

He knew he was a perfect man


Although the training is over

They have developed a good training and life style

It's a small thing to change your body

It's important to change their mental outlook

No matter what they do, they will be confident

sameThey will stick to the path of fitness


See their transformation

Small partners feel?

Many times a lot of things we can not do

But we are too lazy to do, not determined to do!

As a resultTomorrow, tomorrow, how many tomorrow·····

So small partners now start

Use ourFaith and idol

Let them become our power

Buddies with small muscle made in writing:

Insist on not cut small JJ!

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