Tian Jing thin needle! A small face? "Half head" is a new kill

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Tian Jing thin needle! A small face? "Half head" is a new kill

2017-04-21 19:39:19 80 ℃

First of all the body is not completely in the impression of Tian Jing?

The head of the Tian Jing comb half face seems to have changed

Here you have to give Tian Jing the "head" 100 praise!

For Teddy volume half head Tian Jing, face seems to have changed.

This is not true,

Said Tian Jing comb "half head" is to find the right path, we have a real hammer!

Tian Jing's "half head" Vs "head"

Tian Jing's face has an awl chin, but is not the standard of beauty long melon seeds face, face is round, short, and long neck has been flawed. and"Half head "on the one hand raised hair just can lengthen the face, on the other hand, scattered hair, and head neck region provide a gentle visual buffer, the face looks thin and small, but not short!

"Black shawl straight" and "half head" than the disadvantage lies in the head, although the two have head and neck between the buffer, but also a long black shawl straight elongated shape in the absence of the top hair, so the two one, "half head" looks like a long face.

Tian Jing's "low ponytail" Vs "half head"

Walk on the other group of "King Kong", actually did not want to comment too much.. Because the contrast is too obvious! Low ponytail is not very suitable for Tian Jing, her face will be exposed to all kinds of defects, and it looks like other rigid, all the points are...

See here, someone may ask,

Said for a long time, this is not Amway one hundred years of "half ball"?

And then a picture, let you know:

What is half a head?

Before that meatball head more, is usually a simple ball, a simple comb, style is fresh, but today we want to recommend "half head" in the ball head on the basis of the sweet upgrade to a gorgeous flower!

Long hair "half head" more and more.

"Half head" on the stage not only can HOLD live, more easily than dress dress collocation small meatball head, big fluffy dumplings in contrast also makes the face look more delicate, more slender facial features!


One second to follow suit!

Just learn to "half head" lightning are quickly

What is called as the spring breeze comes suddenly, myriads of flower buds open? But before you alive after a year of half of the rolling ball! Like one day, they began to chase up half of the rolling big bud, and the infection rate and fast to each other!

Di Ali Gerba: fireworks broken half head

Dumpling with bud is the most mainstream this year's hair.

This week the airport dilly Reba modeling (right)

The "half head" the other is Pangdi this week at the airport appeared Street Photos, this should be the first time after fat Di "half head", is also wearing sunglasses, comb the "half head" is actually fat Di when wearing a hat, but also face small, slender.

Sheenah: cloud half bud

The head hit "cloud head Peng" this year many actresses began to chase!

Sheenah in the latest issue "please, fridge" (right)

Sheenah has always felt that the shape of super instability, the grade is also high and low. But in the latest issue of "come on," Sheenah "in the refrigerator, with half head" once again turned the United States and the United states.

Xi Mengyao: "half sky bud".

The top in the head of the dumpling is also the mainstream trend is more and more popular.

Xi Mengyao at the Chanel party last week (right)

Last week Chanel limited Shanghai coffee shop Xi Mengyao also went to the party, in "half head" she looks young 10 years old, and her hair is an excellent modification of the Xi Mengyao face consistently hard "European lines, looks very sweet.<1Two3>


Variable bud balls!

"Half balls "old drivers" half "bud growth history

The actress began swarming after "half bud", we found that the "old drivers semi ball head" has actually been in the adjustment of their hair, and the trend is from "balls" to "bud" changes.

1, the greater the bud: Ken Doo Yan value is high

Ken started just a grain of beans comb small balls, and very tight, full of balls, more and more, more and more arbitrary shape fluffy, like a flower bud growth, gradually open.

Finally developed into such a beautiful big bud, the achievements of this very recently Ken bean classic styling. In fact, the "bud" position also slowly improved, recently, top in the head of the "half". More and more popular.

2, Yuan Shanshan: every scene will be a big bud"

Yuan Shanshan comparison of the airport is relatively easy to see the shape of the first half of the ball head, a simple comb is very suitable for lazy flight day.

But when these stage scenes, Yuan Shanshan is willing to increase the size of the bud, let it show a more beautiful shape. Yes, this is a half head under the living room on the streets of the "super compatibility"<12Three>


Sweet goodbye!


Bud "victory" balls "three reasonsWe chase so long "balls", suddenly semi neat suit "half" bud is not without reason, although the two all have the function of reducing the age of excellence, but the "half" in the bud and modified face collocation clothes than "half balls" more all-match, women usually most casual street style he pulls a "half", but encountered big balls will obediently put on half bud".

One reason:


More than a "big bud" small ball "

Maggie Jiang

"Bud" dumpling bun more plump than sweet uplift in the head, natural elongated face visual scale has more advantages, especially for large forehead students, half a clean comb meatball head of hair all closed strict in demands, then the top of a small meatball, face, forehead would be slightly awkward.

Reason two:

Head modified face making features more delicate

Liu Shishi

The whole back clean ball head, make facial looks a bit slow, of course, except for the deep natural three-dimensional facial features. This contrast picture, Liu Shishi Peng the dumpling, increase hair, facial features became delicate a lot, the whole person adds one hundred sweet and Xian qi.

Reason three:

Half more all-match small bud, dress is HOLD Street

Yang Mi

"Half head" is actually very all-match, whether you are a collocation sweater or a formal daily dress, "half" bud will show the fairy aura can not be ignored.


Hint to the disabled party!


Half head "4 points"Half" of the comb head is more difficult "half" meatball head slightly larger, more attention to local needs:

One point:

From the bud to keep the hair fluffy

Maggie JiangWith "specialist" Jiang Shuying said dumpling. Here is a smooth, shiny ball tight, one is the hair and dumplings all Peng infinite sense of air, the results obviously, in the "off half head" fluffy contour, facial lines look more slender and neat.

Two points:

The OUT strict in demands! There must be broken

Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi is usually more love with a neat ball, but this seems to hinder her temperament fairy house itself, do have a loose ball, bud shape, female gentle gentle temperament with full bloom.

Three points:

At least in the bud position of mandibular lengthening line.

Fan Bingbing

At present we comb "half head" will generally leave mandibular lengthening line, temporal and head bud gold line ball. The height of this dumpling is the most common, most zero risk, neither too strange abrupt, not because of too low to look at in the blues.

Tiffany Xu (left) Ouyang Nana (right)

But here it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the common height just said, like this on your head bud dumpling started to become more popular this year.

Four points:

The critical height of elongated face! Top hair mat

Song Jia (left)

This hair style with the features of really test, not everyone can like Song Jia motionless on the challenge of modeling. Appropriate call Peng head of hair, not only can quietly "booster" face, also secretly dumpling increase the sense of hierarchy, to create a visual buffer overhead.

Miranda Kerr (left) and Yao Di (right)

Moonfaced Kerr will pay special attention to this, see this hair head hit the canopy height of at least one times taller than Yao Di! After all, the higher part of the final will be added here in the face, round face girl absolute cost.

Tutorial seconds

How to create a perfect "bud"?

How to create a fluffy and fashionable "half head"? Here we find a map tutorial, to give you a very good way to get started:

Step one:

First in the top of the rear position, attention, is the head of the midline to the rear part of the hair, up.

Step two:

The hair tightly coiled in the head end, note that the last time around, don't overexert wound too tight, too tight bud is not good.

Step three:

A good finishing.

Step four:

With the hairpin in the front, back, the middle fixed on the OK!

Shape is not too deliberate, casual Fluffy is the key.

Good material recommendation


Big sweet successful shape!I believe we may have been Tian Jing these two days of modeling a little amazing it, after all, the transformation is really too big, we have never been so impressed by the impression that the personality of the fashion in the past, Tian Jing. Here also find a good little thing, recommended to care about buy buy buy small partners: