She is the most talented actress in China. If you don't say you can't guess her true height.

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She is the most talented actress in China. If you don't say you can't guess her true height.

2016-07-22 09:28:18 564 ℃

Said Chinese actress, Sweater Girl favorite is that Zhou Xun, the face of meticulous and temperament charming woman is known as "China's most aura" actress, in addition to acting, Zhou Xun also fashionable attainments is quite deep, although the height is only 160, but JiaBuZhu will wear ah, today, Zhou Xun in dressing, making the "illusion".

Zhou Xun always chooses the high waist line styles, as we all know, height is not important, it is important that the proportion, pull high waistline looks with long legs and big a bomb.

Second, the skirt length is very important, see Zhou Xun modeling to wear short skirts are in the majority, is just above the knee of 20 cm, plus a pair of high-heeled shoes, no matter how looks petite and slender, tall and straight.

Even if the choice of A shaped skirt, so must choose high waisted, this is still the upper short legs.

The tight fitting dress makes her legs look long and straight.

Look at the effect to the knee length, is not it doesn't look so tall the, of course may with buried in a pile of bubbles also has a relationship.

Zhou Xun and unlike Fan Bingbing as love is particularly high in the donkey hoof shoes to wear, the more is the choice of 3 to 5 cm heel can not only lengthen the leg line, walk along a road to come also comfortable.

Marriage is the choice of high waisted shorts with a shirt, take a piece of colored tweed jacket, there seems a slim beauty a.

Wearing pants when paired with the jacket, is actually pull the principle of waist high, white trousers collocation rich blue tweed BianFuShan, it seems there are texture and playful.

Little girls, you have learned?